Saturday, December 2, 2023


How badly do you need the money coming soon from the government?

Most Americans, except those with high incomes, will soon receive a check from the government, most at $1,200 per person.

How badly do you need this money? Do you desperately need it, or don’t you need it at all?

Please leave a comment if you wish. And, remember, it may take a moment for the poll to load.

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Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Shorewood (@guest_73414)
3 years ago

For those who said they don’t need it — God Bless You — you could be a big $$ giver to help those who truly do need it. Giving to Food Banks, helping the needy in some way is a wonderful way to share those unneeded funds.

TravelingMan (@guest_72875)
3 years ago

I NEVER met anyone who could not use money (whether rich or poor). In the end, this bailout (like the others) will be a disaster. Even when we get the smaller amount, the larger amounts will continue to go to the rich. This is a capitalist society. If a business can’t plan properly for the future, they need to be out of business to make room for those that know how to run a budget and business properly. Just like a household budget, they spend the profits from week to week. Many business owners pocket the huge profits and blame the business for failing and then write that off for a tax advantage. Businesses need to learn to live within a budget just like everyone else. If they did, they would have had reserves ready for the eventual downturn that ALWAYS comes in cycles. I bet that if they stay in business, when the next crisis comes, they will have that hand out again because of their lack of planning. But they will still have their mansions.

Now, there are those businesses that just got started. They invested everything they had to make a go of it. It’s an unfortunate time for them as well but they should have had a credit line and a reserve fund in their business plan. Shame on them for not looking at the future. I feel for them since many just wanted to make a go. But they did not plan ahead for contingencies. Therefore, they are now in trouble.

The people working for each of these businesses…Many work paycheck to paycheck. Many don’t know what a budget is since schools and parents don’t teach them these basic principals. We’ll apparently never fix that. These people have to learn the hard way. Creditors don’t help. They give them as much debt as they can handle. They are like debt slaves. I feel for these folks as well. But lets look realistically how they got there. I was once young and naive myself. No one taught me anything about finances. I had to learn the hard way too. I’m much older now. MAYBE (not for sure) a little wiser. But wise enough to have set up a budget and have learned to live in it. We’re not rich. But we will get by. Do we need it? SURE…If it’s free, we’ll take it! But we’ll probably put it in some kind of investment for the next cyclical disaster. Instead of blowing it, put it to work for your future. If you don’t know how, you need to get help. Don’t stay in this endless cycle. Get ahead of it. Stop living paycheck to paycheck. Develop a budget so you can see where you are. Cut back on non-essentials. Pay down and eliminate that debt. Don’t buy that $1500 I-Phone so you can keep up with the Jones’s. A flip phone will keep you in touch with the world.

In the end, expect inflation to skyrocket. Expect unemployment to remain high. And expect your Federal Taxes to explode. After all, this money ain’t free and this won’t go on forever. YOU will be paying it back somehow. Whether they tax business or us, WE ultimately pay it back when we purchase something or they tax us directly. So, take that free money that is yours for now. But expect in just a few years for your taxes to go up. Do yourself a favor and learn how to get out of the debt trap.

Just an old fogies experience and opinion….

KellyR (@guest_72912)
3 years ago
Reply to  TravelingMan

I’m just another old fogie

ken b (@guest_72615)
3 years ago

churches and charities will be needing funds, that is where my check will go.

PennyPA (@guest_72600)
3 years ago

I’m sorry but we’re in the “very needy” group. I was laid off early on from my part-time job as a food demonstrator for Boar’s Head Meats and Cheeses and I really liked my job. Because I was part-time, I’m not eligible for Unemployment and my weekly check kept us above water. My SO has a heart condition so he can’t work. Wal-Mart is hiring but I’m not sure I want to apply because I have had LVRS. BUT, we are happy we’re snugged down (and hunkering down) safely in a Texas RV Park. We have enough food…and access to a food bank, if needed…and we are healthy (except for the underlying diseases). DON’T ROAM; STAY AT HOME!!

BTW: There are 4 FHU back-in spaces available where we are if anyone is looking for a spot. Reasonably large fenced in spaces. Absolutely no amenities and you are responsible for electric but if you need one, they are available for long-term hunkering down. 5 miles to Wal-Mart, 6 miles to United, 5 miles to CVS or Walgreens.

CHipper146 (@guest_72620)
3 years ago
Reply to  PennyPA

Penny, I’m presuming you reside in or “home” from PA. If so, you should reconsider applying for UC. PAUC does compensate part time workers who are loosing scheduled hours, especially if it’s due to COVID-19. Let them know your situation and they will make a determination. It’s free to apply, so what do you have to loose?

Vanessa (@guest_72622)
3 years ago
Reply to  PennyPA

Everyone who was displaced from a job due to Covid19 is now eligible for unemployment. Some states weren’t set up for that new rule and denied a lot of people so go back and reapply. Plus you will get the $1200 each as long as you didn’t make over 150k, which it sounds like you didn’t, last year.

Cindy (@guest_72596)
3 years ago

We have incurred some expenses and we will pay for those with the check and then save the rest for any emergencies later this year. Either way, it will get spent.

Irv (@guest_72573)
3 years ago

Currently, I don’t need the money, If that’s still true when the money comes, we’ll donate it to the local Salvation Army. Since we’ll be at home this summer, I’m planting a garden for the first time since we got the trailer 3.5 years ago. I’m planting a lot more vegetables than we’ll be able to use for donation to a couple neighbors and the food bank.

Pedro (@guest_72571)
3 years ago

$1,200 2.2 trillion good luck with getting things started back

Pedro (@guest_72570)
3 years ago

$ wouldn’t be worth messing with

DW/NJD (@guest_72551)
3 years ago

The question is not “Do you need the money”! But the answer is: “Please help someone who does need money – through no fault of their own”; and It is intended to get our economy rolling again as soon as possible! It is not to squirrel it away!

Buy something of value locally – new tires? Spark plugs? TPMSystem? SPEND IT! (…and preferably on something :Made In The USA” if possible!

Sink Jaxon (@guest_72545)
3 years ago

I don’t think I qualify, but if I do I will send it to Matthew25 Ministries who feed the needy year ’round.

Larry Boswell (@guest_72531)
3 years ago

My Wife and I are retired MO Public School teachers. We live on our own land and our only expenses are recurring monthly needs: electricity, food, staying “on the grid”, etc. We don’t really need the money from the government.

Jeri Lessley (@guest_72526)
3 years ago

As to the day’s question, I work at a school. They are going to keep paying us. That said, I have another job. We all got laid off, no pay.

John Martin (@guest_72521)
3 years ago

I am fine without the money. I have a fixed income and am able to live on it.
I don’t have a mortgage, I am able to maintain a zero balance on my CC.
Vehicles all paid for.
I suspect many are in the same condition.

Steven N (@guest_72518)
3 years ago

Thankfully still employed but working from home.

Judy G (@guest_72510)
3 years ago

I plan to check locally to find out where it’s needed and donate, e.g. the food bank.

Lorin T (@guest_72509)
3 years ago

My husband is in Mgmt as a Civilian with Law Enforcement. He handles all the technology for the 1st Responders for a city of 650k. They want him working solely from home b/c of my chronic health. He manages and his guys who need to be hands on are. So he’s still getting paid and I’m still receiving SS. We too plan to pass on our stimulus money. My sister’s husband has been furloughed and is in the elective medical industry. Our son is also in college, was kicked out of the dorms and we had to scramble to find an apt and furnish it. So we are helping both of them.

Lester R Hollins (@guest_72504)
3 years ago

I plan to move. My current landlord is a capatalistic tyrant. He has made it clear that he will evict any tenants who are late and refuse to pay late fees or unable to pay due to job loss due to this pandemic. I refuse to support anyone who attempts to profit off others misfortunes.

Ed D. (@guest_72516)
3 years ago

Lester, your landlord is not a Capitalist. He IS simply a tyrant. He will be breaking the Law if he evicts anyone during this Pandemic. Contact your nearest District Attorney’s office and they will set this individual straight!

Alvin (@guest_72561)
3 years ago

I’m not going to debate you Lester, but the “Capitalist tyrant”, was fine until you couldn’t

Lester you can’t pay him for living in his house so he’s a bad fellow?

I get your despare, I also get his.

You can’t afford to pay him and because you can’t afford to pay him he (maybe) can’t pay his bills either. Through no fault of yours you can’t pay him and through no fault of his, his credit rating is going down the drain (supposition on my part)

Your capitalist tyrant landlord may just have been providing a service to folks like you for a very long time, with zero problems.

I will give your landlord the benefit of the doubt that maybe he isn’t the tyrant you think.
And I’ll grant you the benefit of doubt you don’t actually think people who make money renting something to others (you) are tyrants when the legal service they provide has a dollar value attached to it, and they can’t collect regardless of the reason why!

For your sake I hope the tyrant proves you wrong, and goes after government assistance being offered so, he can pay his utilities, taxes etc, and you can stay safe and warm.

These things you cannot run from – stay, fight for whats right, and be safe!

Jim Collins (@guest_72588)
3 years ago

If you lived in Florida he couldn’t evict you , Governor cancelled all evictions for the term

Gray (@guest_72502)
3 years ago

We’re retired and comfortable. But we have family members who very much need the help. Spouse & I are sending our “gift money” to my son living off-grid in the CO mountains, who needs cash to finish building a shop building for his back-country mechanical repair business; and to spouse’s daughter whose Vietnam-vet husband recently died. She’s middle-aged, near-blind, and was just laid off from her part time job at a franchise fast-food place. So… the money will do great good in both cases.

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