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What is it for you, butter or margarine?

The debate has been going on for years… butter or margarine? Which do you use most in your kitchen?

They’re used for many of the same reasons in the kitchen and at the dining room table, but butter and margarine are two very different products. Butter is a dairy product that is made from churning milk or cream. The churning process is what separates the solids, the butterfat, from the liquids, the buttermilk.

Margarine, on the other hand, isn’t a dairy product. Its primary ingredients are vegetable oil, water, salt, emulsifiers, and sometimes milk.

Which do you use most often in your kitchen? Please vote in the poll below and tell us there.


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Neal Davis (@guest_243929)
4 months ago

Generally, I don’t care. However, if cooking, then I only use butter, no margarine.

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles (@guest_242416)
5 months ago

I COULDN”T vote because…we used butter until I got my sudden massive allergy to cows milk products (I’d been having low level allergy symptoms for years, until we hit a rough spot with our finances and had to substitute milk, cheese, butter and egg for almost all our meats. After a couple of years, whoopsie!!!
It’s been 3 years of goats milk and the dozen duck eggs 3 or 4 times a year. I’m buying vegan spread hoping no one I know will see me and assume I’m vegan. Hellman’s makes the only tolerable fake mayo. DH has kindly and bravely eaten all this crap with me because he didn’t have much of a sense of taste. Well, then he was able to taste that Blue Bonnet and Imperial were tasteless and greasy. We’re trying country crock now.
I’m hoping that after years of being good, I’ll be able to return to butter and a homemade pizza once a week…soon, before the arthritis gets so bad I can’t knead dough anymore..

mulley (@guest_241952)
5 months ago

I soften a stick of butter and whip it with extra virgin olive oil to make my own spreadable butter. Tastes delicious.

KellyR (@guest_241950)
5 months ago

Better batter with butter. More science makes margarine. As a kid “I helped” by mixing the color into margarine. Ever since then I decided to let the cow do it for me.

Parker (@guest_241948)
5 months ago

…and sometimes ghee.

Kenn (@guest_241946)
5 months ago

Butter all the way ! When I give blood, I give it in cubes.

Bob P (@guest_241936)
5 months ago

Ate margarine all my life except the last 7 years after marrying my wonderful wife who wouldn’t touch margarine. Love her!

Rolling Coal (@guest_241924)
5 months ago

Never liked margarine but now that it’s called “plant butter”, I might give it a try again…. not 😉

bill (@guest_241913)
5 months ago

Butter is $2.37/lb at Costco. Gasoline is $0.68/lb. I still use both with regularity. (Double pun?)

bull (@guest_241900)
5 months ago

Margerine is one molecule away from plastic!

Sven Yohnson (@guest_242890)
5 months ago
Reply to  bull


Ed D. (@guest_241892)
5 months ago

I am on a “Carnivore” Diet. I eat nothing but Meats, Eggs, Butter and Cheese. The old adage that Butter is not good for you is a myth. I have lost almost 28 Lbs. in the first 3 Months. I eat as much as I want at a sitting and do not have to go hungry. I was skeptical when I began it but it has proven to be super effective. I automatically eat less because the “high fat” meals that I do eat, fill me up quicker. I still eat a regular meal once in a while but now, when I do, I have left overs, for a second meal.
The other fact is that Margarine is 1, or 2, molecules from being plastic! YUK!

Thomas D (@guest_241911)
5 months ago
Reply to  Ed D.

Not being a chemist, I can’t dispute chemical formulas but that plastic myth has been around for 30/40 years. I guess it hasnt hurt anything if it’s true.

Skip (@guest_241885)
5 months ago

Butter. I can’t believe it’s not butter who were they trying to fool. Just look at all the crap that’s in margerine. The taste difference is totally different. That’s why all the great recipes call for butter.

Judy G (@guest_241875)
5 months ago

Unsalted butter

robert (@guest_241870)
5 months ago

Grew up on a small farm and my mother always made her own. My wife and I are retired from dairy farming but we would get our butter by the case from our local dairy coop. Still to this day it’s butter all the way.

Vaiden (@guest_241869)
5 months ago

Years ago the butter industry put out a commercial saying “We’ll never say butter tastes like margarine.”

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