What would you do if you found $1,000 in an unmarked paper bag?


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What if you were out for a walk and came upon a plain paper bag filled with $1,000 in cash, and there was absolutely no way to identify who it belonged to? What would you do? Would you turn it over the police? Or would you just keep it?

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Sounds like a drug deal went bad.How many people would you think be calling you if you post that you found $1000 dollars in an unmarked paper bag?I would definitely keep it.

Merrily Robinson

I would keep it while posting a lost item in a brown bag!! Owner would have to know!!


I would keep it


Give at least 10% to my church and invest the rest.

Dick Z

I’d tell the local substation police that I found some money and if anyone could ID the amount and what it was contained it, they could have it. If no one claimed it, I’d keep it.

Peter Brubaker

I really don’t know, and to be HONEST I don’t think many people really know, until they find it. It’s so easy to say what you would do when it costs you nothing, but when you have the money in your hot little hand your answer could be much different.

Sharon B

I would definitely keep it in a place where some of it would go out to those who need it and for the animal rescues who definitely need funds


Hmm, I know… I KNOW!!! I would make a Forum post right here on RV Travel and hope that most responses match my intentions 😉
Either that, or find the best response agreed by the posters and do that myself!


I would hang on to it and put it in a home safe. Wait til I heard anything in the paper, on TV or something otherwise. If I didn’t hear from anybody or paper or TV, I would just let it sit in my safe until at least a year went by. Then, it’s mine. Finders, keepers.


50 yrs ago I found a three 20 bills on sidewalk outside my parents home. I sat and waited on front porch to see if anyone came by. About forty minutes later I saw a young woman walking down the sidewalk with her head down looking around. When she got near I walked towards her and asked what she was looking for. She told me she lost some money and how much it was (she lost four $20) I gave her the money I found. She was relieved. She never found the other bill. I felt good returning it to her. I not sure what I would have done with it had she not come back by. I like to think I would have donated it.

James Westfall

keep some ; give most to charities

Mark Sanders

Donate to an established charity under the provision that they hold for a period of time, if the owner showed up…..


I would look at local public media – not authorities (don’t trust) – my conscience would let me donate to animal shelter.


I would tell the authorities, and tell them if anyone inquired to have them call me.


What paper bag? What money? Most brown paper bags I ever found had an empty bottle of booze in it…

Cactus Jack

I’d leave it alone. Might be part of a drug deal. May only be $1K, but for a small-time loser thinking he’s gonna be a big time high dollar drug dealer someday, that $1K is a lot of money. And he’s gotta make sure everyone “respects him! IOW that $1K is nothing to a high volume dealer, but is it worth your life to find out?

Diane Blair

Post it on social media and flyers, just don’t divulge the amount or complete description of the item. I did this twice with individual diamond earrings, one was worth $500. After 3 months, it was legally mine.


I would look on FB and social media for someone who lost money and they would need to describe amount and container (and anything else I could think of). If we couldn’t place the money with anyone, then 10% to our little church and 90% to charity. Definitely would not keep it.


I also would keep it while attempting to locate the person who lost it. Depending on where I was an add in the local paper or Craig’s list. The only problem with that is, in all probability, a needy person losing that type of money rarely uses a computer or buys a newspaper. Almost every piece of money in circulation will have traces of illegal drugs so all could be seized by the local police. Again, it would depend on where I was and when I found the money. Gifts for kids at Christmas, St. Jude’s hospital, the local food bank – there are a lot of good things you could do with the money.

George Stewart

It’s hard to believe that someone would lose that much money and not be looking for it, so I would keep my eyes and ears open to try to find the rightful owner. If unable, or on a short schedule where I had to move on, I would contact local authorities and inquire as to the procedure (without telling them who I was, of course).
I couldn’t keep the money, so if the owner did not claim it, I would try to make sure it went to the Salvation Army or Red Cross to help people in need. Fortunately, I do not have need for that money today. There was a time, when I was young, I would probably have kept it. Not today, thank God.