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Has water ever dripped into your RV’s living space during a bad rainstorm?

Some RVers love holing up in their RV during a bad storm. There’s something very comforting about being inside, nice and warm — maybe sipping a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate — looking out the window and feeling so happy to be out of the hostile elements.

Alas, for some RVers, there comes a time when a little pinhole in the roof allows water to creep into the RV, producing a drip, drip, drip into their living space. It can be a helpless feeling, and put a damper on their sense of comfort.

How about you? Have you ever experienced a leak that invaded your space?

If so, please leave a comment about your experience (or experiences).

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1 year ago

In Feb 2016, sat thru a huge rainstorm in Beau Bridge, LA in our 27’ Class C. Very frightening. Rain came in thru fridge vent and blew two electrical outlets but easy for electrician to fix

Nanci Dixon
1 year ago

We had a 2004 Coachman Aurora custom painted in Indiana- beautiful full body paint job! But, they removed all the sealing materials and did not replace sufficiently. Water poured in. Ruined books, maps and stained the carpet ceiling. Resealed and got stains out. Brand new 2017 leaked through front TV enough to fill bucket. Under warranty- no where to take it! Manufacturer sent a case of white roof sealant and we stopped the leak at front cap.

1 year ago

Make sure that you have tightened up the screws holding down your air conditioners. This can be an easy access to rain.

1 year ago

Happened in a rental popup. We had been married a few months and was on the Eastern Shore at Easter. Sound asleep and she woke me up saying “Stop dripping cold water on me!” “I’m not” I replied. “Go back to sleep.” Next thing I know she’s at it again. Got awake enough to look around, found a leak that was dripping right on her ear! Got it stopped and woke up in the morning with about 1/2″ of ice everywhere. Learned how nice that battery and furnace was! No power in the campground until the next morning!

1 year ago

Dripped? Operative word. Ran would be a better one. I had a 1985 coachman C with an aluminum roof. It was so full of pinholes.From acid rain I figured. All the tar and eterna bond never stopped ir. Finally my son in law and i changed to a rubber roof. Surprisingly i spent around $250 ony. I had read where rubber roofs cost thousands .2 of us did it in less than 5 hours. Still on the road.

Donna B.
1 year ago

We had a 2004 Sandpiper 5th wheel. Soon after the warranty period ended we returned to the campsite just after a heavy rain. We discovered soaking wet carpet in the back corner. After about 3 years of chasing that leak, resealing the roof & window, etc. we finally took it to a repair facility to have the resulting delamination repaired. They reported to us that we’d come within 1/2 inch of uncovering where the rubber roof didn’t quite meet the side. It was apparently cut too short at the factory.

1 year ago

Check the air conditioning unit!

Cathie Lane
2 years ago

We currently drive a 42 foot Class A diesel motorhome and tow a 2015 Jeep Cherokee. When we bought the Jeep it was touted to be the best tow vehicle ever with just a couple steps to prepare it for towing. On a long trip out west, the Jeep started vibrating and shaking so bad the motorhome would shake uncontrollably as well. We would have to slow down to a snails pace or stop completely before continuing. Upon starting up it would tow normally—if we were lucky. This has been a consistent problem over the last few years, although we have worked with Jeep many times to try to remedy the problem. (We have a Blue Ox tow package.) At one point we had to replace much of the Jeep’s front end where the shaking had damaged the Jeep. The Jeep dealership acknowledged that there was a problem at one point and prescribed a 7 step process with a switch, trickle charger plus the original steps involving connecting/disconnecting the electronic ignition. But even with all that, we still have the problem—and it is still scary stopping in the middle of an Interstate to get the shaking to stop. We are about to buy a new 45 foot RV and we are hoping the Jeep will behave better. But I’m afraid it won’t.

Has anyone else had a similar problem with their Jeep when towing? If yes, how did you remedy it?

Does anyone also have recommendations for a good tow vehicle if in fact we have to give up on our Jeep as our tow vehicle?

1 year ago
Reply to  Cathie Lane

Yes’m, It’s the Jeep Death Rattle. If I went over 45mph It would shake so bad I was really frightened. I had a steering stabilizer installed but don’t know if that is the answer. I sold the vehicle shortly after that. Although I really loved my Cherokee, they are notorious for this issue. Either get a dolly or a different tow.

1 year ago
Reply to  Cathie Lane

Yes!! We had a 2004 MH and towed a 2012 Chevrolet. Went on our maiden trip out West and endured this horrific experience several times. In Utah, I bought a new Blue OX, thinking my existing one was faulty. Months later while still occasionally having this problem, I purchased new tires for the Chevy Equinox, and even had a separate shop insure that the previous shop’s alignment was correct. Then 300 miles later and just a few miles from home, this potentially deadly phenomenon actually caused our Equinox to tear the welds of the receiver hitch off the MH. The car careened into the opposite lane, before traveling down a ditch, hitting a culvert and nearly turning over in a residential driveway! I never towed a vehicle again and soon afterward was able to sell the MH. Please be careful. The highways are very dangerous with so many vehicles.

2 years ago

last winter with all the heavy rains we got in Sacramento, CA, we didn’t notice until spring that water has leaked into the RV at the top of the rear “egress” window and caused some mold to develop. After cleaning out the mold, we sealed the window and sprayed it with water the next day and all seems to be OK now.

2 years ago

When we had a Hybrid water came in through the front roof seem and down through our speakers. The dealer put additional caulking all around this seem and no more leaks.

Anne B
2 years ago

On the way home from the dealer’s the water gushed in around the a/c units and the side drivers’ window (43′ Itasca Ellipse, brand new)

2 years ago

The base on my Fantastic fans had cracked that caused the leak. No caulk or glue would stop it. Replaced them and added the covers. I can now leave the vents open when parked and underway.

Christine Lester
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Humm I wonder if that is my problem. I have a leak at the corner of my fan .

Kristina Veach
2 years ago

Twice, our 2015 Thor Tuscany 45 has flooded so bad that I could barely keep up with a small shop vac. After tearing out the booths, desk & fireplace, I found water coming in from the outside tv compartment. The rain spouts were right over the edge of the compartment. Silicones it shut and no more water, but water damage on all wood. Aargh.

Norval Chan
2 years ago

Our 2017 Blue Ridge 2910SK developed a leak in the top of the street side slide during a horrendous thunderstorm in Kansas last June. The downpour was drenching and the wind was howling. The leak was so bad that it required a pan to capture the water streaming in. When the storm subsided, the leak stopped and we have not experienced any leakage since. I’m guessing that the combination of the amount of rain and the direction of the wind caused the leak. Or the top seal was not deployed correctly at that time.

Tom Edelman
2 years ago

Our 2016 Dynamax had leaks that I “Couldn’t” find. Finally we made an appointment in Mississippi to Dependable RV and had it checked out. I mean they did a great job of finding leaks, prepping and repairing . NO more leaks. Very professional upfront advise and workmanship from a great crew of employees. Our rig is now warranted of no moisture problems for the life of the vehicle. Having 10 solar panels the time for repair was increased to a week. Yes we stayed in a hotel for a few days but it was worth the time. Costly? Yes … but my wife and I agree it was worth every penny…. no more worries of strange electrical problems or wet moldy interior areas inside.

2 years ago

Someone relocated one of the air horns on our roof. Original screw hole was not plugged. First major trip with our two year old, new-to-us motorhome, with heavy rain on the third night and we discovered a problem. Made repairs, had roof inspected with no lasting damage. Still have this motorhome 5 years later.
Happy Travels

Rhonda Brodbeck
2 years ago

The gutter on the RoadTrek isn’t big enough to handle a downpour. Simple solution is to extend it with door sweep plastic meant to block drafts.

2 years ago

Yes! One night I heard dripping and the rug in the slide out was wet! In the morning did a little investigating and found out the rubber flap of the slide was in instead of out!

Richard Winchester
2 years ago

There was a recall on our Heartland Big Country 5th Wheel. We took it in to the RV dealer we bought it from for a different issue of water from the A/C leaking on the bed. We explained to the dealer that we had received a recall on our rig and had them to apply the recall while they repaired the leaking A/C. Well after the 5th time of driving a 4 hour round trip to fix this issue they finally replaced the a/c unit. Thinking our leak issues were corrected the front a/c in the living room began leaking out of the vents and down both walls soaking the TV and fireplace everytime it rained. Not wanting to deal the incompetence of our dealer we took it to a gentleman who repairs RV on the side. I gave him a copy of the recall and he stated that the recall had not been done. He completed the recall and it hasnt leaked since.

Tom Gutzke
2 years ago

The bathroom roof vent was open about an inch and I forgot to close it when a downpour hit splattering raindrops up under the vent cover and into the RV. Caught it before it got too wet.