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Have you ever ordered a pizza delivered to your RV?

What’s better than eating pizza? Having pizza delivered right to your door! And what’s better than having pizza delivered right to your home door? Having pizza delivered right to your RV! Yes, it’s possible!

Have you ever ordered pizza while you were staying in your RV and had it delivered? You could pick it up, but who wants to leave “home” if they don’t have to?

And pretty soon, your pizza won’t be delivered by humans. Instead, it will be delivered by drone! It’s really happening! Imagine that! That’ll be a sight to see… (Well, okay, that article is a little more than a year old now and we haven’t heard about any drone deliveries since then but hey, never say never!)


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Deborah Mason
1 month ago

I tried. I really tried. In Lake Havasu, they will deliver to your boat. I checked with the state park about the delivery guy not having to pay the entrance fee, then tried to order pizza delivered to our RV. The guy on the phone just couldn’t figure out where the state park on the edge of the lake IN TOWN was. I finally had to say never mind, we’ll come pick it up. I almost had to give up even on that as he continued to try to get a good location from me. Yikes!

Neal Davis
1 month ago

We cannot get food delivered to our sticks-and-bricks because it is so remote. However, we did get pizza delivered to our RV while we were at a Tennessee state park (Panther Creek in Morristown) last December (2022). It was not seemless, but we got our pizza and the delivery guy got a tip.

1 month ago

Sometimes, fresh pizza delivery at the campsite is in order. Depends on the day’s events and what time we return if we have been out for some adventures. If we get back later than expected to the rig and don’t have anything ready to go in the crockpot. Yes we do. Better than Trail mix for dinner.

Steven N
1 month ago

I have went and picked up pizza one time while vacationing with the granddaughters near Mt. Rushmore and they wanted a pizza night. Seemed easier than heating up the RV and domino’s didn’t have an eat in option.

Jeff Craig
1 month ago
Reply to  Steven N

Dominoes ‘Hotspots’ are a great way to get a pizza delivered anywhere. I’ve used it at a City Park while I was at work one day, had them deliver it to my truck while taking a break between jobs. There app makes this easy.

Dan A
1 month ago

Rarely ever are we close enough to ‘civilization’ as defined by some pundits to have pizza delivered. Amazon doesn’t care.

1 month ago
Reply to  Dan A

me too, dry camping in remote areas…sorry kids, no go.

Jim Keltner
1 month ago

The pizza we ordered, twice, was from the KOA office where we were staying.

Betty D.
1 month ago

Not only have we had pizza delivered to our camper when boondocking, we have had complete strangers order delivery to our camper because it’s easy to recognize. Met some nice people that way.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

I’ve only ordered pizza to be delivered to our “sticks and bricks” house twice, and both times it was NOT hot when it arrived. So we don’t do that anymore. After those home experiences, I would not try it from an RV park.

Matt Storms
1 month ago

Me and my dog boondock in the middle of nowhere. Delivery cost would probably make it the most expensive pizza ever.

1 month ago

No never nor will I. Actually I have never ordered any food to the RV. I guess I haven’t gotten that lazy. I’ll drive and pick it up and enjoy the aroma of it driving back. Have stopped and picked up a meal before getting to the site if it’s only an overnight stay and not unhooking.

Last edited 1 month ago by Skip
1 month ago

So far, I’ve never camped anywhere that had pizza delivery as an option. But when I do, I’m definitely going to take advantage and order a pizza! 😁

martin a
1 month ago

After a long day on the road pulling our trailer, we stopped at a campground in Iowa. We would be leaving early and didn’t want to unhitch to go get something. So we ordered a pizza from the local Casey’s convenience store. It was great.

1 month ago

Yes, only once when some friends came to visit us at our site after we arrived from a travel day.

1 month ago

Once, we were close enough to a town that had a pizza place, that delivered. Neither of us felt like cooking so we gave it a try.

1 month ago

When the grandson travels with us there are several of our regular stop campgrounds that have pizza available. Those are the times we normally have had it delivered. Just me and the DW, not so much

1 month ago

A pizza once or twice during Covid. I did have a whole lobster delivered when I was up in Maine.

1 month ago
Reply to  Larry

Lobster delivery! Right on.

1 month ago

While we have not ordered a pizza to be delivered to the camper, one campground had a pizza kitchen at the entrance and we would call and order one and pick it up. As I understand it, the place used to be busy enough to have a delivery person but they had to close for COVID and have not started that service back up yet. Their pizzas are very good though and the campground owner even built a bar and grill across the highway from the campground. They have now moved the pizza operation over to the bar and grill and I think they will deliver the full menu to the campground now. It’s nice to have that convenience near by.

1 month ago

We would stop at a KOA in South Carolina on our way home to Ontario while towing our last 5 th wheel and during signing in you could order a stone cooked pizza with choice of toppings as well as a bottle of wine which would be delivered at a set time to your rv’s site. We told quite a few other travellers about our experiences and were informed by a few that it was a good experience.

Seann Fox
1 month ago

I’ve never ordered any food to be delivered to my RV, and I can’t remember the last time I ordered it to be delivered to my Stix & bricks it would have been in the early 1990’s. I prefer to either buy a frozen one or pick it up myself.

1 month ago

I’ve never seen that in a campground, but it was fairly common at a boat ramp we used to use. I would consider stopping for one on the way into a campground. We have done that with chicken.

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