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Are you a full-time RVer or in the planning stages?

Have you been on the road with your RV for years, or are you just getting started? Or are you still in the planning stages, dreaming of the day when you set out with your dream RV to explore North America?

Please answer the poll below. And, please feel free to leave a comment.




Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Ellen (@guest_122714)
2 years ago

We’ll be celebrating our 12th year as full-timers in about a month and though we’ve called Realtors now and then, here and there, we’re so spoiled by being able to have a “house” on the ocean… and in the mountains… and in the desert southwest… that we just can’t see staying in one spot all year. Some day we might have to hang up the keys, but until then, we’ll keep our dentist in Arizona, our audiologist in Idaho, and our optometrist in Nevada (that’s one way you know you’re a full-timer… if your medical appointments are in different states).

Safe travels to all!

CAREN KELLY (@guest_122586)
2 years ago

We are getting our house ready for sale then plan to live in our Motorhome for the next year or so, as long as the border opens and we can head south for the winter. We have a seasonal site for the warmer milder months and plan to head south for the winter, then return home in the spring to our seasonal site. We are in our mid-sixties and hope to travel for the next few years but we can only stay in the US for up to 182 days so that limits us Canadians to where we go for the winter months. I am sure British Columbia was packed this winter with snowbirds that couldn’t or wouldn’t head south for obvious reasons. We are trying to make our dreams come true! See you on the road!

Bill (@guest_122549)
2 years ago

We have about 6 more years then we will be part timers, living in our condo in Myrtle beach during the winter and traveling “full” time in the summer.

Julie (@guest_122547)
2 years ago

We started full timing about a year ago, just after hubby convinced me to retire from a stressful corporate job. With our two kids living on opposite sides of the country, it made sense so we’d be able to enjoy the country while going back and forth to spend time with them. I am in love with the much more minimalist, simpler lifestyle that lets us change our living room view as often as we’d like. As an avid hiker, I love it even more for all the amazing hiking opportunities I’ve had, including some bucket list times. Sadly, hubby is just not as fond of this lifestyle as I am and has become a bit of a pessimist spending much of his time worrying about what problems might arise. Our travel plans are made through Spring 2022. After that, it’s unclear since the goals we’d had for this new chapter are no longer in sync.

Greg & Sandi (@guest_122527)
2 years ago

Been full-timers for a while, For a few years we just travelled. We have seen all the states. The last few years we have work camped at KOAs. Loving it!!!!!. Currently managers at Sioux Falls KOA. Stop in and check out our beautiful campground and say hello!

dave (@guest_122523)
2 years ago

On 09/26/05, we started this wonderful journey. We’re slowing down a bit, but are still at it.
You can’t stop ageing, so get out as fast as you can.

Melody C. Thomas (@guest_122521)
2 years ago

This July will mark 8 years on the road. The excitement of the new adventure has worn off but the thrill of a new adventure has not. We have been to all 50 states (Hawaii was a cruise) and still have many places to explore. Our experience is not new but different.

John Harpel (@guest_122518)
2 years ago

We have been full timers since October 2017. We’ve spent that time workamping in RV parks from the Mimbres valley of New Mexico to the piney woods of east Texas to the hill country and now the beautiful gulf coast of Texas, a total of 6 parks. We are now the managers of coastal bay RV park in port lavaca Texas.
We sold our sticks and bricks in Aurora Colorado and haven’t looked back. By domicileing in South Dakota our insurance follows us wherever we go. We’ve been able to get whatever treatment we needed. Met a lot of nice people and had a lot of fun. At our age 70s and 80s we do enjoy the lifestyle. Happy trails and safe travels

Steve and Cathy Cox (@guest_122511)
2 years ago

In June 2020 sold our home of twenty years, sold, gave away, donated 90% of our possessions for the past 50 years. We paid off all of our debts and paid cash for a 2013 Phaeton 40 QBH, and a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We have ONLY one regret………that we did not do it sooner! We are in our early 70’s. There is no better life for us! .

Greg & Sandi (@guest_122528)
2 years ago

Wow guys, sounds just like us a few years back. Yes, we also wish we had done it sooner.

Grant Graves (@guest_123084)
2 years ago

We did the same in January 2020. We love this life style. I only wish I had done it earlier. But now is the time. Carpe Diem!

Gary (@guest_122509)
2 years ago

No full timing, we like coming back home after a few months of travel, then starting over again. Just don’t want to give up the home on 6 acres, at least at this time.

John Martin (@guest_122507)
2 years ago

We’ve been “full timing” for almost 8 years and “part timing” about 10 years before that. I spent some 28yrs in the Army (living out of my rucksack) and silently swore I’d never camp again when I retired. But, now it’s just more fun. Drinking a glass of wine by a fire is not “rucking it.” As age and health have crept up on us, we’ll go back to part timing for a while. God Bless!

Marybeth Almand (@guest_122504)
2 years ago

The first year we spent waaaay toooo much money seeing the Eastern half of the country from top to bottom. Since then, we’ve slowed waaay down to a crawl. The last 2 years we’ve camp hosted in various Oregon state parks. We still love it and will finish out this year here before moving on. We’re not sure where to next, but we’ll figure it out when the time comes. I guarantee it’ll be in the West.

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