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Thanks for highlighting the ridiculous RV industry “study” on vacation costs. As a retired Budget and Cost Analyst, it’s easy to see right through that kind of garbage. Infuriating too. Just shows the character of the folks working there.


Well Chuck, as my friend the car salesman always said, “I love monthly payments buyers, I’ll put ’em away every time”

Deborah Font

I absolutely loved the do laundry no more joke. With more RV’ers on the road now Cities should allow those who want to open RV parks to, instead of inpeading them. It is getting hard yes, to cruise around then pull in for a spell.

Jayne Kelly

Great information! Thanks for this newsletter.


The Urban Myth re: storing wet charcoal


Lots of stimulating stuff this week Chuck- thanks.


For the past three weeks I have been unable to click on the newsletter polls and leave an answer. I am able to read other’s comments and leave my own comment., but unable to participate in the poll. Is anyone else having this problem? Has the newsletter limited the polls to paying subscribers?

Patrick Granahan

I want to thank Chuck Woodbury for all his fine work on the weekly RV Travel email magazine. We have been RVing about the United States since 1985. Our first trips were with the kids. It gave them a great education as we traveled through almost every state every summer. I managed to get 6 weeks off work for vacation and my wife was a school teacher and had the summers off.
We are retired now and sold our travel trailer because our new home was short on level storage space…cost of storage was too high to even consider that option (good idea for a future article). The plan now is to buy a lightly used class B or C motorhome small enough to park in our driveway. (Our Smoky Mountain property is mostly vertical)
Problem is there is a shortage of quality used smaller motor homes for sale. We have been looking for about two years with no luck. We refuse to shop at “Camping World”…can’t tolerate those people…rude pushy sales crew that want to show only bigger units than we want. We prefer to. Up from current owners and not dealers.
Can’t wait to get back on the road again…thanks Chuck for keeping us current on the RV Travel Life. Keep up the good work.