Amazon deliveries to your National Park campsite?


The world it is a-changin’.

The Trump administration is considering proposals to privatize national park campgrounds, black out senior discounts during peak season periods and further commercialize the parks with expanded WiFi service and food trucks. The idea is make the parks more attractive to a younger generation and improve facilities, and, hey, the extra money would be nice.

And get this: The Interior Department’s Outdoor Recreation Advisory Committee is suggesting that national parks – in order to increase revenue – should allow Amazon to make deliveries to a visitor’s campsite. The committee thinks “offering the private sector a bigger role” is the key to making more money, according to USA Today.

The Los Angeles Times reports the proposal has been aggressively opposed by conservation organizations and senior citizen advocates. The committee referred to Mother Earth as an “underperforming asset.”

Do you like this idea? Good or bad? Your comments welcome.


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Billy Bob Thorton

Look, don’t be lazy, have it delivered and drive to one of those drop boxes, and stay out of the Natioal Parks.

Beverly litt

It will become similar to sporting events dogs $20 soda $10 ..glamping $150 a night…Sporting events are only affordable for very wealthy or corporate entities. Do you think Teddy Roosevelt had this in mind or John Muir ? There are plenty of opportunities for private businesses but NOT IN OUR NATIONAL PARKS OR NATIONAL FOREST CAMPGROUNDS. Thankyou


Nothing “American” about taxing all for the use of national parks by a relative few. Once upon a time ago, no taxation without representation was a phrase used in opposition to what was considered tyranny. To whom do these parks belong and who gets to decide upon how they are used, anyway? Seems that if a market approach brings in more people while generating revenue, this is better than tasking government to do something that the private sector always does better…delivering what the people want and at a lower cost.

Campground host

We run campgrounds for the army corps of engineers we have always allowed deliveries into the campsites weither it is FedEx Amazon UPS whatever it is we have allowed the deliveries to be made to our campers. Privatizing these Parks is a disaster what happens is that there is no one there to take charger or feel responsible for the campground and the younger generation comes in and destroys the campground. They come in to party, not camp. We are in favor of maintaining the family camping experience not providing the younger generation a place to party. Privatizing is not a good idea.


“Privatizing” is just another way of giving away tax dollars. Less service for more cost.


Trump has done an awful lot of good in his 3 years, but this idea of privatizing our National Parks is just Un-American and I for one will certainly bring it to his attention


Visiting our National Parks is about connecting with our country’s history, and nature, not about sampling food truck menus, online gaming, or streaming videos.

Don Kostyal

There will never be enough tax payer money allocated to the NP’s to cover expenses–especially as visitors continue to increase. It has to increase revenue to operate. Some things that would help is changing fees. US?Legal residents should pay one fee, foreign visitors should pay a higher fee. Each visitor should have to have a paid admission with separate charges for vehicles. Senior should still be allowed to use their pass, but discount should only apply to basic fee (i.e. camp site is $20 a night, discount is $10. If Sr upgrades to a FHU site at say $45 a night, the discount is still only $10). Many of the proposals in the article are not much of an addition–currently all lodges, campgrounds, marinas etc are already run by Consessionaires (Xanterra, Forever Resorts, Delaware Corp etc). Also, more parks should go to the shuttle bus system like Brice so there is left vehicle traffic. I just did Brice and this service was great. Also followed it up with taking the train into S. Rim and was thrilled with the experience.

Cindy Martin

The National parks will then become like so many State Parks – rates will go UP (never down), spaces will go empty due to poor reservation management, private companies will make the money, not the US Government. And seniors, who are NOT all retired, by the way, and can’t all afford private campgrounds, will be treated as second class citizens. I don’t think attracting young people is really an issue – they are looking for nature. It’s all about the money and the fact that the government doesn’t want to hire and fire for positions about which they do not really care. The parks, like the PO, are not government business as far as they are concerned. But I don’t think public lands should be treated like a business.

Marybeth Almand

If our parks are privatized, they will become overly commercialized, and will only benefit the entities that own them. How many times does this scenario need to be played out before people wake up? GO AWAY! LEAVE THEM ALONE! Taxpayer funds will take care of this…unless that money is squandered too.


To quote the first sentence, “The world it is a-changin’.”. That is a fact and always has been. Things change, we like some and we dislike some. I don’t see this as a doom to the National Parks System. I see all this as a means to generate much needed revenue. There are way too many visitors that do not have pride in the National Parks. The jaw dropping truth was plainly evident when the government shut down for a little bit. The blame does not fall on one set of shoulders, it is shared by thousands of all human visitors. The park system relies on revenue, paid workers, volunteers and the guests to run smoothly. It is either come up with ways to create revenue, or raise all the fees and do away with special exceptions. I don’t see how any of these changes are any different than all the changes the National Park system has had over the decades. They are trying to stay up with the direction progress is going.


Amazon deliveries are already being made to Federal lands including campgrounds. We witnessed this last week at Francis Marion National Forest Campground in SC. In traveling through 26 states this past year, we have seen Amazon/FedEx in some very remote locations including Federal lands including Forest Service, Corps of Engineers,USDA, et al. Do not specifically remember a National Park but why not? RV’ers have needs too and Amazon carries many parts and supplies that RV’ers need, sometimes in an emergency.

Bob Harnish

No way, shape or form should any of this be allowed! We, the fee payers and tax payers, paid for the National Parks. What it amounts to is prostituting our National Parks to Corporate entities. They get their foot in the door and then want the whole enchilada. When they brought concessionaires into the Forest Service Camps, etc. most folks knew what would happen and it of course did. Just imagine the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park in West Yellowstone, MT. The sign just before the entrance “Welcome to Yellowstone National Park presented by Coca-Cola”. Then you go thru the pay kiosk and the next sign reads “The next 15 miles of road to Madison Junction sponsored by The restrooms have a huge Starbucks kiosk located there and the restrooms themselves are presented by Scott Paper Co. This whole deal would be just the tip of the iceberg. National Parks are not SeaWorld, Legoland, Disney Land or World.


Amazon is a great resource. However, theNational Parks should be off limits. Purchases would have to g by e made using cell or WiFi. That would require towers to provide that service. So that would take away from the nature aspect of the parks. Being able to get away from it all is part of their appeal. On VC another note. As a campground host it would be a nightmare. Trying to locate people by site number. It would be a nightmare for the Amazon or UPS. driver. You drive 20 miles into the campground and whomever your delivering to is out enjoying the wonder of it all. Are you going to leave the package there in hopes they will get it before the bison or bear decides to play with it or before the raccoon carries it off. Now if their package disappears do you think they will blame the bison? Nope it will be the Camphosts fault. Very bad idea on so many levels

John Padgett

As soon as we privatized Prisons we have more inmates than the rest of the world. The rest of the world has far better railroads. Once you privatize it, profit enters the picture and the prices go up way more than any benefits of additional services. Happens every time. And who really makes out. Yep the top 10%. We sure as hell won’t. It’ll force out ALL the lower income people. WAIT. That’s what it’s also all about, isn’t it?


WiFi, why not. Could be offerred as a “hook up” option, just like electric. Choose it and pay for it, or not. “Amazon” type deliveries, if managed propery, why not. Simpleset, with least problems, if to a central drop off point, perhaps near the front gate. Senior discounts should go away, across the board and I am a senior. I know wealthy seniors and I know poor seniorss, just as I know wealthy and poor young and middle age people. I never understood the logic of senior discounts except that we are a large voting block and we are pandered to, Food delivery, same as product deliveries. Meet tham at the front gate.

Doug Karre

I say this: charge the foreigners 20 times the amount that Americans pay, why because if I was to book a hunting safari in a foreign country it would cost upwards of 12 thousand to 25 thousand. Americans don’t need to share this land with the world at rock bottom prices. The Seniors have earned these discounts through their working lives.


Lets face it. Our National Parks are a hot commodity! All you need to do is go to a National Park in peak season and see how popular they are. People will spend $1,000 per day to take their family to a theme park but balk at a $25 entrance fee and a $20 per night camping fee in our National Parks. These fees do not cover the cost of running the parks. We need to either fund the parks from State and Federal budgets (yes the states get a lot of tourist dollars from the Parks) or charge people what they are really worth! As far as adding WiFi or Amazon delivering to the parks just ask any young person what is important to them. They are the ones that will be making park policy in the future. I know this is not a popular opinion to hold but it really is supply and demand.

Tim Bear

The overall impact to Ntl parks would far outweigh any advantage … no, wait, there would be NO advantage to allowing Amazon & food trucks to make deliveries into Paris: increased traffic, pollution, congestion, confusion, and more. As to ‘senior blackout days’, that is SO DISCRIMINATORY as to be criminal.


UPS, FED EX and Amazon could be designated an area at the park entrances where they would set up a drop box. The customer would be notified, via text or e-mail, when their package has been delivered to the drop box. They would be required to go to the drop box to pick up their package within so many hours or it will be removed and returned to the seller. This way you don’t have delivery trucks riding all over the campgrounds looking for individual locations. Which will make it safer because we all know these delivery drivers don’t know what a speed limit is or what a stop sign is for.

Wi-Fi : I don’t see a problem with this improvement although they will probably go on the cheap and only set up a hot spot at the camp store. They better include tables, chairs and a bunch of electrical outlets for the people wanting to use their electronic devices.

Food Trucks: If you can’t bring in food to eat at one of the picnic areas or patronize the restaurants provided within the park, stay home. Food trucks throughout the parks will only lead to more litter being thrown to the ground by the ignorant people who just don’t care about the parks.