Thursday, September 28, 2023


How important was the exterior of your RV (color/graphics) when you bought it?

Was how your RV looked on the outside a significant factor in why you bought that particular RV? Or did it even matter at all?

Curious minds would like to know. Maybe you would, too (because you’re curious, aren’t you?). So here’s your chance to tell the world what you think.

Remember, the poll make take a few seconds to load, so stand by.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.


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3 years ago

I just designed my own on an old 1997 Dolphin and had a place in Mexico do the paint job. 3 coats of base, 3 coats of 3 colors, and 3 coats of clear. We love it and all for only $6k.

3 years ago

I’d say very important, but I’d been resisting the urge to spend $12k on full body paint (Grand Design – Solitude). I recently saw a 2005 class A with full body paint and it looked brand new, so changed my mind and was going to spend the $$. But when we went to order the trailer, GD was offering a axel, brake, wheel upgrade for $5,000 so we got that and a 5500w Onan generator and didn’t get the paint afterall.

Diane Mc
3 years ago

Very important. Determines the interior colors. We did custom order ours from factory so we could change some things. Since the exterior was silver/charcoal/black we replaced the beige carpet and beige driver/passenger seats with charcoal carpet & black seats. Have no idea how people kept beige anything clean. Several years ago we got rid of the carpet and put in charcoal/gray plank flooring thru out, except in bedroom where we did put in new carpet.

3 years ago

The most important thing and a deal breaker was the rig must have full body paint. The color was not so critical, but lighter was better.

Rory R
3 years ago

When I bought my last rig in 2015, my only concern with the exterior graphics was that it didn’t go too far overboard. The computer graphics I notice now on the 2020 model Class A’s seemed to have become a bit more muted and as far as I’m concerned more acceptable. In 2015 all I wanted to do was get the right combination of colors. The graphics themselves were the pits..

3 years ago

Had a 2000 Class A that was white gelcoat with a few stripes, nicknamed “ The Marshmallow “. When the full body paint came out I wanted one, worked on me for 15 years then found what I wanted. Bought our new to us Class A then sold our Marshmallow outright.

Susan Byers
3 years ago

We don’t like the swishy swirls. When we can, we’ll get it repainted very simply, one color, maybe two tones of the same color, but nothing fancy.

John Koenig
3 years ago

I would have PREFERRED a NO graphic, simple mono-colored RV. A basic, solid gray, blue or white would have saved OVER $20,000.00 (quality paint jobs are EXPENSIVE!) on the RV’s price. When inevitable touch ups are needed years later, a basic paint job would cost MUCH less than a custom painted RV.

Gene Bjerke
3 years ago

I prefer white vehicles. We bought the vehicle for its diesel engine, but it came in white, which helped.

3 years ago

My next motorhome will have the front panels painted “bug-gut brown.”

Debbie PJ
3 years ago

Agree~ I like a lighter color and we keep it clean & waxed!

John T
3 years ago

I clicked very important because I would not buy an RV with a dark, solar heat absorbing color.

Thom Ritter
3 years ago

The important thing was the full body paint. The color was not so critical.

3 years ago

We are in our third “ Wheel Estate “ My husband and I have always bought new ones because I’m so picky about the interior and exterior color combinations. Living in Texas nobody wants black , or at least we don’t. We have always leaned toward creams with burgundy and grays. I can’t stand dark cabinets or floors. I want it to remind me of my home away from home , dog hair and all!

Michael Roach
3 years ago

I really dislike all the awful graphics the manufacturers put all over the rv’s these days. As soon as I got my rv home I removed most of the vinyl graphics from her. It seems they think the more stickers they can plaster all over them the better. What’s next ? Metalflake glitter paint jobs like bass boats ?

Dummy, never again
3 years ago

As it turned out, when we purchased a new 2013 Kodiak Travel Trailer, it was the color that attracted us to it. Not a good decision! Three years later we nearly gave it away after so many things when wrong. A roof leak did it in. Nearly all of the particle board paneling swelled up and ALL of the cabinets & dinette booth had to be replaced. I wholesaled it to a RV repair shop for less than 1/3rd of what we paid for it…. The exterior still looked good though.

3 years ago

It would matter more if we purchase another RV. As full timers that stay where its warm black will not be an option we will consider

Bob p
3 years ago

When buying used there’s not a lot of choice on looks, as long as it’s not butt ugly.

Will Darsey
3 years ago

This question is especially important to Airstream owners…

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago
Reply to  Will Darsey


RV Staff
3 years ago
Reply to  Will Darsey

😆 —Diane at

3 years ago

Very important to ME! I like to look good going down the road and turn heads in the Campground when we are parked!
Always shiny and clean, with a fresh coat of Wax.

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