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Do you have a dash camera on your RV or tow vehicle?

Dash cameras used to be a pretty high-tech gadget that only a few had. Now, they’re pretty common for drivers, including RVers. Hey, if something happens to you while you’re driving, you’ll be incredibly thankful that you had footage to look at.

Do you have a dash cam on either your RV or your tow vehicle? If you do, will you share which brand you have in the comments and whether you like (and recommend) it or not? It could be helpful for those looking to get one.

As always, Amazon has a huge selection and it looks like this one is the highest-rated.



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Rick S
3 months ago

Yes… I have the Rove dash cam mentioned in my motor home. As my windshield is too far to reach, I had to mount on my dash which makes it upside down. Luckily there is a setting which let’s me flip the image upright. Controls are still upside down however.

3 months ago

It only took one incident for us to get a pair of them. And then a few months back, our Jeep one caught a very drunk/reckless hit and run. Every car should have one.

3 months ago

Not yet. So far, we haven’t lived to regret it, but getting one is on our “round tuit” list.

Neal Davis
3 months ago

Yes. This was one of the first accessories that we bought for our DP. I have seen too many YouTube videos of stupid driver tricks, as well as witnessed a few. I can’t imagine not having the ability to show the police or insurance adjuster how clearly it was the other guy’s fault.

Perhaps it will prove to be an error, but we have the microphone on our camera muted. I sometimes share our driving videos and don’t wish to have to remove the sound before posting them to avoid copyright infringement because of the background music.

Last edited 3 months ago by Neal Davis
3 months ago

Yes, in my truck and in my car. On my most recent trip north driving I15 in Montana there was a semi that passed me and a few minutes later almost went off the side of the road. A few miles later going around a curve laid rubber for about a quarter of a mile. I took the stills and sent them to the company letting them know I had the video saved if they wanted it. Haven’t heard from them.
Don’t ask “How is my driving?” if you don’t want to be informed.

Diane McGovern
3 months ago
Reply to  Vanessa

👍Good for you, Vanessa. At least you tried. Have a great day. 😀 -Diane at

Gene Sannes
3 months ago

I have a dash camera for my car, pickup, three wheel Can Am Spyder and on the back of my fifth wheel trailer.

Mary Masters
3 months ago

I drive a dump truck for work and installed my personal camera in the truck. After two accidents in New York/North Jersey my company had cameras installed in the whole fleet. I was actually involved in three accidents, and each one of them showed that it wasn’t my fault. If I didn’t have the “crash cam” as I call it I could have lost my job! I also have one in my personal truck! Won’t be without one!

Ken Johnston
3 months ago

I was told by a Nevada State patrolman that anyone over Sixty should have dash cam because of the presumption of guilt for the (elderly).

3 months ago

Had one, it failed. Haven’t gotten around to replacing it.

3 months ago

I have a recording dash cam in the motor home and in our vehicles also. I have been looking for one for the rear which has a recorder chip also. My original cameras were found on Ebay several years ago and they have worked, and continue to work flawlessly since.

3 months ago

My son bought me a ORSKEY Dash Cam 1080P Full HD Car DVR Dashboard Camera Video Recorder, 170 Wide Angle WDR with 3.0″ LCD Display Night Vision and G-Sensor several years ago. We use it in the RV and in our truck.

Bob Weinfurt
3 months ago

Me bad.
I bought one a few years ago but still haven’t installed it.

Karen Bates
3 months ago

A dash cam saved our son from a scam where a guy changed lanes in front of him, then slammed on the brakes for no reason. At first, he thought he just missed whatever it was that caused him to brake suddenly. Then he got home and watched the video. It was very clear what happened and it saved him a lot of money and headache! We would not travel without a dashcam, especially with the crazy drivers out there!

3 months ago
Reply to  Karen Bates

My dashcam records speed, direction, time of day and gps coordinates. Pretty hard for someone to argue with that type of evidence.

3 months ago

No, but it’s on the list. I’d like to have the rear and side cameras already on my DP all tied to a recorder along with a front facing cam for a 360 recording.

3 months ago
Reply to  Spike

I agree. It would be great if all the existing cameras on our rig could be set to record mode.

Bill Byerly
3 months ago
Reply to  Cancelproof

Agree too

Roy Davis
3 months ago

I advise, “Dash cam, never leave home without it,” to every one. Had a co-worker share that a guy ran a red light and swore his was green. A buddy came up behind him before the police arrived and lied saying he’d seen the whole thing and backed his buddy’s story. A State Trooper told me they love them because there’s no “he said/she said” with them. I have one in every vehicle we own.

Last edited 3 months ago by Roy Davis
Primo Rudy's Roadhouse
3 months ago

I have one but it doesn’t work…

3 months ago

I own three Dash Cameras, one for my RV, one for my car and one for my motorcycle. In today’s environment, dash cameras are a must have. Same reason why LEO’s are now wearing body cams.

3 months ago

We have a Garmin Dashcam

3 months ago

Our Garmin has a building camera; used for the camera only, as the iPhone and/or iPad provide significantly better mapping.

3 months ago
Reply to  Herman

I have one in my GPS also but I use the GPS. Been in remote areas with no cell service but there is always satellite, well not when a canyon with tall cliffs on the south side but you generally drive out of it soon.

3 months ago

We have the Rove R2-4K and love it! All of our kids have one as well. The new PRO model was just released and it’s $40 off today. Great camera for $90.

Stay safe, Joe

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