When driving, what do you most listen to?


When you’re driving down the road, do you enjoy just being with your thoughts — no music or other electronic distractions? But maybe your thing is talk radio or podcasts. . . Or do you prefer conversation with your companion? Boy, there sure are a lot of options these days.

Let’s see what RVers out there across the vast North America continent are listening to. Go ahead and make two choices if it’s hard to pick just one.

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8 months ago

My car connects with my phone and I have an oldies station I listen to on my phone so when traveling I listen to the oldies.

10 months ago

Music of course! From Aerosmith to Kim Carnes to John Prine to Billy Joel to Black Sabbath to Hoyt Axton etc etc etc

I’m mostly RV solo so I can sing as loud as I want and dance my head. Excellent way for me to travel; fills my headspace up with HAPPY!

Danny Evans
10 months ago

Sirius XM Willy’s Roadhouse mostly and sometimes some bluegrass. CNN for news.

Dave J
10 months ago

HAM radio, and CAP HF radio when not listening to bagpipe music or my wife.

10 months ago

Since I’m the driver and therefore in charge of our safety, I listen to exactly what Kenneth Fuller does…the engine, shifting patterns, etc.

10 months ago

I’ll usually learn a language-on-tape or listen to 64GB chip of MP3 music when alone. With kids, I quiz them until they beg to turn music back on.

David Crymes
10 months ago

We listen to public radio when ever it is available.

10 months ago

Sirius XM, country music stations all on preset so I can alternate between them when the host start chatting, I like the music not talk. I also have a country music playlist on my iPhone that includes 2 of King George albums, love me some George Straight.

Donna Z
10 months ago

I love your reader polls. However as of late I can’t see all of it. I use my iPhone to read your newsletter. Am I missing something or is there a problem.?

Rory R
10 months ago

I clicked on Music, I listen to playlists that I constructed on Spotify and others I have found on Youtube. I very seldom listen to local radio because it is more talk than music. It might be interesting if they had something to say, but they are just filling airtime with yak yak yak.

Ken Andrews
10 months ago

I use Sirrus XM radio for background noise while driving.

Don Driever
10 months ago

I listen to my wife.

Gene Sands
10 months ago


10 months ago

News radio by satellite

10 months ago

We listen to local radio if we can find a suitable station. Otherwise we listen to pre-recorded music from a USB drive.

Gene Bjerke
10 months ago

We listen to an iPod loaded with our favorite songs (jazz, classics, and folk mostly). Always something we like and doesn’t fade or cut out.

James Westfall
10 months ago

PGA Tour Golf Radio

Gene Bjerke
10 months ago

We listen to an iPod filled with our favorite music (mostly jazz, classic, and folk).

Bill Kerr
10 months ago

If the wife is snoozing I listen to my GPS for erroneous directions.

Thomas Kemp
10 months ago

Country for the most part.