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Full-timers: What type of RV do you travel with?

This poll is for full-time RVers only: Curious minds would like to know the type of RV you live in.

Do you prefer a motorhome, or is a fifth wheel more your style? Or maybe a travel trailer works best for you. There are pros and cons of all, but “different strokes for different folks” definitely applies. Right?

Some full-timers travel with truck campers (these would be single people and couples who get along real well with each other). We’ve heard of full-timers who travel with pop-up trailers (rare, but they’re out there).

So what home on wheels did you choose for your full-time life?

If you’ve got a hankering to leave a comment, please explain how you made your decision about the RV right for you.



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3 years ago

Started out with a 3400 Montana 5er, after pulling for 87,000 miles, traded for a 3790 Montana, 5er. Found out that was to big for our type of travel and the quality and construction was not there. Expensive lesson. Bought a new Vilano 32GK,5er, 3 slides, love it except for the bedroom layout. But, hey, you only sleep there. Small enough to park anywhere and big enough to live in comfortably.

3 years ago

Had a camper for over 30 years while traveling and pulling a horse trailer. Lots of back country riding. Experienced a 5ver and did not feel as safe with the weight, mountain driving , and stopping. Also left us no option to pull a horse trailer. Chose a 37 foot DP with 4 slides that gives us the option and room to either pull our Jeep or horse trailer. This was the best choice for us and is working awesome.

3 years ago

Been in our class A motor home with super slide for going on 6 yrs,we love it and we work camp just about anywhere we go.

Donald N Wright
3 years ago

I have an Aliner popup trailer, campgrounds seem to like popups, we use less power & water, but pay the same price as the big rigs.

3 years ago

We have had a motorhome, a fiver and a small trvl trailer. We are happy with our 24 ft Dutchman trl trailer (aspen trail). We use less gas and we can fit in most anyplace. It has no slides. We took out the booth and put in a lamp table and a couple of recliners…eat on TV tables or outside……or my fav, out to dinner! We live in Troy Montana and are parked now on our property that we are building on. LOVE BEING RETIRED!!!!

John Koenig
3 years ago

I started with a new, 2010 Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer (a WONDERFUL way to “test the waters”). I quickly realized I liked the RV lifestyle and, after searching for almost four years, decided on a TRUE HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) based Super-C, diesel puller motorhome (a 2015 Dynamax DX3-37RB). It had the BEST floorpan I’d seen and, the fact that it’s built on a Class 7 Freightliner cab-chassis was the cherry on top! The floor plan has since been “improved” but, the floor plan I have is 98% usable even with the slides IN (which is often NOT the case). The 350HP Cummins ISL9 diesel is built to last 1,000,000 miles with routine service. NOTE: there are MANY “wanna be” RVs that claim to be “Super-C” rigs. They’re generally MDTs (MEDIUM Duty Trucks) which just isn’t the same. As most things in life, pay more, get more. I’ve had my DX3 for almost six years now and, I’ve put over 57,000 miles on it. As an HDT, it’s just “broken in” and, will last longer than I will. My advice to newbies: 1: find and attend an RV Boot Camp. 2: don’t be afraid to start small. I doubt anybody finds their “perfect RV” the first time out. Actually RVing will show you what works and what doesn’t work for YOU. On your second RV you’ll get much closer to “perfect”. Over those four years I was searching, I put over 50,000 miles on that Casita and, because of the fiberglass construction, got more money back then had I started with a more “traditional” box shaped RV. If the nice people who bought my Casita haven’t “graduated” to something bigger, I expect they still getting GREAT service form their “egg”.

3 years ago

Survey should have broken up the Motorhome category into A, B, and C.
We have been full-timing 3+ years in a 26 foot C with slideout. Plenty of space.

3 years ago

I travel in a 22 foot Class C. Perfect for one person.

3 years ago

We have a 12 ft truck camper which has 2 slides, build in generator, microwave. Its about Same as a class C but I still have a pick up that I need and can unload anywhere. Best of both worlds. Can pull my RZR along while spending 3 months in az in the winter. Diesel, 4 wheel drive, can’t beat it.

Steven Scheinin
3 years ago

Upon retiring we bought our first and only 5th wheel 4 years ago. A 40 foot, 8 ton, cedar creek in which we live full-time.

Leo J. Regnes
3 years ago

After 52 years of RVing, in everything from converted van to truck campers to VW pop up camper to pop up travel trailers to motor homes, we are back to traveling the country with a pickup truck and small travel trailer. Seems just right for two “late 70’s” folks who never seem to get enough of our country and it’s great outdoors.

3 years ago

I have a van conversion (2019 Ram Pro-Master) that suits me well. 🙂

Joe Allen
3 years ago

We have pretty much had every type of RV out there and like each one for the pros they offer. We are now in our second motorhome and since we are full time and don’t stay in a place longer than 3 weeks or less, find the motorhome fits our needs. Each person has their own reasons for their particular decision and as long as you enjoy this life style, that should be all that matters!
Remember, “Life is but a journey, enjoy the ride”!

Marybeth Almand
3 years ago

We’re small enough to fit in just about any developed site anywhere. We un hitch and sitesee, or shop anywhere. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

3 years ago

Travel Trailer for us, 1) cost 2) only one vehicle with a drive train to maintain.

BJ Davis
3 years ago

We have semi-converted a SUV… that is a Dodge Durango which we have set up with a full bed when you fold down the second and third row seats.. It is elevated 6 inches which allows for storage of all of our needs such as kitchen supplies/utensils, cook stoves, can good, etc. We have a bear proof ice chest that will keep ice for 5 days and it truly works, so we only shop cold stuff about once a week. Behind the front seats is storage for our cloths… We find we have more than enough storage.. We have a cargo rack on top for items like camp chairs, fishing gear, etc. We have had motor coaches/home down to tents and even sleeping in the car and have moved into our 2005 Durango… We have 134,000 miles on it and it runs like a charm. We have black out windows so all we have to do is put up the sun shade in the windshield for complete privacy.. We do not use campgrounds as we boondock almost exclusively. When we are traveling we will pull into a rest area for the night. Many places we like to go a motorhome will not go as it is to rough or there is low over hanging tree limbs, you get the idea. For now it is a perfect fit for us. We are from Florida and last fall into early winter we completed a 6000 plus mile trip out to the desert southwest which we seem to do almost every year. We are retired and enjoy taking off at the spur of the minute and camp somewhere the year round.. I know this way is not for everybody but it fits us perfect

3 years ago

We had a 5th wheel when we were starting out but traded it in for a motor home for the convenience. We travel a lot but are not full timers.

Judy G
3 years ago

I started out with a fifth wheel but switched to a Class C after seven years. After five more years, I decided to settle part-time and now use a Subaru Outback ….

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