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When sleeping with a partner, do you prefer sleeping on the right or left side of the bed?

For those of you that are married or in relationships, or, perhaps have a special someone you occasionally spend the night with (hey, could be a sister or brother!), do you both have a side of the bed you typically sleep on?

Keep in mind, when we’re asking this question we’re asking it as if you were looking straight on at the bed from the foot of it, NOT as if you were in the bed.

So, is your side the right side? The left side? Tell us in the poll below. Thanks!


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3 months ago

actually if im honest, the side that is closer to either the door or the toilet.

Gary W.
3 months ago

Another failed poll. Should have had a “Depends on the situation” selection.

Todd Hartman
3 months ago

Whichever side is left after the wife chooses. Right side at home, left side in RV, and who normally the side closer to window in a hotel.

Michael Galvin
3 months ago

Men usually sleep on the left. Question would have revealed more had it included gender.

Jim Johnson
3 months ago

…my choice is assuming the other side of the bed isn’t easier for my spouse to enter/exit the bed.

3 months ago

We base that decision on the room/situation.

3 months ago

We switch sides when in our RV as the right side is slightly longer and he is taller.

George C
3 months ago

I sleep on the left side, home or RV. As a wise man once told me, “The woman is always right”.

Neal Davis
3 months ago

I voted “right side,” but I don’t care. If “either” had been an option, then I would have picked it.

Paul B.
3 months ago

Side nearest the door. Security and protection for my sweetheart.

3 months ago
Reply to  Paul B.

Right on!

Gene Bjerke
3 months ago

For a long time I slept on the left side at home and the right side in the RV. When we changed bedrooms at home I moved to the right side. It all depends on where I can put the CPAP.

3 months ago

Going on 57 yrs of marriage, I have always slept on the right side and my wife on the left.

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse
3 months ago

preference? It’s just the way it is for over 25 years

3 months ago

my wife has always slept to my left on the right side of the bed.

Ed K
3 months ago

Right side, last time I slept on the Left, my wife got pregnant. Haven’t made that mistake again.

Tommy Molnar
3 months ago
Reply to  Ed K


Tom H.
3 months ago

For me it depends on the relationship of the bed to the door, i.e., I always sleep closest to the door.

3 months ago

Closest to the bathroom is my side and that is the right side, in the MoHo and our condo.

3 months ago
Reply to  Caren


3 months ago
Reply to  Robert


3 months ago

It depends where the dog decides to sleep that night.

3 months ago
Reply to  Larry

Same here. That’s just one of many decisions our dog made in our lives. She passed away last December and being our bed hog dog is just one of many things we miss every day.

3 months ago

Whether in the RV or at home I sleep on the right side. Is there any other way? That’s the rules! So says the wife.

Bob M
3 months ago

Same for me.

Larry M.
3 months ago

When we are home I sleep on the left side , when we are in the rv I sleep on the right side, that puts her nearest the bathroom.

Bob P
3 months ago
Reply to  Larry M.

That’s my answer, which ever side is closest to the bathroom is DW’s as I very seldom get up in the middle of the night.

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