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Have you ever stayed at a nudist resort/RV park with your RV? Would you?

What do you call a bunch of parachuting nudists? In descent.

Have you ever stayed at a nudist resort with your RV? And no, we’re not talking about visiting a nudist beach or spa or anything like that, we’re talking about actually staying at a nudist RV resort or RV park. (And yes, they exist!)

If you have never stayed at one, would you?

After you vote, please feel free to leave a comment. We gotta admit… we’re curious!


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Tom B
3 months ago

Its really sad that people judge. I’ve seen women with mastectomy scars, and they’re beautiful. I’ve seen older, well-defined women (and men) out walking their dog. You don’t know if they are a lawyer, A millionaire, A farmer or a grocery store clerk. They are just like you and me, and enjoying being alive. I’m no spring chicken, and I sure ain’t a ‘looker’, but I’m having a good time, and I’m happy. Isn’t that what its all about?

Dave Fleming
3 months ago

I don’t RV, I live at Bare Oaks who accommodate limited number of RVs. Book months early or park at Wlmart and taxi to camping resort to day trip. I describe BO as one of the best family naturist resorts in Canada. Safest place for women on the planet. Far more amenities than any country resort. 2 volleyball tounaments per year. Social Committee camp wide BBQs. Lots of outdoor games/indoor games. Bring a towel to sit on. Bring your body acceptance philosophy. Best thing is nonsexual atmosphere otherwise stay away.

3 months ago

Of course…been to ponderosa sun club many times!

Gary Bate
3 months ago

Of course I would. Just wouldn’t leave my rig 🤣🤣🤣
Seriously I just can’t imagine people dumping their tanks. Have you seen most people that RV? Are they the kind off people you want to see without their clothes on? I mean a lot of RV parks doing even allow older rigs but they’re gonna allow a bunch of unsightly overweight older RV’ers to run around in their birthday suits? Pickle Ball anyone?

Ron Howrs
3 months ago

God created clothes to keep other people from getting sick!

3 months ago

Saw a TV show about a nudist RV resort once. They were cooking out and, while blurred out for TV, I couldn’t imagine getting spattered from a hot grill, or having someone’s nether-region hair in my hamburger! Yuck!!!

Based on the ages and physical condition of most of those in the park, they couldn’t blurr out enough for me!

3 months ago

How do nudists clean their glasses?

The Naked Nomads
3 months ago
Reply to  Traveler

With the towel they have with them at all times to sit on. 😁

Deb Carson-Cross
3 months ago

We’re nudists, so, nude camping is amazing!

Richard Campbell
3 months ago

Stayed at Cypress Cove Family Resort in Kissimmee Florida. The best experience of my life.

The Naked Nomads
3 months ago

We are going there for two weeks in November, but our “home base” is Sunny Rest in Pennsylvania for the summer.

Jim Freymiller
2 months ago

You will love it there!!!!

Robert Champlin
3 months ago

I’d do it in a heartbeat if I could get my wife to do it. Everyone has a naked body and no one should feel ashamed of theirs. It’s about the freedom, feeling the sunshine and breezes across your body – so refreshing.

Gary Bate
3 months ago

Lots of people should feel ashamed of their out of shape bodies. Not everyone is fit and appealing at any age. Especially true in America. Nobody wants to look at your fat hairy rear generically speaking of course. I’m sure you are built Michelangelo’s David. Of course I’m glad there’s a place for all you like minded folk to go to.

The Naked Nomads
3 months ago

We actually travel to them all winter long in our motorhome (been to 13 so far)and have social media accounts and a website where people can learn about specific ones. We know hundreds of people who go. It’s the friendliest of communities you will ever encounter.

Lisa Adcox
3 months ago

Been called a few times to workamp at one but turned it down

The Naked Nomads
3 months ago
Reply to  Lisa Adcox

Awww. Too bad, you would probably have met some of the most amazing people you will ever know.

Ham Radio
3 months ago

The Quartzsite Arizona Magic Circle BLM campground is clothing optional and quite popular with the area visitors.

The Naked Nomads
3 months ago
Reply to  Ham Radio

Good to know!

3 months ago

I just bought my first RV in June, and my second outing was to a nudist resort with a significant RV area, where I also stayed. This was a music event for the whole weekend, so there was a lot of people there. I was approached by several people interested in my RV, and my solar panels, and it was a great time, with lots of friendly people. I plan on returning there with the RV as often as I can.

3 months ago

Heck ya. Why not at least I can say I done it. At this age who cares.

Thomas D
3 months ago

A friend would tow rv’s to Florida and one time this gal called and asked would he tow hers? Sure,no problem. Well he picked up the trailer and her and with his wife proceeded to Florida. Only when the got there was it explained the rv park was nudist. My friend and his wife were very embarrassed but survived. Had a great story to tell. BTW, the nudist lady was in her mid 70’s
Not sure I’d want to see that. I know what my wife and I look like.

3 months ago


Gary G
3 months ago
Reply to  Richard

NO, But I seen me naked, trust me not a pretty sight. 😛. DW would kill me if I even suggested such a park.

Glenda Alexander
3 months ago

The mental image I have is very disturbing.

The Naked Nomads
3 months ago

Funny how people’s mental images and the reality differ so greatly

Jim Johnson
3 months ago

LOL. Nudist campground survey – fun topic. I voted ‘no, but I might’. Let me explain that thought. I have no particular body hang ups for me or others. But, I have yet to see any skin allowed location require everyone to be in the buff.
If we are stopping just for the night because I need to get off the road, who cares how people are or aren’t dressed?
If we are staying longer, both my wife and I have a decision to make to follow the obvious customs of the campground, or not. I’ve seen non-social campers staying, not just over-nightling, and they are generally real kill-joys and talked about as such by other campers. So do we like the people around us, regardless of their dress choice? If so, maybe we would give it try. If you want to hide in a forest, look like a tree. I’d rather have people talk with me rather than about me. And if one of us just can’t expose our wrinkles, lumps and scars when we see the same around us? Time to move on.

3 months ago

Why Not???

Nobody else at the Nuddy beach cares what YOU look like so why should YOU care what YOU look like????

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