Thursday, February 2, 2023


How easy is it for you to admit you were wrong?

Are you the type of person who dislikes being wrong so much that you avoid ever admitting it? Or do you freely admit you are wrong when you realize you were?

It seems to many people these days that in our often angry society we argue endlessly about subjects like politics, insisting our position is the right one and those of others are wrong. Or it could be something far more simple, like admitting to your spouse that, yes, you should have stopped and asked for driving directions before wasting 30 minutes taking the wrong road.

Think about this question before responding. Be honest.


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3 years ago

This reminds me of the saying “I was wrong once but found out I was mistaken.” It took a few years for me to admit if I was wrong till I realized I’m still learning and probably will till till my dying day.

3 years ago

The problem is one must realize they are wrong in order to admit they were wrong. Some arrogant folks will rarely see themselves as wrong.

3 years ago

I’ve been wrong about so many things so often that I’ve adjusted and learned to admit the
errors of my ways to the extent that usually, its very easy.

Edd Langdon
3 years ago

According to my wife I am usually wrong and I hate Google and Wikipedia because almost all of what we thought we knew is wrong including what we learned in school, just Google it.

Edward Wullschleger
3 years ago

I picked the “not something I do easily” but note that it’s taken decades for me to get to that from “It’s very hard for me to admit I was wrong.” At first I was surprised that there were so few votes for the last two answers, but then I thought about how I might have answered this question when I was younger. Back then I thought that I could admit when I was wrong, but also thought that I was hardly ever wrong. Things look different to me now.

Justin Jest
3 years ago

My spouse used to get a kick out of telling me I’m always wrong. I put an end to it by suggesting we make a list of every mistake I made starting with January 26, 1963. ( our wedding day )

3 years ago

I admit i’m wrong nanoseconds after EVIDENCE. What really peeves me is when I know something cold, have the evidence to REprove it, and someone says “well, those are just your facts…” with none to back their opinion.

Everyone is born without knowledge and everyone makes mistakes but INTENTIONAL ignorance really offends me when I spent a lifetime to date learning as much as I can.

Walt Sinkhorn
3 years ago

I learned at a very young age, if I am wrong just accept it and move on. How else are able to learn anything? I know people who seem to have difficulty admitting the truth. Some of them appear to be very intelligent. After a while, we will just try to avoid them.

3 years ago

It’s easy for me to admit I’m wrong, I’ve been married for 48 years.

3 years ago
Reply to  John

….. and 35 for me, “the things I say and the things I do”, lol!

3 years ago

Once I thought I was wrong but I was mistaken.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

…… so your perfect, imagine that, your a legend in your own mine, haha!

Edward Wullschleger
3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

🙂 Good one.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

When I was in high school in the 1980’s the store I worked at sold buttons and had this button that said once I thought I was wrong but I was mistaken so I thought I would put this out there so everyone had a laugh I hope. In real life I have been wrong so many times I have lost count.

Sherri Eley
3 years ago

Just a little note on our electrical issues. First off the electrical system In this patk is overloaded it’s is an old system and was not upgraded as they added more sites. We are i. The old section so electrical troubles happen about once a week somewhere here. In the first site we were in the power cord fused to the electric outlet in the pedestal . That cost us a new plug for the cord. Which my husband being a union electrician for 40 years at least didn’t involve labor charges to replace it. The voltage meter. Fluctuated between 118 and 111! Not horribly bad. But when it was hot we could not run the ac with any other electrical device at the same time.
We moved to another site and things seem a bit better here. But this whole situation is a electrical accident waiting to blow.
We could not get our lights in the 5th wheel to full brightness. The lights were so dim I could barely see to wash dishes at the sink. No possible way to read in here.
As I said. My husband knows electrical and he tested everything. The battery tested ok. And we even took it out and had it load tested at 2 places in town. It checked out ok. But during that process I noticed a date sticker on the battery showing it was 6 years old. So even though it tested ok. We bought a new battery. Voila. Problem solved. Our lights are now at full power again. That addresses the electrical issues in this park. I won’t even start on the plumbing issues. The park is Quail Roost in Crystal River Florida.

Primo Rudy
3 years ago

I have learned that admitting you were wrong gets easier, I have had lots of practice

3 years ago

The way I look at it is SO WHO’S WRONG?

3 years ago
Reply to  Einar

The one that is not willing to change their mind.

You might know you’re right when someone says you’re wrong, but that doesn’t mean you should shut out the possibility that you’re wrong. It’s only fair when you think you’re right and you need to convince someone they’re wrong that you accept you might be wrong too. (Borrowed this from Lifehacker)

Stay cool

3 years ago

If you cannot openly admit when you are wrong, then there is something VERY wrong with you as a Human Being!

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