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Have you pulled off the highway with your RV because of high winds?

As an RV driver, whether you’re driving a motorhome or towing a trailer, winds, especially high winds, can be very scary. Sometimes driving in high winds can even force you to pull off the road.

Have you ever been driving and had to pull off the road because of high winds? If so, can you leave a comment and tell us about it?

Also, if you haven’t read this article by Nanci Dixon, please do. In it, she tells you the best wind apps that all RVers should know about and have downloaded on their phone—just in case! Better safe than sorry! Additionally, here’s some wind-driving advice from truckers. This may come in handy.


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Diane Mc
3 days ago

Yes, several. New Mexico. It was exhausting trying to drive so stopped early at an RV park for 3 days as the winds stayed crazy. Even driving around in MINI Cooper was difficult. Wyoming, awning unfurled. In the middle of no where, but we had stopped just before an exit that turned out to have an RV Park. Texas, yesterday. Spent Monday night and woke up to rain, wind. Checked the weather winds where we were and where we were going 25 to 45, gusts 45 to 55. Lots of rain (got 6 inches where we were staying) plus where we were going had severe thunderstorms & tornado warnings. The weather was worse the direction we were traveling. Stayed an extra day. We would have had to pull off had we tried to make a run for it. Lucky had the tools to make adjustments. Today….all is well. Had to change a few reservations. No problem.

Michael C Schrader
3 days ago

The very best thing besides pulling off the road to do is ….. SLOW DOWN!!! As a former long haul trucker and current full-timer with a fifth wheel is slow down, find a wind block such as a bridge or bank of trees and get off the road!
Safety first and foremost… You are dangerous to all other drivers in that situation.

Bob Medina
4 days ago

Pulled over once because high winds were causing the bedroom slideout topper fabric to unroll while going down highway. Had to park & manually unroll fabric, then manually re-roll the fabric. It caused a tear in the fabric which we repaired with gorilla tape. Finished our trip & then had the topper fabric replaced when we got back home.

Roy Davis
4 days ago

I have pulled over because of my travel trailer hydroplaning. Mostly I will slow down when there are cross winds but not so much for head or tail wind.

Dave Lundgren
4 days ago

Yes a few times because it causes fatigue, fuel economy goes in the tank, and it can be dangerous. But usually stop at an RV park or a suitable place to park usually over night

Gale Phelps
4 days ago

We had to pull off the highway in Nebraska, years ago. The wind was so strong, it lifted a huge semi’s wheels off the ground, in front of us. We found an RV park but, it was a scary night, with the RV rocking all night.

4 days ago

We haven’t had to pull over because of high winds but would if needed. We use an App called Drive weather. It shows wind speeds and weather along a route. This app helped us avoid a snowy situation last April. We extended our stay by a day. Later we learned the highway we were going to be on was closed because of snow and ice.

5 days ago

Wife and I were driving back from a visit with family early Am one day many years back and the wind was at least 60 mph. It was a side wind and we were not sure we were not going to have to pullover to wait it out, but had a time crunch to beat. Luckily a good distance the wind turned more to a headwind. As we drove I had to floor the gas pedal getting 5 mph and not going all that fast. About 55 mph at best due to strong headwinds. Finally made it home with no real issues. I credit our success to our equalizer hitch. Without it I’m sure the wind would have caused havoc, causing us to pullover and wait it out.

Dale Gilbert
5 days ago

2 times. once the trailer tire lifted off the road. 10 years later our canopy broke loose. had to stop and finish taking it off. was it a mess.

Bob Weinfurt
5 days ago

Haven’t encountered that situation yet.

tony fratis
5 days ago

Yes, 50 mph winds coupled with 80 mph gust on the backside of Hiway 395 near lone pine. Stayed one day too late in Lone Pine, gorgeous non windy day. Woke up to winds you could barely stand in. After waiting it out half a day decided to try to make it to Carson City. Pulled over after an hour and waited it out…. white knuckles for sure. Made it to Carson City on St. Patrick’s Day and this started what we refer to as a shot and a beer day henceforth….if the day is hellacious it’s time for a shot and a beer….. Never again in that kind of wind…..

5 days ago

We had a memorable trip from Flagstaff, AZ to Page a couple of years ago. 45 MPH with 75 MPH gusts, mostly tail winds. It sounded like the ACs and awning were being ripped off the coach. We were on our way to Kanab, UT but were worn out holding the road just getting to Page, and didn’t fancy those winds hitting us broadside. Stopped at Walmart with lots of other RVs, some of which had wind damage. BTW, we are used to the winds of the Columbia River gorge. They don’t faze us.

5 days ago

I’ve not pulled off for wind but after pulling off my arms and hands were in pain from hanging on to that steering wheel . Wish there would have been a place to pull off earlier. I could hardly hold my fork to eat supper.

5 days ago

I have never had to pull off just for wind. We have left early from Santa Fe to go south due to a prediction of strong winds out of the mountains.

Tom H.
5 days ago

Not yet but I’m sure the day is coming. I will get off the road and find a safe place to park until the winds subside.

Tom E
5 days ago

No, but I have slowed down in strong cross winds. And I’ve (safely) passed several bumper pulls with my truck/5th wheel in strong winds following for miles watching the drivers slowing down to less than 30 mph and being pushed all over the road. We went from a 1/2 ton pick up & bumper pull for camping to a 1 ton dually & 5th wheel for living in 8 months each year. What a huge difference. There should be laws restricting bumper pulls to only towing below a specific safe wind speed. And don’t get me started on those fools who run with the rest of the 75-80 mph vehicle traffic. I see them all the time, living right on the edge of disaster. They can’t figure out why they have so many trailer tire blowouts.

5 days ago

On a trip to Glacier NP last summer we ran into some pretty stiff winds west of Devil’s Tower WY. A squall was moving through the area accompanied by ~50-60 mph winds. Instead of trying to get ahead of the weather we chose to stay behind it and pulled over at a wayside on I90 where we could point into the wind. Waited about 40 minutes for the squall to pass through watching a guy in a Class B on the east bound side wrangle with his awning compartment that was hanging by a thread. Back on the road, not 5 minutes ahead of where we parked, a tractor-trailer was on its side with the driver climbing up out of the driver side door of the cab. That could have been us if we hadn’t stopped. Funny thing, my husband had a dream the night before that we were blown over on our side on the interstate…sometimes it’s good to take those dreams to heart!

Jeff Craig
5 days ago

If you’ve driven through SD or WY, you most likely have.
A nearly 80mph gust brought our Class A up on two (three) wheels in Wyoming about eight years ago. We were lucky, as I-80 was littered with flipped semi trailers and more than a few travel trailers after that one.

Last edited 5 days ago by Jeff Craig
5 days ago

We have not had to pull over in our RV due to high winds, but we have spent a few extra days in the RV park because we knew the high winds would be coming during our journey.

5 days ago

We did in Kansas and also Wyoming, normally we try to leave early or stay put if the winds are forecast to be high.

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