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Do you have a National Parks, America the Beautiful, pass?

If you travel to National Parks often, you probably have (or will want) an America the Beautiful Pass. The pass gives you access to every National Park, as well as more than 2,000 federal recreation sites (wildlife refuges, national forests and grasslands, and for lands managed by the BLM, Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.) Nice, right?

The annual pass costs $80, and if you’re a current U.S. military member or have a medically determined disability, it’s free. If you’re a senior, 62 and over, the pass costs $80 for a lifetime. You can learn more here.

Do you have an America the Beautiful Pass? Tell us in today’s poll. Thanks!


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bob cooper
14 days ago

I have a Golden Age Passport A Lifetime Admission Permit. I got this in 1968 and have used it ever since. The best bargain ever.

12 days ago
Reply to  bob cooper

Ditto, so I answered “no”.

Steve H
14 days ago

No, we each have the $10 lifetime Federal Senior Pass. Got mine in 2007 and my wife got her’s in 2009.

Jeff Craig
15 days ago

Answered NO as mine is the Disabled Veterans version.

15 days ago

My husband & I both have a one. Got them when they were $10. & lifetime.

15 days ago

I have the Golden Age Lifetime Passport which was issued free back in about 1997 or so. It is getting a little worn in appearance as it is stiff paper card. I also just received the America the Beautiful Lifetime Military Veterans Pass which is also free, however, there is a processing fee of $10.00. It is a plastic CC type card. It is available to U.S. Gold Star families as well as U.S. Veterans; proper ID info, for verification of status, is required with the application.

Also, I note the Golden Age Passport could be issued to U.S. Citizens and permanent residents of the U.S.. (Not sure this passport is still available however). Check with NPS.

15 days ago

I have the Veteran version of American the Beautiful free pass.

Brian Burry
15 days ago

Twice wounded in Combat, awarded 2 Purple Hearts, my disabilities allowed me to receive a Lifetime Pass and I am grateful. I told my wife those 3 1/2 months in four hospitals, and related problems, were worth it after all. I appreciate this very much! Doc Burry, US Army, Combat Medic, Retired.

Jeff Abrams
15 days ago

I have the lifetime pass, not annual. Answered NO.

T. Hudson
15 days ago

Bought my senior lifetime pass when I turned 62, for $10. Price went to $80 the next year. That’s still a bargain. We use it several times a year, and hope to continue for many more!

Gene Bjerke
15 days ago

I carry a Golden Age Passport (paper) issued in 1999.

Andrea Vaughan
15 days ago

My husband began buying an annual pass back in the ’80s, before I met him, since he often hiked in NPs “Back East”, before moving to the SW (where we met).
We visit NPs, often camping in them, every year, and have for 30+ years, so we always bought the annual pass. Sometimes it’s been handy to save time at busy entry points.
I bought my permament Senior Pass a few days after I became eligible. I only kept track for a year or so, but in the first year, it saved me around $200 on camping fees at national parks and USFS CGs.As soon as he’s eligible, my husband will buy his Senior Pass, so he can enter parks on his own. He had to buy a pass last year when he took a week-long raft trip through Grand Canyon, since I didn’t take the trip.

G Smith
15 days ago

I answered no because I have a Senior Lifetime pass. The question asked about a National Parks America The Beautiful annual pass.

Last edited 15 days ago by G Smith
Curt R
15 days ago
Reply to  G Smith

G Smith; The wife and I also carry the Senior Lifetime Pass. It is part of the “America the Beautiful NP pass but only available when you turn 60.

Michael A Noble
15 days ago
Reply to  Curt R

It’s 62 now. I was eligible for my geezer pass 2 years ago😁

Ron L
15 days ago
Reply to  G Smith

Well, I have the Golden Age Passport, but answered yes….same thing, just a different name.

15 days ago

Both of us bought the pass when we reached 62…at the $10 price, so we always have one handy. They have been used. I wish I had tracked the savings because the figure would be in several thousands not just for park admissions but for campground savings at national parks, national forests, COE, etc. it adds up quickly. Of course, when we retired we decided our travel goal would be to visit every national park site possible. We still haven’t got them all, but the journeys are as important as reaching the destinations.

Neal Davis
15 days ago

I bought the senior pass at the ranger station in Valdez, Alaska a few weeks after I became 62-years-of-age. One of the rangers had never sold one, so I provided the opportunity for the more experienced ranger to teach her how to sell one. We have used it several times already and plan to use it many more. I did feel self-conscious getting a 50-percent discount on a BLM campsite at Cripple Creek campground; we paid $3/night instead of $6/night. 😎

Kit Vargas
15 days ago

We have the lifetime. Paid the higher price for it but it has already paid for itself.

Jim Johnson
15 days ago

As soon as I age qualified, I purchased the lifetime NPS pass. Mine was $20 if I recall. The price jumped substantially the next month.

15 days ago

I have the old Golden Access Passport, disabled veteran. Have not used it for years now.

15 days ago

As a Canadian senior, I buy the annual pass every year! You have a wonderful country that lets us spend our winters (and money!) here, so the $80 is a bargain! Part of our annual winter sojourn is to visit many of the National Parks, monuments and forests. Pays for itself many times over. I actually had one gentlemen in a National Park last year want to sell me the lifetime version as I was over 62. I had to politely let him know a couple of times that as a Canadian, this offer was not available to me. So much beauty to see in both of our countries. This winter we are in Arizona and Utah in the spring until we head home to Ontario. We need to be in our home province six months out of the year to maintain our health insurance!

Last edited 15 days ago by Leonard
George B
15 days ago
Reply to  Leonard

Welcome Leonard. I winter in Lake Havasu and have always enjoyed our friends from the north. We missed all of you during Covid, glad the borders are open once again.

Tommy Molnar
15 days ago

We’ve had the passes forever. Got them for $10. We used them many times – back when you could actually get into the parks. Now they just take up room in our wallets . . .

15 days ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Same as Tom, but have only used it a few times. Bob in Vegas

T. Hudson
15 days ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

We use ours every year for camping and entrance fees. Plenty of federal facilities available.

Bob p
15 days ago

Yes but have never used it, we got it before the price increase several years ago, just haven’t had the occasion to use it.

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