Monday, November 28, 2022


Will you go south for the winter in your RV for at least two months?


Can you believe it’s already November 9th? For some of you, that date means you’re getting ready to head south for all of, or some of, the winter. Is that you? Maybe you’ve already begun your journey! Or, maybe you stay south year-round!

Will you go south in your RV this winter for at least two months? More than that? Less than that? If yes, will you share with us where you’re going? We’re curious to hear! Thanks!

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Ed Hibbs
15 days ago

South for the winter??? NO
I head to the snow all winter and love it. I’m a snow skier with three season passes so love the snow.

16 days ago

It’s my hope that I’ll be able to afford to go south for the winter months, once I retire. I plan on at least 6 months somewhere warm…I can’t stand winter anymore.

16 days ago

Heading to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia for 4+ months. But only get a 90 day visa so I take a short flight to one of the Indonesian islands and hop around for a bit. Spending the kids inheritance around the equator.

17 days ago

Leaving Tennessee New Years Day for South Florida till sometime in April, then will return to Tennessee where I live permanently. Love getting away from the dreadful cold weather.

18 days ago

First time to be stationed in one spot for four months. We’re spending Nov – Mar in the Forgotten Coast – Mexico Beach FL. Loving it!
Lots of rebuilding still happening from Hurricane Michael.

16 days ago
Reply to  Marta

Beautiful area…enjoy!

18 days ago

We will be going to Mexico for at least 4 months

Andrew R.
18 days ago

Last three years we have summered in Maine, and wintered in Georgia. We are fulltimers, and workamp to offset expenses. As I type this we are hunkered down riding out tropical storm Nicole in coastal area, but its all good…part of living in the south!

Dutch Mensen
18 days ago

State parks and a national park in southern Georgia and Florida for January, February, and March followed by a slow trek north in April.

Bruce Partridge
18 days ago

We’re going to the Sara Bay Rv Park in Cortez FL from Dec to April. Absolutely a GREAT PLACE to escape the Michigan winter !

Mike Albert
19 days ago

I answered NO because our MH is in the shop in S/W Fl and we came north last Thursday. We will be going back in the middle of January to Punta Gorda where we have our home. We had some damage from Ian and can’t stay there (damaged roof and water damage) but thankfully nothing compared to those further south in Ft Myers Beach and Sanibel/Captiva as well as other areas. S/W Florida will rebuild on the most part but will not be anything like it was before. Hopefully Red Coconut and Periwinkle will rebuild.
We just got back to Florida last Monday after a 85 day cross country trip.
Both my Jeep (toad) and MH are diesel and while prices are high, no issue in availability.

Last edited 19 days ago by Mike Albert
RV Staff(@rvstaff)
19 days ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

I’m sorry to hear about the damage to your home, Mike. Of course, we’re all sorry for the damage to everyone’s homes. Hearing about weather-related tragedies like that makes me so grateful to live in the usually-very-boring weather Pacific Northwest. Good luck, and take care. 😀 –Diane

Dennis Johnson
19 days ago

Southern Louisiana for 3 months, then a month working our way home. Can’t wait for that Cajun food!

19 days ago

We are planning to travel from the Denton, TX. area to Galveston for all of Jan. & Feb. can’t wait ..!

19 days ago

I said no because I’m already here. I volunteer at a state park in Texas, I could go further south from where I’m at but choose not to.

Lee Ann
19 days ago

Will be closing on purchase of an rv lot in a new rv park in Port Aransas,TX. Fell in love with this island beach town last March and have been waiting for construction on new park to finish. This will become our “residence” where we’ll Winter and travel from during the Summer.

19 days ago

I will be leaving Tennessee for Florida in January. I already hear the manatees calling me, and Wild Sassa food trailer in Homossas Springs is going to have to feed me for 2 months!!! If y’all ever get to Homossas Springs, get the Shrimpy. It is like a burger, but made from big pieces of shrimp, and the best steamed shrimp in Florida!

19 days ago

We go southwest from NW PA to SoCal (San Diego and Palm Springs.) We’ll spend about 4 months there.

19 days ago

to bradenton fl all the way from atlanta ga. it does snow there.

19 days ago

Yes .. To several dispersed or low cost spots in the Southwest from California east thru Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and possibly Mexico. I won’t reveal the exact locations as I have already seen too many nice places become overcrowded due to well meant oversharing…

19 days ago

This will be our first winter in 12 years to not go south. Due to health issues our RV’ing will be coming to an end.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
19 days ago
Reply to  Ray

We’re sorry to hear that, Ray. But we hope you have many happy memories of your years of RVing. Take care. 😀 –Diane

19 days ago
Reply to  Ray

I never met you, but you will be missed by those who did know you and those of us who missed a chance to know you. Enjoy the memories of camping, and you can toast marshmallows over an unscented candle. It isn’t the same as a campfire, but it will be a little reminder of past camping trips.

19 days ago

All ready here! Husband was here shortly after hurricane Ian to help with cleanup where we stay and I arrived last week. Here til sometime in April and so far loving it (again)!

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