Thursday, September 21, 2023


How much of your clothing do you buy on Amazon?

OK, since we all know by now that Amazon seems to run the world, it only makes sense that we (humans) shop there for our clothes too, right? Amazon does have some nice clothes… and not having to go into a store does sound pretty nice…

Do you shop for any clothing items on Amazon? If so, how much of your clothing do you buy? All of it? A few items here and there? Or have you never bought any clothes on Amazon?

There are some things we like to buy on Amazon. Like this American flag T-shirt that’s made out of RVs (seriously, it’s cool). Or, yaknow, if you really, really, really like hot dogs… there’s always this.


  1. I really dislike shopping for clothing but Amazon has made it very tolerable. I can try things on at home. If it works… wonderful but it if doesn’t I take it to a UPS a store. No shipping costs & most things do not have to be re-boxed.

  2. Needed another category…I haven’t but I’m thinking about it. My husband did and it was very convenient…Wrangler shorts and golf shirts…..a trial set for size then another order to fill the need.

  3. I personally dislike shopping, any shopping. I purchase 90% of my goods online, either through Amazon or other online retailers. I also do most of my grocery and household products online at the local grocery and box stores and do curbside pickup.

  4. The results of this poll speak loudly to the age demographic of this news letter (we’re old)!
    I purchase items online occasionally but rarely clothes, as I like to try them on before purchasing, and don’t want the hassle of returns.

  5. I just bought a 3 pack of Amazon’s own brand T-shirts. First and last purchase. They are cheap quality. Costco and Sam’s for me.

  6. None EXCEPT … I have purchased replacement shoes that were the exact same model & size of shoes I already owned. And I have purchased a couple adjustable size ball caps with LED lights built into the brim. A lot easier to put on than the elastic strap head lights and perfect for hands-free lighting to pick up our dog’s droppings when dark.

  7. In the last year we have bought about 60% of our clothes on Amazon, maybe more. How well the clothes will hold up is the question, they seem to be very well made and have good reviews. I won’t buy shoes on line as I have a difficult time finding shoes that fit properly but we are satisfied with our purchases so far.

  8. Never have and never will buy clothing on Amazon. I prefer to store shop and try on rather than the hassle of returning it. I have bought tee shirts or ball caps online but never Amazon.


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