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5 tips to increase (optimize) RV kitchen storage space


No matter how much or how little cabinet storage there is in an RV it just never feels like enough. When we upgraded our motorhome with more cabinets, I just seemed to fill them up faster. The kitchen cabinets are the worst. I have them packed full and I hardly even cook! Here are five tips I use to increase RV kitchen storage space.


There is so much wasted space between items. Rectangular or square containers save so much space in RV kitchen cabinets. I found affordable rectangular food containers that can stack and snug up to each other. I can also put items together in the containers that I normally would not. Anything that has been opened or might spill out, I put in Ziploc bags and force the air out. You can also buy collapsible storage containers that will store flat when you’re not using them.

Rectangular storage containers2. THROW AWAY BULKY PACKAGING

Packaging takes up a lot of room. Another way to condense is to remove unnecessary packaging. For example, I don’t use the Bisquick mix very often and it was taking up a fair amount of room in my cabinet. I kept having to move it out of the way to get to other things. I removed the inner bag with the mix, sealed it in a plastic storage bag, cut out the instructions and added to an existing square container. The same goes for oatmeal in the big round container. I put it in a plastic storage bag, labeled and dated it and included cooking directions. And then, as I mentioned above, you can keep two of these, or more, in one storage container (if you need to).


Use wasted space to store other items. I keep a pitcher my sons gave me years ago mostly for sentimental reasons. I can justify keeping it by using it to store other essentials, right?


Someone that had just bought the same motorhome we have stopped me yesterday to ask how I handle the long drawers. I ran inside and took a photo to show her my drawers. Dollar store to the rescue! I laid out everything then measured what I needed to make the compartments.


Although I had always used under-the-sink space for cleaning products, buckets and rags, when we got our motorhome I was in a fry pan quandary. I considered the space under the sink rather dirty and a catch-all, but quickly realized that I now had one BIG open box to store stuff. I took advantage! Pans can stack and the wastebasket can fit alongside my beloved Instant Pot™ – and there’s still room for a small basket of cleaning/dishwashing stuff. I even added an upside down Command hook to hold the sink cover. Moral of the story? To increase your RV kitchen storage, make use of every space. 

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Cookie P
12 days ago

Love the upside down Command hook for the sink cover. Very clever idea.

Desert Schooner
12 days ago

I store snacks and other fragile foods in the microwave.

Surf Hag
13 days ago

I bought collapsible bowls at TJ Maxx in the dog section! So much cheaper than in the dish dept. I use them on the boat too. Some have lids too!

13 days ago

The headline promises to “Increase” kitchen space. But it only shows how to better use the space you have. Please be accurate in your headlines.

7 days ago
Reply to  Bobkat3080

Isn’t showing you “how to better use the space you have” another way to show you how to “increase” your kitchen space 🤔? Or am I missing something?

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
7 days ago
Reply to  Mindy

Hi, Mindy. The title first just said “increase” the space, which wasn’t quite accurate. I added (optimize) to help clarify it, since it’s not physically expanding the square footage. Have a great day, and a terrific Thanksgiving. 😀 –Diane

7 days ago
Reply to  RV Staff

Ahhh, gotcha! Thanks! And have a great Gobble, Gobble day as well! 😃

Last edited 7 days ago by Mindy
RV Staff(@rvstaff)
7 days ago
Reply to  Mindy

Thank you, Mindy. 😀 –Diane

Lisa Adcox
13 days ago

I found a few years ago some Square Corelle Ware dishes at the Corning Store in Pigeon Forge TN. May have them on web site. At one time Walmart had them.

13 days ago

What I would love to know is why is it so hard to buy square plates and bowls that aren’t breakable? It would be perfect, wouldn’t it?

Jesse Crouse
13 days ago
Reply to  Donna

Because manufacturers do things dictated by mass production and low cost production schedules. They don’t care about the customer- only their quarterly bonuses.

Leonard Rempel
13 days ago
Reply to  Donna

We bought semi-square bamboo dinnerware. Works great! Lightweight, relatively unbreakable, and terrific colours!

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