Saturday, December 9, 2023


Do you have any international travels planned within the next year?

International travel is back in action! More people are traveling than ever before. We’re wondering if you have any international trips planned within the next year?

Perhaps you’re going to Canada (yep, it counts!) or Mexico. Or maybe you’re going to RV around the Ring Road in Iceland (now THAT looks beautiful) or around New Zealand. Maybe eating sushi in Japan is on your 2024 to-do list (take us with you!). Wherever your travels are taking you, will you share your plans in the comments below the poll? We’re ready to be jealous…


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Sharon (@guest_259095)
1 month ago

Iceland and Greenland

Joe (@guest_259082)
1 month ago

We are going to Canada next summer

Mary (@guest_259078)
1 month ago

My daughter is taking me on a 16 night Hawaiian Island cruise roundtrip from San Francisco. Our last port call is Ensenada, MX so I guess that’s international.

Heckman Kenn (@guest_259073)
1 month ago

I almost answered yes because we are going to California for a couple of weeks.

Garland (@guest_259068)
1 month ago

Hoping to drive down to Baja later this year.

Cindy (@guest_259057)
1 month ago

There are too many wondrous places to camp right here in the US without traveling internationally. That being said, I admit a love for the beauty of Canada.

Marie Beschen (@guest_259053)
1 month ago

Hopefully a cruise…but not with the RV.

Bob (@guest_259052)
1 month ago

You are kidding, not in this crazy world!!!

James A LaGasse (@guest_259051)
1 month ago

We have a Rhine River cruise scheduled for next year an a yearly working trip to a remote village in Mexico. We have a Caribbean cruise scheduled but your not really visiting another country if you just visit a port.

Claudia (@guest_259049)
1 month ago

We will spend over 2 weeks touring the UK next June. Very excited!

Herman (@guest_259046)
1 month ago

The second part of my comments. We have been traveling the world since 1967; with the 80s right around the corner for both of us, we are sticking closer to home with our travels pretty much limited now to the U.S. due to health concerns.

Herman (@guest_259044)
1 month ago

After reading the comments, I thought I would add mine. First, the border patrol workers in every country have great responsibilities; it is a tough job. Our RV has been chosen to be searched, even down to digging in the dog food container looking for contraband (Canada). In Europe, the guy in front of us was nasty to the officer and consequently had his suitcase completely searched to the point of unrolling the pairs of socks! It was obvious the officer was really upset. We were next, I greeted the officer with a ‘Hello’ as best as I could in his native language; his whole demeanor changed, as he smiled, took our passports, stamped them with a quick review, and sent us on our way.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_259062)
1 month ago
Reply to  Herman

The person in front of you reminds me of the TV show, “To Catch A Smuggler”.

Wayne Caldwell (@guest_259033)
1 month ago

After nine years stationed in the Mediterranean area and visiting 10 different countries (and their various islands), along with Canada, Caribbean Islands, and Mexico, I don’t expect to be going anywhere outside of the USA anytime soon.

Leonard (@guest_259026)
1 month ago

Just got back from two weeks in Germany and planning to spend the winter in the Southern USA. Being a Canadian, I’ll count that as two!

Skip (@guest_259023)
1 month ago

Haven’t in some years now. I think with health issues I’m staying within my boundaries and I’m ok with that.

Ed K. (@guest_259020)
1 month ago

Use to like to go to Canada, not any more, the Border crossing is no longer fun especially coming back to Michigan. US Border agents are no longer the friendly citizens they were before 9/11, and they seem to be getting worse as time passes.

Leonard (@guest_259028)
1 month ago
Reply to  Ed K.

Funny, I feel that way when I get to the USA side. I am as non-threatening a Canadian RV’er as you can get being a boomer white guy, but still I am 100% “yes sir, yes ma’am”, and breathe a sigh of relief when I go through!

Cancelproof (@guest_259071)
1 month ago
Reply to  Leonard

It is hit or miss on either side when heading either way. Sometimes the process getting back into the USA is tougher than when heading North into Canada. I find having accurate and unequivocal answers at US Ports of Entry coming home (US), makes it a 5 minute process (know your tags). Listing 4 or 5 cities or areas you plan on traveling to at Canadian Ports of Entry, in order, with approximate days at each gets you into Canada in about 2 minutes (leave your weapons and ammo home) and again, be concise with your answers. If you have 12 cans of beer on board, say 12 cans of beer. Know the answers, enjoy the 2 minute stop and then enjoy driving 100…

Last edited 1 month ago by Cancelproof
Bob (@guest_259041)
1 month ago
Reply to  Ed K.

We were camping on the US side of Niagra this year. Decided to take a day trip to Canada without the trailer. Crossing into CA only took 5 minutes, The border guard looked at our passport cards and waved us through. Extremely friendly person.
Coming back to the US was another story. 10 minutes answering questions and another 10 minutes while the guard looked over and checked our passports. He even went for a 5 minute walk while we waited. This guy had a real attitude. All the lines going back to the US were backed up.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_259063)
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob

Gee, compare that to the ‘border’ to the south!

Bill Byerly (@guest_259086)
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob

Same exact experience as we had 1 1/2 years ago at the same location…

yelaroc (@guest_259017)
1 month ago

I will be going on an expedition cruise to Antarctica in January. I hope to add on a trip to Easter Island either before or after the cruise although I haven’t made that reservation yet.

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