Friday, December 1, 2023

MENU’s Top 30 posts from 2019

Here are’s 30 most-read posts in 2019.

[Note: Some of these were originally published earlier but were still among the most popular in 2019, so please don’t complain if you see an earlier date at the top of the post. This list is based on Google Analytics statistics.]

30. Think your RV is locked when you turn the key? Not necessarily!

29. Breaking News: Suspect in Padre Island RVers murders arrested.

28. Why you can’t ever find a space at some RV parks.

27. RV comes with a big soaking bathtub!

26. Will new Walmart concept kill overnight RV parking?

25. Battle brewing between campers, RV parks on electricity usage.

24. RV shipments continue to decline.

23. National Parks may slash benefits to Senior Pass holders.

22. Dealing with RV air conditioner “freeze-ups.

21. Which RV roadside assistance program is best?

20. I want this! Have you ever seen an RV so cute?

19. Pros and cons of residential fridges in RVs.

18. Desperation sale at Camping World.

17. Why one couple quit full-time RVing.

16. The future of RVing is not necessarily pretty.

15. The surprising uses of WD-40.

14. RV battery disconnect switches: how, when and why.

13. RV salesman spills the beans on Camping World’s sales tactics.

12. RVer dies after airborne RV crashes onto departed ferry boat.

11. Truck camper “recipe for disaster” folds down on the street.

10. New details shed light on “Mr. Heater” death.

9. Reader photos: Another ugly RV park.

8. Troubleshooting RV furnace problems.

7. Are RV manufacturers finally “wising up”? New project hints “maybe.

6. Good Sam Club, going, going. . .

5. What I found on the Oregon beach sickened me.

4. Illinois lemon RV ruling may be a game-changer.

3. New pickup truck has 300,000 pound towing capacity.

2. If you own one of these trailers, do not tow it!

1. Missing RVers found dead, ruled homicide.




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