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Have you ever stayed the night in your RV in a Costco parking lot?

Did you know you can park overnight in Costco parking lots? Hey, a Costco hot dog for dinner before getting cozy for the night doesn’t sound too shabby…

Not every Costco allows overnight RV parking, but many do. If you need a place to stop and rest for the night, see if there’s a Costco nearby and call them up and ask. It’s not like their parking lots aren’t big enough…

Have you ever stayed the night in your RV in a Costco parking lot? Do you do it often? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments.

Oh, and if you think just because you’re an RVer means you can’t shop at Costco or buy in bulk… think again. Here’s proof.


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Big Bill
1 month ago

Never at Costco. Yes for Wallmart and Cracker Barrel. Also toll road rest stops and Flying J. Never set out chairs, etc. Keep a low profile and spend some money on food, fuel, etc.

Coal Oil Burner
1 month ago

We’ve often thought about overnighting at a Costco when other options were a no go but were never sure if we could have. Need to explore this further since we are a minimum of 3 nights on the road to and from our winter destination.

1 month ago

I’ve never even been to a CostCo, much less stayed in the lot.

Jeff Craig
1 month ago

We’ve never stayed at a Costco, and I always thought you couldn’t. Once, in Bozeman, MT., we tanked up our Class A and pulled into the regular parking lot to get the cats (and us) some dinner. With a nearly empty parking lot (it was almost 8P) and the generator running, we heard a knock on the door. It was a security guard telling us we couldn’t spend the night. We explained what we were doing, and satisfied we weren’t a problem for him, he moved on. We left soon after and drove one exit further, to spend the might at Walmart.

Larry Murphy
1 month ago

We have never stayed overnight in a Costco, we have stayed many nites in walmart when we are on the road. I can’t be bothered having to check in pay there fee for just a place to sleep for the nite. There is normally a restaurant close by we can walk to, leaving the fifth wheel hooked up. I do it for my convenience not because I’m cheap.

1 month ago

We’ve belonged to Sam’s Club more years than Costco so we’ve stayed overnight more frequently in transit at Sam’s than Costco. And we prefer parking overnight at Sam’s over Walmart because Sam’s isn’t open 24/7 = quieter at night except for the street cleaner. 😉 Ditto for Costco. Have an interesting story – one time we stopped at a Sam’s about 6pm, hoping to spend the night (can’t remember now which state, but somewhere out West). We did some shopping, then asked the manager for permission to park overnight. She said no. We said ok, we’ll leave after eating supper (there was a nearby Walmart where we could park). As we were getting ready to leave the manager came out to where she’d parked her car, saw our nice 5th wheel, knocked on the door, and gave permission to stay. Conclusion: it pays to be polite, and it helps to have a good-looking rig. We thanked her and left before the store opened the next morning.

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

Costco, no. Walmart, once.

1 month ago

I have never stayed the night anywhere other than a campground or a friend or family member’s private property. The day might come if we go full time.

Left Coast Geek
1 month ago

every Costco I’ve been in says NO OVERNIGHT PARKING all over it. anyways, we generally overnight somewhere in the boondocks, on a mountain pass, etc, find a fire road that goes a little ways into a national forest, or whatever.

Diane Mc
1 month ago

Did Walmart’s in the past & a few other lots. Never a Costco. All the ones we have been to in various places are way too crowded to even attempt it. At least for us. And, we’ve reached the station in life where CG’s just work best for us.

1 month ago

Not yet. Never gave it a thought. We are generally “creative” and Walmart is a fallback when we are in transit. BW and HH are preferred!

Rosalie Magistro
1 month ago

Never stayed at costco
That’s what campgrounds,rv parks and State parks are made for !

Lee Brandt
1 month ago

Will I’ll be darned. Learn something new every day. We use Costco for gas (gives us points to). I’ll be sure and ask next time.

1 month ago

We have stayed in almost EVERY brand of big store lot. I usually search them out with Google earth the day before to check navigational space. Google has found us many open parking lots/spaces over the years.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

I never gave Costco a second thought. We’ve only stayed at Walmart once because the Les Schwab lot we WERE going to stay in was being ‘tarred’ when we arrived and Schwab forgot to tell us that. We were there for some front end work. Walmart was across the street. Now watch Costco fill up after this revelation – ha.

Last edited 1 month ago by Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

Not much interested in parking lot camping. It bugs me to see the clutter left by “campers” in these situations. Really hurts the image.

T Edwards
1 month ago

Every Costco parking lot we’ve been in are much smaller and more difficult to maneuver around in than Wal-Mart parking lots. Great suggestion. We are members and like to buy a few bulk items when traveling but will always choose a Wal-Mart parking location over Costco.

1 month ago
Reply to  T Edwards

Agreed. Our home Costco would be a nightmare to maneuver in, not to mention it is always packed, even on weeknights.

Larry Lee
1 month ago

Thanks for letting us know it could be an option. Always looking for a place to sleep without risking the middle of the night knock on the door, especially at a place we regularly shop.

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