Thursday, September 21, 2023


Be prepared with an “extreme heat kit”

A man died recently in Death Valley from extreme heat. He was found in his car by the side of the road. Others have met the same fate, and not just in Death Valley. Don’t join them. Here, from the Arizona State Department of Transportation, is advice about how to prepare for extreme heat driving, including what supplies to pack along on a car trip:

Never drive in extreme heat without a fully-charged cell phone and extra drinking water for all passengers, including pets. Other must-haves include these items:

      • A cooler to keep extra drinking water cold. (Consider adding several frozen bottles of water to use for cooling off or to thaw and drink if needed.)
      • An umbrella for shade
      • Sunscreen
      • A wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and loose-fitting, light-colored cotton clothing to provide protection from sunburn
      • Necessary prescribed medication(s) and pain relievers
      • A first-aid kit
      • A flashlight with extra batteries
      • A travel tool kit and battery cables
      • Safety flares
      • Extra radiator water
      • Healthy snacks
      • A road map


    What would you add to a kit like this? Please leave a comment.



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