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Do you enjoy visiting caves?

We have some pretty incredible caves here in the U.S. If you enjoy spelunking (that’s exploring caves, if you didn’t know), you’ve probably been to a good deal of them. Maybe you even search caves out on your travels. Do you?

Tell us in today’s poll if you enjoy visiting caves. If not, is it because you just don’t have an interest in them or is it because you’re scared of them? They are pitch black (well, most of them) and a little spooky, so we don’t blame you.

If you do enjoy visiting caves, what’s your favorite one you’ve ever been to? Also, check out this creepy video about Nevada’s cave-dwelling red-haired cannibalistic giants! Yes, you read that right. The story is fascinating!


  1. On a road trip I took my sister to Lassen NP. Just outside is the Subway Lava Tube, and I led her into it. I explained what total darkness was and turned out our flashlights.
    She freaked!..It was a 1st for her, I turned my lights back on and told her the walls are still right there as they were.
    It was fun and she enjoyed it later.
    Always bring 2 or more light sources when messing around in caves….

  2. I enjoy caves that I can walk in, I have no desire to go down on my belly and crawl through a small opening (okay it’d have to be a large opening for me to fit) to get to a cave. But I’ve enjoyed a number of caves where walking is possible.

  3. I certainly did enjoy going caving when I last went. However, that was approximately 50 years ago and I was considerably more spry and more svelte back then. I require a much less adventurous style of caving these days. Ideally, it would involve watching a DVD, Blueray disc, or YouTube video from the comfort of our sticks-and-bricks, or our MH. 😉

  4. I enjoy “tourist” caves. I’ve never been in a “wild” cave but I’d go if I didn’t have to crawl or go more than a few feet on my knees.

    • Did do the spelunking thing once back in high school. It was six months before the calcium deposits on my knees went away. been to many commercial caves before and since that time. Enjoyed them all.

  5. Depends. Like many here, claustrophobic. If I don’t have to crawl through small spaces I’m ok. Perfect cave…standing upright :-).

    • Me too, marked “yes some what, should have been NO, some what”. I will go if DW wants to. Mammoth Caves was beautiful, but I was very pleased to be out!

    • If you enjoy caves more than your husband, I’ll bet that makes him feel terrible. I think my wife enjoys me more than any old cave!
      Just kidding, I find them more interesting than what my wife does but she entertains me and will tour them alongside me.

  6. I enjoy visiting caves so long as I can walk upright throughout the cave. I visited Carlsbad Caverns many times during the three years that I lived in Carlsbad. I’ve also visited several others but my all-time favorite cave is Sonora Caverns. It isn’t very large but the formations are beautiful. Here’s the link where you can salivate over them:

  7. Did spelunking many years ago when in college. Old stuff, like carbide lamps, crawling on one’s belly, measuring and mapping, etc.. Spent several holiday weekends underground as we explored small caves in southern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

  8. I love going into caves. MY Favorite was Carlsbad Caverns. My least favorite were the tunnels in the Cu Chi area of Vietnam in 1968.

  9. I enjoy them, but my DW is a little claustrophobic so we are limited to what caverns we can visit.
    One thing I do not enjoy are the ones that are lit up like a carnival with all the colored lights. It spoils the natural wonder. One we did really enjoy was the Lost Sea in Sweetwater TN.

  10. CAVES ? Luray Caverns or Carlsbad Cavern are great caves for me. But this crawling on your belly, through a small opening between two massive rocks…nope, not me.


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