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Ever felt your life was in danger from bad guys?

In all the time you have traveled with an RV, how many times have you felt that your life was in imminent danger due to criminals or other bad guys?

We hear often about how dangerous our world has become, but how bad is it? Some people preach “danger, danger, danger,” while others say that by using common sense, there is little danger at all for those of us who travel with an RV, at least from harm caused by other people.

What do you think? Please feel free to leave a comment.



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Judith Roales
1 year ago

Once. And I learned a few things that I haven’t seen shared here, especially if you don’t “carry”. Of course, if you can move on, do. If you can’t move on, consider the following: 1) If you’re somewhere with hookups, don’t. If you must have electric, don’t screw the plug into the RV. That way, if you have to leave fast, you can do so with no or less damage to both your RV and the electric pedestal. 2) Sleep in your clothes. Consider sleeping in the driver’s seat, but also consider whether it is wise to be seen there. 3) Leave the keys in the ignition, just pulled out enough that they don’t beep all night. 4) If you have cell service, call the local police if known, or 911 if not known, and let them know where you are. Local police will almost always be happy to do courtesy “drive bys” during the night to help discourage any incident. This is advice given to me by local police in a town near the place where I found myself alone in a very dangerous situation.

Rich K.
1 year ago

I’m always armed in SOME fashion, and avoid traveling to or making extended stops in states that don’t allow it. I don’t EXPECT to be attacked, but in this day and age you can’t be too careful. Too many crazies out there, or people who think they’re entitled to take what you have just because they don’t have it – or because they think they can.

2 years ago

my air brakes quit. I was pulled off the road. No cell service. Went to a small grocery store to use their phone. the checkout person said no she put the phone under the counter. Saw a state patrolman helping a motorist change a tire. I told him what happened where my motor home was parked, what happened at the grocery store. He said you are on an Indian reservation. I will call for a service person but there has been an accident up the road. Go back to your RV lock it up keep the lights off, don’t open your door for anyone unless it’s the repairman. Look around places that people are living in have no electricity many are on drugs. I imagine you have a way to protect yourself I am not asking just be ready, we have no jurisdiction here. If someone bangs on your door don’t open up you should be ok. kids came parked/partied breaking their bottles on the ground all night. It was a night I will not forget.

2 years ago

I do carry a gun (okay 2 guns), and know how to use the weapon if necessary.

Frank Dawson
3 years ago

I was kidnapped by aliens last year and never thought I would survive. I woke up with a bad hangover and don’t know how I made it back over the border. Dam cheap Mexican beer!

1 year ago
Reply to  Frank Dawson

Love it.

Deb T
3 years ago

Traveling through Wyoming in the 1970s: stopped at a gas station off I 80 after dark….my husband went in to pay and noticed two sketchy guys in station. Our hyperactive toddler was stretching his legs by running around aisles, husband trying to keep his body between child and sketchy men. Proprietor informed him that he would park the fiver between the semis in his lot under the light. No uncertain terms….husband hadn’t asked to stay….just YOU WILL STAY HERE TONIGHT. So we did. No problems. Always wondered what the proprietor saved us from and who those guys were.

Captn John
3 years ago

Pulled into a Walmart parking lot to pick up at a restaurant, not to stay there. 2 men decided they wanted my money. One showed his baseball bat, I showed him my .357. They left. This was during daylight. I never want to kill a human again, but will not hesitate.

Ted Raymond
3 years ago

A long time ago we were dry camping out on Lake Mead when I heard three guys talking way to loud about checking out who was inside the RV. I slipped out with my police canine and went around behind the RV. When they got to close, I told “Toby” to “watch”. This command is pre attack so “Toby’ Comes unglued and builds to a vicious ” Let me Have Them” crescendo. Those on the other side quickly realized the danger they were in and took of running and tripping in the desert as they fled to their vehicle. I did hear one yell that the dog was coming and to hurry. (Toby was not coming, but that was the fear he gave them). When it was over I let the wife and kids out and we all had a good laugh.

3 years ago
Reply to  Ted Raymond

I love it. But then again I had a german shepherd come after me unprovoked so in a way I know where they are coming from and going. I love the story. Thanks for sharing.

3 years ago

Maybe once. We were spending one night at a S CA fairgrounds during the drought. We didn’t know there was a rally going on before we checked in. ( we were not with the ralley). Later that evening a group was enjoying a small fire a few sites from us when several guys who I believe had a few too many joined the group. He proceeds to throw a plastic bottle filled with gasoline on the fire. The flames were about 10 feet high. I thought the tree were going to catch. I managed to convince the group that the fire was not a good idea and it was extinguished.

Scott Ellis
3 years ago

We have spent a couple of uncomfortable nights surrounded by loud, intoxicated (and, in one case, spectacularly bigoted) “fellow” campers, but *imminent* danger? No.

Jeannette Hickson
3 years ago

On our RV trip to Alaska we parked in an overflow space on evening near Liard Hot Springs. By the time we woke up the next morning it was so crowded we had a motorcycler’s tent tied off to our front bumper. Strange but no threat at all. He was already up and had coffee made and offered us a cup of fresh campfire coffee. We had to sit around until the lot had cleared out so we could get back on the road. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was so nice and considerate the overflow pullout was neatly cleared out within an hour and everyone on their way without issue or problem. We have found that if you meet a stranger with a smile, they aren’t stranger’s for long.

Rory R
3 years ago

I have never felt my life was in danger because of “bad guys” while RV’ing. I have felt like I was about to meet my maker once, when I got caught in a freak blizzard with no apparent cover anywhere near. And I have almost become a “bad guy” myself because of 2 self-absorbed park neighbors, who actually had me planning for their demise. Thankfully the mgr of the park finally took care of the situation and evicted them.

Radio Dave
3 years ago

Am well equipped to deter bad persons (gals as well as guys nowadays sometimes fall into the “bad” category).

3 years ago

Never, but I don’t boondock either.

Pat G
3 years ago

Only once in 50 years. In 2008 we stopped for a few days in New Orleans. Pulled into the only campground we could find {after Katrina}. Strange thing about it, about 2/3 of the trailers looked the same. Fema trailers we found out later. Off we went to the French Quarter for dinner. Came back and 2 men were standing by our RV waiting for us. One was an out of state Police officer the other was a construction worker.They told us the park had drug dealers, we were not to open our door to anyone.

John Z
3 years ago

Though we never felt we were in immediate danger, we left an RV park that we thought looked sketchy in Colorado Springs. Later, we found out it was a drug dealer hangout. Trust your instincts!

2 months ago
Reply to  John Z

I’ll bet it was the same one we stayed in once. Extremely crowded and a dark alley like entrance to their dog area.

3 years ago

My wife and I have motorcycle camped in 40 different countries in 42 years. All of N. America, all of Europe, including Morocco, and Australia. Mostly in real campgrounds of various qualities with some boondocking. The motorcycle tent trailer did not have indoor plumbing and my wife does not do well with a bucket. 🙂 Now we are one year into RV camping with more boondocking. (We now have indoor plumbing.) We have never felt endangered or in an incident that would require violence to escape.

3 years ago

One night while Boondocking about 12 Harley type Bikes ? pulled up, everyone dressed in leather, and I thought ‘oh boy’. We stayed because they kept their distance and never even looked our way. At 10pm they turned off all music and we never heard a peep after that. That’s the only anxious moment we ever had.

9 months ago
Reply to  MikeJ

It sounds like you were prejudging them because they rode motorcycles. Every biker we’ve ever met are not looking for trouble and “good guys”.

Roy Christensen
3 years ago

At a CG we stopped at for a quicks night’s rest, there were 5 20- 30 year olds hanging out by the office. I used my remote to lock the MH as I went in to register. One of them said, That wouldn’t stop us if we wanted to get in your RV. I should have left immediately but we were very tired and there wasn’t a another CG nearby. I will be more careful the next time I choose a CG. This was a place that lost it’s KOA franchise because it didn’t meet their standards. Many rundown trailers

David Howard
3 years ago

I’m very sensitive to issues of personal and physical security. I try to be “situationally aware” wherever I might be, at any time, and yes, I always am armed when I travel (unless I am somewhere where such is illegal). With that in mind, in my few years of RV travel, I have never had reason to fear being the victim of criminal action. I’ve been the victim of boorish and rude people, but that’s about it.

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