Do you take the coronavirus threat seriously or believe its dangers are way overblown?


Do you believe the coronavirus threat is for real and has the potential for a major disaster? Or is it mostly just hype by the media and on social media?

Please let us know what you think. Feel free to leave a comment (but keep it respectful and intelligent and avoid name-calling or we’ll send it off to cyber prison).

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Gene Bjerke

I take the threat seriously, but I’m not particularly worried, We did attend the Strawberry Festival near Tampa and it was mobbed. That was 12 days ago (before we heard much about the virus). Other than that, when we travel we mostly only see each other. We are now at home on a farm, where we usually don’t go out all that much anyway. Daughter-in-law, who is much younger, does most of the shopping. Besides washing our hands frequently, we don’t do much and we don’t go anywhere. Let’s hear it for Netflix.

David Allen

I take it seriously but listen to the guidelines and therefore feel I am reasonably safe. I hate to see the various social platforms where RV’ers ignore all the suggestions and are travelling anyway. They feel they are invincible and are more concerned with their personal wants and not the danger they pose to others.


Please put your juvenile and uninformed political ideology in check. America is as great as its populace. All Americans must put differences aside and be part of the solution instead of the problem.


The survey is surprising and scary. I would have thought the majority of RVer’s would have taken the virus more seriously. But I’m assuming an average age of 65 on this site, maybe I’m wrong.

Sink Jaxon

I’m a conservative, and I guess all my life I have been “trained” to LOVE. Love the outdoors, love my brother and sister as myself, love my family, and to love my Father in Heaven above all else. One more thing PGR, you must have a lot weight on your shoulders speaking for the “rest of the world”.


The 2/3 here that are not seriously concerned about COVID-19 will remember how dismissive they used to be of the virus. Post this same survey a month from now and you will see how terribly the times have changed.

This virus which we humans have no resistance to is serious as a heart attack and it will continue to be an immense threat to each and every one of us until a vaccine is developed.


Pot calling the kettle black as the saying goes. We have a wonderful country, but it is being spoiled by a generation that knows little to nothing about history, economics or God. Remember this, “IN GOD WE TRUST! And those who fail to honor history are bound to repeat it. May the good Lord bless and keep you, and reform your ignorance about the real, honest and successful RV community is about.


Two things that concern me: 1. I am 75 and have had MS for a number of years causing my immune system to be compromised. My wife is also 75.
2. It scares me that the younger generations feel they are invincible and do not hesitate to gather in groups (spring break on the Florida/Texas beaches, etc.). They may not care but some of them will pass it on to others who will pass it on, who will pass it on, who will pass it on…


From the CDC website, weekly USA deaths from:
Week ending Feb 29/20: Influenza – 384; Pneumonia – 2,280
Week ending Feb 22/20: Influenza – 415; Pneumonia – 2,911
Week ending Feb 15/20: Influenza – 440; Pneumonia – 3,251

All this worry from a virus that may kill you?

Donald N Wright

I have found the RV community to be open minded, friendly and careful. Many of them know how to read and research local & world events. The Spanish Flu was only 100 years ago. Biological weapons may be outlawed, but still exist. The older campers pick up trash that some younger campers leave behind. covid-19 may of been created in a laboratory, and got loose by accident. It has different effects on different races, different blood types, different ages. As the Boy Scouts say, “Be Prepared”

L Turner

I believe it could be and will be a serious threat if young people don’t stop congregating and passing it on to the elderly and chronically ill. But we need to black out the media’s opinion and their “experts” who are dealing in chaos, paranoia and constantly questioning the actual experts because of a lack of respect for those in office. We all need to get off our political high horses and follow the actual experts instructions, whether you like the person or not. The media is who lead to the food crisis, the TP crisis and the reason I can’t even see my Drs. Just stop the hysteria and follow the laid out advice.

Rich T

More information coming to light. You tell me if it’s overblown:

Virus particles remain viable on surfaces for hours to days:

West Virginia was the last state to report any cases – not becauase there were none, but because they didn’t have enough tests to go around and were imposing strict guidelines and refusing requests. Unfortunately of all the states, they may have the most vulnerable population of all:

Take a good look at other nations’ responses, then think back to how this was all handled, and ask yourself who and what were really to blame.

travis escue

YES. OVERBLOWN. Craziness, supersized, overreaction and down right stupidity. We are throwing the economy in the trash and thousands if not 100’s of thousands will be lost in the process over this hype. This is totality overblown by leaders and media, some of which are surprising. most of this is ridiculous and hype. I can see perhaps closing schools for maybe 3 weeks and telling people to wash their hands and be aware. but closing down restaurants, suspending seasons and canceling the NCAA basketball. Stopping all after school sports? Come on. This is such an outrage and unjustified. People die everyday from things other than this, in fact hundreds every day, from heart disease, murders, stroke, cancer. I even read 40,000.00 die from car crashes every year in the country, according to the latest numbers. Do you want to report every time someone passes away from something? Where has all common sense gone!


Very serious. My husband is 85 with asthma. I care about him, do you?


Someone yells fire in a crowded room an panic ensues. We have many people yelling fire!


I feel the government and media blew this way out of proportion. This isn’t the first virus we’ve been through and it won’t be the last. The treatment is the same as if you had the flu. Will we go through this every year?

David Greenberg

The virus will be done by June. The financial impact of government forced panic will take years from which we recover.

Denny wagaman

I guess we will see how serious the virus is%


As an RN, I take it seriously. As a 12 year heart transplant recipient, I take it doubly serious.


Like podcasts? Here’s a good one: Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology. He is Regents Professor, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in Public Health, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Division of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, a professor in the Technological Leadership Institute, College of Science and Engineering, and an adjunct professor in the Medical School, all at the University of Minnesota.