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Snowbirds: Will you stay in one place this winter season or move around?

Are you headed south this winter season with your RV? Maybe traveling to Florida, Texas, Arizona or some other warm place? Each year, starting at about this time, most RVs you see on the Interstate are headed south or in a southerly direction.

If you’re a part of this southern migration, what do you plan to do when you reach your destination — hole up in one place for the entire time? Or will you move around?

Curious minds would like to know.



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Guy L Voltz
3 years ago

We will be returning to Bensten Grove Resort in Palmview TX. This park is well managed, friendly and has a number of activities ranging from indoor pickle ball courts to indoor and outdoor pool and at least 25 club type activities plus events. There is so much to brag about this place and the prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend getting here. It’s about 45 minutes from Mexico and 1-1/2 hr from S Padre Island

Peggy Coffey
3 years ago

We fulltime but we usually stay in Az or Texas from Oct -Jan then move east to stay in Florida from Mar-May. Last year we stayed a month in Louisana but this year we’ll be staying a month in Alabama on the way.

3 years ago

Snowbirds should be limited on how far in advance they can book sites, especially for our state parks. Then maybe us residents would be able to camp once in a while between Nov. and April. Even a lot of state park employees agree.

Paul S Goldberg
3 years ago

This year the coach will be set up on our Winter Home base site in Jojoba Hills SKP Resort (Escapee Coop) by mid November until some time in April/May. We will be away, out of the country from late December until Late January. May also make another trip out of the Country in March. Even while “staying put” we may take off for a week or so just for the heck of it. We have family in Los Angeles and Virginia. So we try to see them a few times too, whether them coming to us or us going to them. LA is easy, 3 hours by car, VA not so much. Departure in April/May will be northbound to Alaska and who knows where and when.

3 years ago

We’ll spend one month on the Atlantic side of Florida but have found most RV resorts make you commit 3 months Jan-mar so we’ll move to the Gulf side for 3 months

Mike & Cathi Stark
3 years ago

The one point missing from this question is an undefined ‘season’. We stay in Oregon and northern CA until after Christmas, then we move south to Hemet for 3 months. Many of our friends in the park are there for closer to 6 months. That is just too long in one place for us. When we hit the road after that stay it is “Yay – back on the road again”. Of course during those 3 months we will drive the car and stay/visit some other locations and we will fly back to WA and CA for doctor visits. The rig mostly stays put except for a service visit or two. Hmmm – guess I should change my answer from “stay put” to move a little.

3 years ago

We consider ourselves “Sunbirds”, as we live in the Mojave desert and escape to the Pacific Northwest coast for the summers to leave behind the 110º heat and enjoy the cool 65º beach weather. So yes, during winter months we stay at home and enjoy the desert’s moderate winters that are free of snow, ice, blizzards, torrential rains and very uncomfortable weather.

Denny Wagaman
3 years ago

For the second time We purchased a lot in a beautiful RV west coast resort with all the amenities that one could want. It is both beautiful and breath taking. It’s not the first lot that we have purchased there and have sold. The reason is We just love to travel in our MH. I love to drive and I mean I love to drive my MH.

We tried staying in our resort several different seasons and the people were and still are great. But the allure of being on the road seeing what’s around the next bend or over the next hill is so fascinating for us.

Our grandkids live on the east coast we live on the west coast. There is so much to see and so many places to go even in the winter. After the holidays with we are back on the road. Staying for a few days, a couple of weeks maybe, a month (maybe) but seldom staying that long. I get it itchy feet time to move on. Do it while we can we say. There may come a day that we have to stay in one place but until that day come we look forward to “being on the road again”.

John M
3 years ago

We are Snowbirds and keep our 5th Wheel in one place in Arizona. But we just picked up a small camper trailer to be able to escape to the woods and other cool places. We can now fit in where the large RVs can’t. Working out good so far.

3 years ago

People are missing the best time of the year to explore. Every campground we go to is vacant. No reservations required (at least in the northern territories). We don’t stand in lines for anything. Fuel prices are cheap (comparatively) right now. There are no crowds to fight. Hurray for school and jobs! (My apologies to those who have to endure this. We understand. We did our time as well).

Over the last month, we have been to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Tetons and Wildlife Refuge in Wyoming, Mt Rushmore, Devils Tower, a few State Parks, lots of tourist traps (with no one there), Mackinaw Island and others.

I get it that in order to reduce expenses, it’s easier to stay in one place. A LOT of travel costs a lot of money in fuel and camping sites (unless you boon or dry dock). This month, we have spent $1200 in fuel but we have seen a lot of beautiful places. And eventually, we are likely to get tired of moving around as much and we’ll find that perfect place or two to go between.

And yes, there is always the possibility of getting a snow storm. But we watch the weather. We move on if a big snowfall is forecast. We managed to outrun a 4 footer in Montana. It chased us to Michigan where we experienced a dusting and subsequent thawing. It’s part of the thrill and adventure.

3 years ago
Reply to  TravelingMan

My hubby and I currently live in Oklahoma and just returned from a month-long trip up north to SE Montana. One of our daughters who lives where we used to live in Montana delivered her third child, our fourth grandchild, on October 16th.

It was a great trip for all the reasons you stated. We winterized our RV ahead of time, and even though we did not have water in our RV, we made it work. We saw some wonderful sites in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.

My hubby loves to outrun snowstorms, and we did that on our way back home. As you say, “It’s part of the thrill and adventure”.

3 years ago
Reply to  Susan

Part of the fun of Oklahoma….Watching the weather and outrunning tornado’s! We did that on our first leg out of Texas back in June. One of kido’s lives in OKC. After a month of that, we were ready to move on.

When we left OK, we arrived in Amarillo on the way to Phoenix. Sure enough, dodging tornado’s was again a part of the “thrill”.

I told the DW that we aught to storm chase in Kansas. We are getting pretty good at it. She didn’t seem to like that idea. Where’s the adventure spirit! 🙂

Alaska Traveler
3 years ago

As full timers, we move with fair regularity. We’ll travel to California for Christmas. Then to Quartzsite for a rally and the “show”. Spend a week with relatives near Havasu then meander east short stopping in Texas and Florida. Spend some time in Georgia in the spring then back to California for a June graduation. Pretty much what we do every winter….

3 years ago

After pulling out TT to AZ the last 2 years we purchased a park model and will be in one location snowbirding. However, we still have plans for a few trips to spend time adventuring. Just means we’ll be in a hotel rather than our own place. I know we’ll miss “camping” but we’ll find a way to make it work.

3 years ago

As we are Park Hosts in the southwest we do have one semi-permanent address. We work four days on and eight days off so we plan to travel in the area on days off. Looking forward to visiting the Quartzsite show in January.

Dr. Willie Live
3 years ago

Winterize the camper for a long winter nap. 4″ of snow on Halloween. My sister said was it a boo or berr.

Bill P
3 years ago

For us it’s rather simple. We have friends in SC, GA and FL we simply don’t see often enough so our “Southern Loop” begins at Fort Jackson RV park (SC) and runs through Atlanta, Valdosta (GA) and then Tampa. Being retired Navy we have access to the military FamCamps and RV parks. MacDill is always full but the overflow area has the best views and for $10 a night (dry) it’s hard to beat. Family in Fort Myers and a few weeks in Key West (again, dry camping at NASKW) gets us to the Daytona 500. Depending on what the kids (and grandkids) are doing, from there it’s either back to Key West for a few more weeks or we’ll start heading home, stopping in Savannah (Hunter Army Airfield) and then Charleston to visit friends.

If you’re headed to Key West, Miccosukee Casino is a good place to stop overnight before heading down Rt 1. We tend to stay there on our way down and again on our way out. Not being ones to travel long distances in a single day (if we can avoid it) we’re typically underway by the “crack of noon” and feet down, slides out, drinks poured by happy hour.

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