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Are you a cat or a dog person?

Most people think of themselves as either a cat or a dog person. Now, what does that mean exactly? Well, we’re not quite sure, but we think it’s something along the lines of which animal you like most, relate to, and enjoy being around more. If you’re a cat person, you probably love your cat more than your dog, or you probably don’t even own a dog. Same goes if you’re a dog person.

Which do you consider yourself to be? A cat person or a dog person? Or maybe you’re neither!

Oh, our tails are just wagging at the excitement of seeing these results! (Most of the staff are dog people, with a few cat people thrown into the mix.)

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  1. Both. I started RVing with two dogs and two cats. Now I have two different dogs and no cats. When I hang up the keys I’ll get another cat but they are harder to travel with than the dogs are.

  2. For many years we had both cats and dogs. After our last cat died, we decided not to get another one. It’s not that we don’t like cats, but I was tired of dealing with litter boxes. When we get our home base going, we will likely end up with barn cats to keep the mice, rats, and other rodent population down. Growing up on a farm I know how much cats help keep down the critter numbers.

  3. I used to be a dog person but now I’m neither. The reason I am neither is that I discovered real freedom happened after the kids left home and the dog died.

  4. more like our cats are person cat. they allowed us to share “their” personal space. most of my cats were outside cats that just sort of moved in

  5. I had cats for years until I developed an allergy to them. Got a puppy and was confused.
    1. how do you know if you are petting it right if it does not purr?
    2. why don’t dogs have scratchy tongues like cats do?
    I have realized how much more of a relationship one has with a dog. Best ever!

  6. We are cat people but when our two cats died we decided no more pets. Can’t take the heartbreak of losing family members (pets) any more. Not even an Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm! Besides, our last two cats lived 17 years each. Not sure I’M going to live another 17 years, so then someone has to take over their care.

  7. I’ve always considered myself a dog person. That was until we were adopted by Figaro, the one eared cat. He’s as affectionate as most dogs, follows me around, comes when he’s called, and doesn’t bark. He can be left home alone for a few days (inside or out). Downsides are he sheds, and doesn’t travel as well as most dogs (he’s fine when we’re boondocking, but is too much of a social butterfly for campgrounds). That, and he’s a killing machine, not to be trusted around small children, and youngstock.

  8. We have always had Big dogs but our last dogs passed away (@13).
    Didn’t want anymore animals But…we got 1 Chihuahua and ended up with 2, lol.
    Great traveling companions!
    Have been FT for 4 yrs and they are 5 yrs old.
    Easy to live with.
    They are small, turds are small also, lol.
    They don’t take up much room and are very easy to live with.
    Could not have made a better decision.
    So we are dog people😎

  9. We had two cats and two dogs for several years but the cats passed away several years ago so now it’s just two small dogs. We don’t plan on having cats again although we loved them.

  10. I’ve had both, it depends on what DW likes, first one was a cat person, second(actually still the first as I was stupid enough to think she had changed)was cats. Second was either until she caught cat in new babies bed, after that dogs. Last is definitely dog, our 3 legged Maltese is a character. Now that I have out lived my previous wives I’m getting tired. I think I’ll stop with the wonderful lady I’ve got now, I wish I had met her 60 years ago, my true soulmate.

  11. We’ve always had Labrador Retreivers all our married lives. First one was an Ashley, a black. Then we had Abby, a chocolate,. Next came Gracie, a yellow. Now we have Annie, a yellow, and Maddie, a black. First time we had two at the same time. We loved them all. They are the greatest loving companions, and life just wouldn’t be the same without them.

  12. Gary has a point. But our cat an dog have been wonderful parts of our family. It’s just a trade off we manage to figure out when traveling.

  13. Dogs! Dachshunds specifically. Having this same bloodline for 51 years we now have the 10th generation traveling with us. At times it can be a very minor inconvenience but well worth it. These critters keep us laughing and calm [most of the time]. Would not want to be without them.

  14. Cats gone, kid is gone. We go places without worrying about what to do where you can’t have pets or leashes must be on all the time. We’ve watched people struggling with dogs wanting to go after kids and other dogs, barking a lot, getting loose, crapping in other peoples spots, watering your tires and chairs.
    We don’t need an animal to keep us happy.


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