Sunday, February 5, 2023


What we learned about you last week (October 26 – November 1)

By Emily Woodbury

Howdy! Just your friendly water-drinker here to remind you to take a sip of water! Remember last week when I challenged you to drink eight glasses of water a day? Well, I hope you’ve tried to do just that. If you have, you’re feeling pretty good right about now, aren’t you? Thanks to Bob P., Tommy Molnar, and Hook-n-Haul (what a unique name!) for sharing their water-sippin’ stories in the comments.

OK…we’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get started. *Note: You’re required to drink water as you read this. Mwhahaha…..

The thought of Saturday’s poll question stresses me out. We asked: Do you believe an economic recession is coming within a year? Sigh. A combined 45 percent of you think it’s either very likely, or you’re sure of it; however, a quarter of you answered, “Eh, probably not.” Another quarter of you think it’s not going to happen that soon, and 7 percent of you have no clue.

Sunday’s poll taught us that more than half of you pay for your groceries with a credit card. A smaller number of you, 35 percent, usually pay with a debit card, and 9 percent of you buy your groceries with cash. Only a small 2 percent of you continue writing checks.

I’m surprised that 59 percent of you never do a crossword puzzle – they’re a great way to work that brain! Another 22 percent of you rarely complete one, and only 9 percent of you answered that you “sometimes” do a crossword. A small 11 percent of you do one often. Hmmm….maybe we should include a crossword in the Saturday edition of the RV Travel newsletter. What do you think? Oh, and by the way, we asked you about crosswords on Monday.

Tuesday’s question asked you if you think that marijuana should be legalized in all of the states. Well, a large 43 percent of you don’t think so. Opposing that, though, 29 percent of you answered yes, it should, and 28 percent of you don’t care either way. There are some, er, interesting comments regarding this; we’ll let you read those for yourself.

Well, good thing you didn’t have to drive down a dirt road to answer Wednesday’s question! If you did, a whole 44 percent of you would have avoided it completely! On the other end of the spectrum, though, 26 percent of you would drive down a dirt road for as long as it took to reach a good campground (for the sake of what I just wrote, let’s pretend that poll was a campground). A tiny 4 percent of you would only drive 10 miles maximum to reach a good campground, 11 percent of you would drive five miles max, 10 percent of you would only drive down 1 mile, and only 5 percent of you would drive only a few hundred yards on dirt.

Oh, I almost forgot, Happy Halloween (a couple of days late). What was the most creative costume you saw? Tell me in the comments. Since Thursday was Halloween, we asked you if you’d bought candy for trick-or-treaters. A good number of you, 40 percent, did, but 55 percent of you did not. And a very honest 4 percent of you answered, “If I did, I ate it all.” Ha. Reader Ron H. wrote, “We live in a suburban neighborhood that’s kid-friendly. We generally have more than 100 trick-or-treaters each year. More than half are brought into our neighborhood in mini-vans from other areas. Most of the little ghosts and goblins are having fun, are very polite, and we love their amazing costumes.” Ron, you better have not eaten all your Halloween candy!

And lastly, Friday taught us that 86 percent of you never wear earplugs to sleep. (I think this one is this week’s most thrilling question…ha…ha….) A small 3 percent of you always wear earplugs to sleep, 4 percent of you sometimes do, and 7 percent of you very rarely do. Fun fact about myself, I am terrified of earplugs.

Well, would ya look at that? I kept it relatively short this week! I’m proud of myself, but it’s probably just because I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee yet. Anyway, friends, have a great first week of November and I’ll see you next week.

Oh, and excellent job drinking water while you were reading this (if you didn’t, this is me guilt-tripping you…)!


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3 years ago

Does dressing as the Invisible man count?

3 years ago

Consider a word search vs crossword puzzle

3 years ago

Does water steeped in tea leaves count???

3 years ago
Reply to  Jerry

Yes it does! and so does fruit as it is practically all water

3 years ago

Q: “Maybe we should include a crossword in the Saturday edition of the RV Travel newsletter…”
A: Absolutely!

Even though I don’t do them often, would enjoy doing a crossword with RVTravel theme each week (or at least every once-in-a-while).

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