Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Do you have security cameras that monitor your home or RV?

Security cameras have become quite popular. It used to be an expensive hassle to have a home security system installed on your home or RV, but affordable, portable cameras are changing that.

It seems these days almost every house has a Ring, Arlo, Nest, Eufy, or Wyze security camera setup. They’re easy to install, affordable and connect to Wi-Fi. Curious about your upcoming Amazon delivery? Want to know what your pup Fido is up to? These cameras have easy access.

Do you have a security camera at your sticks-and-bricks house or on your RV? Both? Neither? After you vote please leave a comment.


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Neal Davis (@guest_255913)
1 month ago

We have several cameras at our sticks-and-bricks. The exterior ones are always active. The interior ones are active only when we travel, or leave the puppy dog home alone. The ones in the RV are to monitor the doggy when we leave him alone. They also allow us to monitor the inside of the RV. Additionally, the RV has a 360° camera system that we can access remotely.

JAMES (@guest_255733)
1 month ago

We have 19 cameras that watch and record the inside and outside our home and our RV in our front yard.

Skip (@guest_255731)
1 month ago

Yes Dogs! They seem to have worked very well over the years. Neighbours have cameras all over. And if you were to make it inside well let’s just say it might be the last inside where you weren’t invited into your going to see again. Just saying.

Last edited 1 month ago by Skip
Roy (@guest_255730)
1 month ago

We have security system on both the RV and home. I even installed cameras in and around my RV shop all along the property line despite being fully fenced.

Alpenliter (@guest_255726)
1 month ago

My neighbor has a nice security camera setup and frequently shows us the wildlife he has captured on video. I couldn’t resist. Donning my dinosaur costume, I passed his camera at 3am. He spent over a year guessing who the culprit was. I eventually confessed…..

Bob (@guest_255699)
1 month ago

No cameras just a 12 gauge!!

Ted (@guest_255696)
1 month ago

Installed 3 Ring cams after our neighbor had a bear on his camera walking right through our yard. About 6 months after installing them, on Thanksgiving night, we were on the couch around 10pm when our back camera went off. My wife opened the camera and nothing was there. Then our front camera went off where she saw a man standing in our driveway holding a knife in his hand. I immediately threw her my phone, since she was watching the guy with a knife on her phone, and said call 911 as I retrieved a firearm. Troopers showed up in minutes and arrested him. Luckily it ended without further incident. Will always have a security system from now on. Without it we may have never known he was there.

Ted (@guest_255697)
1 month ago
Reply to  Ted

Had to shorten the story above as they limit the characters allowed but was not afraid of the bear or anything but actually thought it would be neat to see them for ourselves. Have got a few bears, tons of other wildlife, a guy with a knife and a wicked car accident in the year and a half we have had them.

Jim Johnson (@guest_255695)
1 month ago

Multiple cameras at the house. Started a couple decades back to deter teenage petty vandalism. Sure they are security cameras, but the biggest use today is to remotely monitor snow loads (the house routinely gets 20-25 FEET of snowfall in our absence) so roofs are not overloaded, and as a backup to our Nest thermostat for indoor temp monitoring (the house has hot water heat). 1700 miles away, the RV camera likewise monitors the interior temp when in storage at the RV park (we have shore power year-round). We have people available for both house and RV who can get inside if things go off the rails. Life is less stressful.

tom (@guest_255691)
1 month ago

Ring system, particularly solar powered. RV is covered when on my property.

Bob (@guest_255689)
1 month ago

On my home, 24/7 and recorded to a DVR. The neighbor kid was tormenting my dog. His father denied that it was his kid until the police viewed the video.
We also had some problems in our area with car break-ins. Not mine since they are garaged, but a few neighbor’s.
My front camera caught one of the teenagers that was involved prowling late at night checking for unlocked cars. Again, the police had a video.
BTW, it was the same kid and charges were filed.

Wayne Caldwell (@guest_255688)
1 month ago

I can neither confirm nor deny the use and/or location(s) of (if any) security devices on our property or elsewhere. (😁😁😁)

Bill Byerly (@guest_255722)
1 month ago
Reply to  Wayne Caldwell

Agreed !!

Judy G (@guest_255684)
1 month ago

No, but my dog does a good job of keeping either secure.

Gigi (@guest_255682)
1 month ago

I have cameras not for security, but for wildlife viewing.
My sticks and bricks home borders a national forest and I have seen wildlife interactions that are amazing and usually funny. It has taught me that deer are curious and want to get close and sniff other critters. That different species can gather together to eat. That deer will chase away other deer by kicking.

Carl (@guest_255681)
1 month ago

I “voted” that I had both. But in reality, the cameras are intended only to monitor my house. Since my RV is stored on my property when not in use, I guess it can be included in what is monitored by security cameras, more incidental than intentional, although likely beneficial.

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