Ever felt your life was in danger from bad guys?


In all the time you have traveled with an RV, how many times have you felt that your life was in imminent danger due to criminals or other bad guys?

We hear often about how dangerous our world has become, but how bad is it? Some people preach “danger, danger, danger,” while others say that by using common sense, there is little danger at all for those of us who travel with an RV, at least from harm caused by other people.

What do you think? Please feel free to leave a comment.

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Pat G

Only once in 50 years. In 2008 we stopped for a few days in New Orleans. Pulled into the only campground we could find {after Katrina}. Strange thing about it, about 2/3 of the trailers looked the same. Fema trailers we found out later. Off we went to the French Quarter for dinner. Came back and 2 men were standing by our RV waiting for us. One was an out of state Police officer the other was a construction worker.They told us the park had drug dealers, we were not to open our door to anyone.

John Z

Though we never felt we were in immediate danger, we left an RV park that we thought looked sketchy in Colorado Springs. Later, we found out it was a drug dealer hangout. Trust your instincts!


My wife and I have motorcycle camped in 40 different countries in 42 years. All of N. America, all of Europe, including Morocco, and Australia. Mostly in real campgrounds of various qualities with some boondocking. The motorcycle tent trailer did not have indoor plumbing and my wife does not do well with a bucket. 🙂 Now we are one year into RV camping with more boondocking. (We now have indoor plumbing.) We have never felt endangered or in an incident that would require violence to escape.


One night while Boondocking about 12 Harley type Bikes ? pulled up, everyone dressed in leather, and I thought ‘oh boy’. We stayed because they kept their distance and never even looked our way. At 10pm they turned off all music and we never heard a peep after that. That’s the only anxious moment we ever had.

Roy Christensen

At a CG we stopped at for a quicks night’s rest, there were 5 20- 30 year olds hanging out by the office. I used my remote to lock the MH as I went in to register. One of them said, That wouldn’t stop us if we wanted to get in your RV. I should have left immediately but we were very tired and there wasn’t a another CG nearby. I will be more careful the next time I choose a CG. This was a place that lost it’s KOA franchise because it didn’t meet their standards. Many rundown trailers

David Howard

I’m very sensitive to issues of personal and physical security. I try to be “situationally aware” wherever I might be, at any time, and yes, I always am armed when I travel (unless I am somewhere where such is illegal). With that in mind, in my few years of RV travel, I have never had reason to fear being the victim of criminal action. I’ve been the victim of boorish and rude people, but that’s about it.

Edward Wullschleger

I would be interested in knowing how many people have felt threatened when boondocking.

Billy Bob Thorton

Never for me. But then again only people who have had an occurrence will bother to write ” their” story. Just wait and see!

Doug / ND

Several years ago we were camping in a ND State Park at the end of the season. There were only two motorhomes including ours. Our Dalmatian, normally quiet, began deep throat growling about 2:00 a.m.. (Very unusual for her!). Then bright flashlites going thru the nearby woods. The next morning I inquired at the ranger station. They advised someone had called them and had overheard a conversation (probably in a bar!), that someone was going to rob the Rv’s in the park. No one was found!


No, but that is not to say it will never happen. I am ready and will not roll over and be dead.

Tin Man

This question was once asked to C.Eastwood,he responded by saying,”I sleep safe and sound with my two good friends,Smith and Wesson.”
Some campgrounds i have stayed in were so tough that even my guard dog was scared,oh brother…


Wow, white or black choices–doesn’t seem to really fit for me. I have never felt I was imminent danger as I am prepared fo the worse. There have been a few occasions that I have had the hair on the back of my neck stand up as something did not feel right and led me to “up my preparedness state.” If it was significant enough I would pull up stakes and move if an option. Bottom line, be aware of your surroundings and practice situational awareness.


Once in a rest stop in CA a van with 8 people jumped out and started throwing beer cans at our RV. I told them I had a gun to take off I stuck my badge out the window they just laughed until I showed my shotgun. It only took 30 seconds for them to clear out. ( Chuck sorry Guns)


One time in North Dakota we stopped at a Walmart for the night as there were no campgrounds anywhere near us. We were the only ones staying over night. About 2am a car load of people pulled up to our door and jumped out, I’m sure with something other than good intentions. Our Chow Lab mix exploded with vicious growling and barking. The people couldn’t get back into their car fast enough. Off they went into the night. We had to put Buddy down a few years ago. Cancer and old age.


None so far but, am always alert for danger as I well know, danger can come at a moments notice regardless of the location.


But, I’m always ready!

Becky Nicholl

We stopped at an urban campground in southern Florida a couple years ago. As we were getting out of the truck to complete our registration, people started yelling at us to get back into the truck. We quickly did and then heard a gun shot. A man went running by with a police car in close pursuit, sirens blazing. We turned around and found a new campground for the night.


Never. I try to stay at least 1000 miles from Washington DC.

mike henrich

With all the crime in campground news reports, this is a great question. It’s also the reason why occupants of our RV are trained on how to use a handgun.

Einar Hansen

One time. We were camping at a lake in our trailer in the late fall. We had heard on the local radio that someone was running around on the other side of the lake shooting off a gun and taking pot shots at passing cars. We heard the next morning that he made it to our side of the lake during the night and was picked up by the police less then 100 yards away from us in the bath house at the campgrounds that we were at. He had told the police that he broke into a few campers in the seasonal sites.