Friday, June 2, 2023


Do you routinely salt your food when eating?

Some people need to pour on the salt for their food to be considered “salty” or “salty enough.” Other people are so sensitive to salt that they hardly ever add it. Which end of the spectrum are you on?

If you do add salt to your food often, we think you need this salt and pepper shaker holder for your RV table. It’s adorable!

When you’re eating, do you usually add salt to your food? We’re talking about when you’re eating it, after the food has been prepared, not while cooking. Thanks!


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10 days ago

For some reason I only add salt to potato entrees, a little on fries and in mashed.

Jeff Craig
12 days ago

Rarely. Since I started using HelloFresh, and it calls for salt in half the steps, (which I have to be careful on) I don’t need it. I’ve been cutting down on the salt by adding lemon, lime or orange juice to the proteins (depending on the recipe) and I found I barely need salt.

13 days ago

I use NO Salt or Lite Salt

15 days ago

Everything needs salt

Steve Minor
15 days ago
Reply to  Wayne


15 days ago

Never add extra salt when our food is plated, but when cooking we use heart healthy no salt ( KCl)

Wayne Caldwell
15 days ago

I like a little food with my salt.😁😁😁

Brian Burry
15 days ago

In Combat in the Mekong Delta we were fighting in high humidity, and extreme heat, and had to carry 2 quart soft sided canteens to keep hydrated. I was a Combat Medic ( 2 Purple Hearts but thank God survived!) The salt pills prevented heat injuries like heat exhaustion and heat stroke, to the point we rarely had a soldier affected. I became so accustomed to salt, that all of my life, I salt any food before I eat it. Never have had blood pressure issues, or any blood tests, that required a doctor to advise me against the use of salt. So perhaps my body simply adjusted to it, and at 75 years old, am still an active person. So to each their own choice.

15 days ago
Reply to  Brian Burry

Thank you.

15 days ago

I voted yes but actually we use a product called no salt which is not really salt at all.

15 days ago

I stopped adding salt to my meals in 1972 after my tour in Navy. While on ship the medical staff had us take salt pills as we perspired so much working in the engine room.

Neal Davis
15 days ago

I think that I stopped salting things I eat around 1974. I stopped using pepper around that same time.

Glenda Alexander
15 days ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

How can you eat without pepper? :>)

15 days ago

Usually the only thing I salt is potatoes, but I always taste first before salting anything. I do use coarse salt when making cookies. I try to add enough of other seasonings for flavor when I cook (which is often) so we don’t have so much salt. Also coarse ground salt AND pepper is delicious on fries and hash browns and baked potatoes and occasionally on popcorn (with a touch of parmesan as well)!

Deborah Mason
15 days ago

I do the cooking at home, so almost never need to adjust after cooking. But, when we eat out some foods are never salted, or not enough. Especially hash browns. I asked once if they could be salted during cooking & was told no because it could put salt in sometimes else’s food. So hash browns & other potatoes (other than fries) get the salt without tasting first.

Ed K
15 days ago

I taste first, usually a couple of bites and then will probably have to add salt.

15 days ago

Salt. Never. Pepper. Pile it on. 🙂

15 days ago
Reply to  Glenn

So true, except for popcorn and french fries…

Bob P
15 days ago

Only when eating out or eating corn on the cob, then plenty of butter and of course salt. DW doesn’t season before cooking but usually does after the cooking is done. She’ll usually she’ll always tell me if I need to salt something.

15 days ago

Depends on what it is and if it’s home cooked knowing no salt has ever been on it. And it is always ground sea salt. Prepackaged has tons of salt already in it.

15 days ago

I used to salt everything before even tasting it. When I was diagnosed with hypertension, high blood pressure, the salt shaker left the table. Amazing how much better the food tasted. We also quit using canned vegetables and buy low sodium soups.

15 days ago

Use too much salt. I’m addicted.

15 days ago
Reply to  Tom

Me too. I’m addicted to flavor. If it’s bland, I salt it up.

S. Harper
15 days ago

I do not add salt to my prepared food. In Europe they do not have salt and pepper shakers on the table. It’s considered an insult to the chef, meaning they do not know how to cook. If you don’t like the way they have prepared their food, your free to go to another place to eat.

15 days ago
Reply to  S. Harper

Good point! I had to stop adding salt for health but I certainly use a lot more pepper for flavor.

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