What would you do if you found $1,000 in an unmarked paper bag?


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What if you were out for a walk and came upon a plain paper bag filled with $1,000 in cash, and there was absolutely no way to identify who it belonged to? What would you do? Would you turn it over the police? Or would you just keep it?

If you can think of another option, please check “other” and leave a comment.

Return to Issue 881, January 26, 2019

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5 days ago

Pick it up and buy food for some homeless people

3 months ago

Let authorities know I have it, but I would be the one to keep it safe.

5 months ago

Do everything I could to find the owner & return it then use it to help others.

8 months ago

I might let the authorities know that I found a large amount of cash in an unspecified location in their jurisdiction.

Then, if someone came forward with the correct amount of money and said it was in an unmarked paper bag, likely lost near where I found it, I’d turn it in. Otherwise I’d keep it.

8 months ago

Even if you give it to the authorities, if it is unclaimed you’re going to get it back after so many days.

1 year ago

My wife discovered a ladies purse in the bottom rack of a shopping cart at a large shopping centre. She took it home went through it, found it had about 400 dollars in it. Found the ladies ID, phoned her. She said she’d drop by the next day for it, which she did. Drove up in a 60 thousand dollar Volvo, came to the door, grabbed the purse from my wife, looked inside said thanks turned and walked away.
Hmmm, said the wife “might have to think about how I’d handle this another time”.

She’d still call the owner; I know she would, but if you are that owner – show a little humanity beyond a bland “thanks”.

1 year ago

I would notify authorities that if someone can identify contents, I would return. However, there is always one jerk around for the saying “No good deed goes unpunished” Waiting for a bus in Minneapolis, I see in an open trash can a wallet with a ID from a local company that I won’t say but goes like “3-” I call the company and told to call another location, all while waiting for the “Your call is important, but really isn’t or we would answer” Find the guy and he want me to mail the wallet to him. Said since he in in Minneapolis, to come and get it at my work. He arrives to get wallet with something like $85.00 in it and accuses me of pealing off some cash (which I didn’t) All this crap after spending probably 2 hours at work to return his wallet. A few days later saw another wallet in the trash can again at the bus stop. I walked away. Who needs this crap.

1 year ago

Turn it in, but expect to receive it back if owner couldn’t be identified.

Mr. Mustang
1 year ago

We would put as much as we can in our front pockets, and the rest in our back pockets!😂😂😂✌🏻️

1 year ago

I would do what Dan did, but I like his idea of photographing the bag and the money. I would also use Facebook in addition to Craigslist.

1 year ago

I would take a picture of the bag and the money, then give it to the local police department, requesting a receipt. Then I ‘d put an ad on Craigslist and the local paper. Any responses to the ad would be shared with the PD and hopefully the cash would get back to it’s rightful owner. If there was no response I would ask the PD to use it in one of their benevolent programs. After reading some of the other comments I see a couple of issues some of you ‘good’ citizens have. Is your notion that all cops are bad based on your getting busted for a traffic violation when the cop should’ve been out arresting real criminals? Or is it because you soak up the negative reporting about police and ignore it when an officer goes out of his way to do something nice, even risking his life when needed? The other that someone carrying all that cash is either a drug dealer or has a mental problem. Believe me, there are many people out there that do not use banks of any kind. They literally live paycheck to paycheck, always pay by cash, and cannot afford to pay any bank fees. The next time you stop and spend $100 on fuel and $20 on snacks, ask yourself if that person behind the cash register could do that, working for minimum wage plus maybe 50 cents.

1 year ago

Sounds like a drug deal went bad.How many people would you think be calling you if you post that you found $1000 dollars in an unmarked paper bag?I would definitely keep it.

Merrily Robinson
2 years ago

I would keep it while posting a lost item in a brown bag!! Owner would have to know!!

2 years ago

I would keep it

2 years ago

Give at least 10% to my church and invest the rest.

Dick Z
2 years ago

I’d tell the local substation police that I found some money and if anyone could ID the amount and what it was contained it, they could have it. If no one claimed it, I’d keep it.

Peter Brubaker
2 years ago

I really don’t know, and to be HONEST I don’t think many people really know, until they find it. It’s so easy to say what you would do when it costs you nothing, but when you have the money in your hot little hand your answer could be much different.

Sharon B
2 years ago

I would definitely keep it in a place where some of it would go out to those who need it and for the animal rescues who definitely need funds

2 years ago

Hmm, I know… I KNOW!!! I would make a Forum post right here on RV Travel and hope that most responses match my intentions 😉
Either that, or find the best response agreed by the posters and do that myself!

2 years ago

I would hang on to it and put it in a home safe. Wait til I heard anything in the paper, on TV or something otherwise. If I didn’t hear from anybody or paper or TV, I would just let it sit in my safe until at least a year went by. Then, it’s mine. Finders, keepers.