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Are you a procrastinator?

Would you consider yourself to be a procrastinator? Do you easily get distracted and put off projects for longer than you should?

According to, back in the 1970s only 5 percent of adults were considered to be chronic procrastinators. Today, that number is about 20 percent. Do we think it has something to do with shorter attention spans? Additionally, 25 percent of adults say that procrastination is a defining characteristic of their personality. Are you part of that 25 percent?

We could never be procrastinators here at… This week alone, for example, we’re sending out 9 newsletters! Whew! No time for procrastinating!


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GregLeeP (@guest_241926)
5 months ago

If you look up procrastinator in the dictionary my picture will be there! HA!

Scott (@guest_241883)
5 months ago

I will tell you when I get around to it

Neal Davis (@guest_241811)
5 months ago

I want to do most things at the moment that I think of doing it. Some of those things I schedule, but I try to do most of them ASAP (whatever that means at that moment). There are some things that I really, really do not want to do and I tend to delay doing those as long as possible. Sometimes someone else does it, sometimes it becomes too late to do anything about it, and sometimes I give up and do it.

Larry Cooke (@guest_241771)
5 months ago

Procrastination is my weakness,
I say this to my sorrow.
I know I must get this done……
I think I’ll start tomorrow!

Diane McGovern
5 months ago
Reply to  Larry Cooke

👍😄 Good one, Larry. Thanks! Have a good night. 😀 –Diane at

Randall Johnstun (@guest_241742)
5 months ago

Why do it today, when you can put it off till day after tomorrow.

KellyR (@guest_241678)
5 months ago

I have never been a procrastinator. However my back has decided to be a procrastinator these last couple of years. My back drives my brain nuts.

Jay J (@guest_241672)
5 months ago

Hope this doesn’t make me a procrastinator. My DW will ask that I do something and I never refuse her request. After 3 days she will question why I haven’t completed what she requested. My response, “I told you I would, I just didn’t say when”! In my defense, I always get the request completed.

Roy Davis (@guest_241665)
5 months ago

I am a strange combination of being a procrastinator yet being task oriented at the same time. While I will put off doing something, once I start something, I won’t quit until it’s done. Like most people, I prioritize what I think is urgent and what can wait but my wife’s priority list and mine aren’t always compatible. 😀

Skip (@guest_241655)
5 months ago

As I get old it seems I procrastinate more. Then slam myself packing up to move on. Or thinking I can procrastinate because I am still 40 something and can get all done in a couple of hours. Oh well that’s life.

Diane Mc (@guest_241653)
5 months ago

Getting better on many things. However, big stuff like cleaning out closets, starting to downsize stuff or in the case of my husband, cleaning out his 1600 sq ft shop with cars and car parts, packed to the gills, not so much. Oh and 3 huts on our property also full with race cars/parts. Me, too overwhelming, so I’m reading RVTravel 😂 and planning our next trip. Husband, puttering in shop.😬 🙄 Although he has sold some cars in the past year…making progress. Clock is ticking. #oldneedtogetonit

Tommy Molnar (@guest_241636)
5 months ago

My wife is non-stop fixing and doing stuff. Non-stop! She’ll see something that needs attention (in her mind anyway) and get right on it. I, on the other hand, will say “Ok, we’ll get on that right after breakfast” (or lunch or whatever). Nope. Not good enough for the whirling dervish. She’s out the door and fixing the sprinklers, lawn art, flag pole, you name it. I used to get mad at all this. Now I just stay out of the way . . . 🙂 😀

Last edited 5 months ago by Tommy Molnar
Cancelproof (@guest_241633)
5 months ago


Barry (@guest_241631)
5 months ago

I don’t consider myself so much of a procrastinator as I do a VERY DETAILED PLANNER.

Impavid (@guest_241626)
5 months ago

I joined the Procrastinators Club last year but we haven’t had a meeting yet.

Cheryl (@guest_241624)
5 months ago

I don’t call it procrastination, I call it retirement.

Gary G (@guest_241622)
5 months ago

Sometimes, I will get back to you.

Sven Yohnson (@guest_241613)
5 months ago

I don’t procrastinate, I prioritize. But according to my wife, I don’t have my priorities in the proper order (her’s).
Fun things First!

Jewel (@guest_241609)
5 months ago

Well…I get right on things because I hate having anything on my list (unless it’s my Amazon list and that’s another thing!).
BUT my ADHD kicks in and I start the next thing sometimes before the first thing is finished. Oops.

Gordon den Otter (@guest_241595)
5 months ago

You’ll never get an accurate statistic, because the procrastinators won’t get around to voting…

Tom H. (@guest_241597)
5 months ago


Jim Johnson (@guest_241614)
5 months ago

100% agree!

Tom (@guest_241593)
5 months ago

Too many irons in the fire. Distracted while chasing one task by another task.

Ray (@guest_241623)
5 months ago
Reply to  Tom


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