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Do you use an electric can opener in your RV?

Once you’ve used an electric can opener it’s hard to go back to those old-fashioned manual ones. If you have an electric can opener, you know this already. Some gadgets aren’t worth taking up the space… but some are, especially if you have weak hands or suffer from arthritis.

In your RV, do you use an electric can opener? Or do you only use one when you’re at your sticks-and-bricks? Feel free to leave a comment below the poll.

And if you’re in the market for an electric can opener, you can find a large selection here.


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Neal Davis (@guest_257374)
1 month ago

We have exactly the same battery-powered can-opener as shown at the top, in the same colors, in our sticks-and-bricks. We are part-time RVers with a trusty manual can-opener in the RV. I would get a battery-powered one for the RV if we used the can-opener enough (i.e., a lot) to justify the expense.

Diane McG (@guest_257327)
1 month ago

We mostly avoid things in cans in the RV. Although we do bring along black/baked beans, I believe those have a pull tab. Tuna/sardines, pull tabs. Have a great can opener that leaves the edges smooth so you can’t cut yourself and you can reuse the lid. It seals really well. Only do that if we are using the rest in a day or 2.

Dale Gilbert (@guest_257271)
1 month ago

don’r even use one at the house

croscwa (@guest_257248)
1 month ago

Just a note – every manual can opener I’ve ever used was right-handed! Very awkward to young lefties – we become ambidextrous as we age, by necessity.

Jim Johnson (@guest_257232)
1 month ago

I’ve noticed that an increasing number of cans now come with pull tabs. No can opener required. Hopefully that will be all can before arthritis prevents us from using a manual opener.

Gary G (@guest_257231)
1 month ago

We have the battery operated type as shown in picture, “Kitchen MaMa”.
Works great saves hands as DW has nerve problems, yes we both cook.

Deborah Mason (@guest_257223)
1 month ago

When we travel we usually try to stay where we have shore power, but we are prepared for dry camping. We make sure we have non-electric tools for all important (to us) functions. Gotta have the morning coffee, power or no. We like AC or heat & so do our dogs, but we try to minimize generator use. We don’t own, don’t want an electric can opener in our house, either.

Last edited 1 month ago by Deborah Mason
Bob (@guest_257221)
1 month ago

We use a manual opener both at home and in our TT. The one we use cuts the rim of the can so the lid does not fall into the can. No sharp edges and no contamination. Has a large handle and knob to turn the cutting wheel.

Lawrence Neely (@guest_257251)
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob

me too

Kat (@guest_257215)
1 month ago

I don’t use an electric can opener in my brick & mortar home, camper or winter home! When I have to open a can instead of fresh I use a manual can opener. Didn’t know electric still existed. They probably have some fancy blue tooth enabled thing (don’t use blue tooth either)!

Garland (@guest_257214)
1 month ago

Arthritis now demands it.

Skip (@guest_257205)
1 month ago

No I’m the electric can opener.

Cancelproof (@guest_257245)
1 month ago
Reply to  Skip

Yep. Can opener, jar opener and top shelfener.

JOHN R. WILKINS (@guest_257202)
1 month ago

Just one more piece of clutter for the counter!

Gigi (@guest_257199)
1 month ago

I hate them!

Ed K. (@guest_257197)
1 month ago

Haven’t used one since the early 70’s. Got one as a wedding present and when it broke, we never replaced it, it just was a one trick pony and took up to much counter space no matter where we lived. Now if it could cook the Bacon & Eggs, make a pot of soup and BBQ the chicken, I might be tempted to try one again.

robert (@guest_257195)
1 month ago

Don’t even use one in our sticks and bricks

Gayle V. (@guest_257208)
1 month ago
Reply to  robert


Herman (@guest_257213)
1 month ago
Reply to  robert

Ditto Number 2!

Bill Byerly (@guest_257265)
1 month ago
Reply to  Herman

Ditto number 3!

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