Have you been tested for COVID-19?


Many people around the USA have yet to be tested for COVID-19, which doctors and scientists say is important to defeat our new silent enemy, the coronavirus.

How about you? Have you been tested? Please answer our poll.

Remember, the poll takes a few moments to appear on the page. So stand by.

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Tom Smithbrother

What is the point? You can be exposed again the minute you walk out A waste of time and effort. For paranoid people. IMHO.


For discussion:

What is the point of being tested? You are either sick or you are not. You are either in the hospital or you are not. You are either dead or you are not. The hospitals are full or they are not.

We’ve all been informed that there is a pandemic going around. We all know what it is. We all know whether we are too sick to stay home or need to go to the hospital. We all know what precautions to take. Self Isolate and stay away from everyone. Including those in the same house.

If I/we get sick at this point, I/we will stay confined at home (not like we aren’t all ready). If we really get worse, we’ll go to the hospital. They will run tests from there. So again, what’s the point? You just want to know if you’ve had the famous Covid?

And I don’t care if you have Covid or something else….STAY HOME ANYWAY!!! Why do you insist on infecting everyone else with a cold or flu? Is there anything pleasant about either of those illnesses? H_ _ _ NO! Keep it to yourself! QUIT GOING TO WORK! Keep YOUR kids at home when THEY are sick! Make yourself a budget and learn to live in it for emergencies like this!

And for businesses…we might as well open all of them back up now! If they cannot get employees, they will stay closed. YOU decide if you want to go out or not and whether you will go back to work or not. You’re not a prisoner. You know what precautions to take. You know there are alternatives such as having things delivered or mailed to you. ONLY YOU can decide what is safe for you. You know the risks. As long as there are reliable statistics reported (and they are not currently), then we know how far we can go.

The only way they could have stopped this (and we were for it) is to invoke a nationwide quarantine when it started. At least shut down cities where and when it started to contain it. Even then, there were so many carrying asymptomatic signs and did not know it. It’s not going to be stopped on its own now until there is a vaccine. And how many times have we been told that they can’t make a vaccine for Virus’s? Well, if they do now, they should have come up with it for the Flue a long time ago…This will come back to haunt them…


Well wasn’t tested and I was in the hospital over Easter weekend. Had a heart cath done on the Monday after Easter. Had to have heart by-pass surgery fairly quickly. Went home for a couple days and was back in the Pittsburgh hospital on Wednesday for the operation. There were no elective surgery being done, only ones that were serious, and should not be delayed. I was hearing on different local Pittsburgh news stations that UPMC was going to test every patient. Well I asked if they were going to test me and they said not unless I was showing any of the signs of the virus. All personnel wore masks all the times and was very diligent in there care. No visitation was allowed by family members as well and is still that way. Was only in for four days thank goodness.

Wendy Lewis

While we have not been tested for Covid-19, my husband and I are nearly certain that we both had it in January. We flew from Ohio to Las Vegas and spent 6 days there over New Years. About a week after we returned we both ran fevers and developed terrible coughs. We both saw the doctor and were prescribed medication. My husband was much worse than I was and it was only the second time in 37 years that I saw him take a week off work. This seems to follow with the reports on how women are able to better fight the virus because of our hormones and chromosomes. We would be very interested to be tested for the anti-bodies.

James Beirlein

Since 85% of us have not been tested, we really don’t have that much data to work with. Although some of the random testing samples have shown many more have likely had it than the tallies show. We are currently on the road headed back to our home in NY. We live upstate so I’m not too upset about the hazard of it and we miss our family. Our Governor is coming under some criticism on how he has handled this, although a few weeks ago he was a hero and leader. We will be in isolation for 14 days when we get home and now they’re saying we’re more likely to get it indoors. Go figure. NY should look at how Texas is reopening. They focus on protecting the most vulnerable while NY takes the sledge hammer approach keeping everyone locked down. Even in upstate counties where there are much fewer cases. I think the thing that concerns me most is the continuing contradictions we keep getting from the so called experts on how to manage this pandemic. They seem to be in panic mode and just throwing ideas up against the wall hoping something sticks. An old friend once told me the word expert is made up of two parts, X is and unknown quantity and spirt is a drip of water under pressure. So we have an unknown source under pressure telling us what to do. In the end I think this will subside when the majority have contracted it and built up an immunity. When, is hard to predict but from the blanket sample testing of antibodies that has been done, it may be sooner than later.
This will pass and things will get back to normal, and not a new normal either.

Terri R

So my dear friend has COVID. Got it while quarantining well – her DH had been working & when his coworker was diagnosed he never came home; instead he self quarantined at the family trailer while his wife took care of the kids. He tested negative but remained in self quarantine.
Twice daily everyone took their temperatures & on day NINE she spiked a fever (that she says she would have missed because she did not feel ill at that moment). Over the next 5 days her symptoms worsened & she took both the blood test & the oral swab – both were negative. By the fifth day she went to the hospital with breathing difficulty – they did not want to shut down the CAT scan for 2 hr disinfecting so they skipped that (yes, she overheard the conversation). The deep nasal swab came back positive and she was sent home with NO DRUGS OR TREATMENTS. Her personal physician called in drugs to treat her symptoms the next day – none have helped alleviate the excruciating muscle pain & headaches. Meanwhile her husband & kids continue to test negative while being asymptomatic.
What this tells me is that there are now 8 – 12 negative tests in the system that are probably false negatives with one confirmed positive skewing the data significantly …. fortunately she continues to recover.

Ed Dutkiewicz

The reason I don’t want to be tested is because of this picture.



Tommy Molnar: You continue to refer to the coronavirus (Covid-19) as the Chinese flu. It is not.


Traveled internationally (Australia). Had some mild systems while on cruise. Returned from Sydney March 14 thru SFO. Dr. had us tested for antibodies. Came back negative. March 16 Australia closed all their ports.


Have not been tested. Would rather have the antibody test than the Covid-19 test

Bob p

My wife was tested because she went to our FP Dr with a persistent cough, then hospitalization before the test could be delivered to the lab, then transferred to a Nashville hospital and quarantined. Then FEDEX lost her test and she had to be tested again before she could have a surgery to drain water from around her heart. She spent 7 days hospitalized awaiting test, then they did the surgery and she spent another 5 days recovering. We live in a small rural town and the local Dr.office was in a panic, I thought it was very unprofessional to call CDC before the test even got to the lab, actually she was hospitalized and under quarantine shortly after performing the test.


Not tested despite repeatedly requesting to be. I have had EVERY symptom on the list from WHO and been very sick, before now getting over it on my own. I’m not going to trivialize the experience of gasping for breath.

As for the people asking “why get tested” — it helps get an accurate picture of the ACTUAL infection and lethality rates. Not to show how bad they are, but how GOOD. Here in NY, we’ve found by random testing that 25% of people ALREADY had C19 and never knew or got over it with much better symptoms than I had. I believe California’s testing found 15% already exposed out west. That means it’s not nearly as deadly to most folks as first thought, and we can stop locking down the whole country out of irrational fear.

Yes, C-19 can be a Bee-otch for we vulnerable folks… but it’s actually MORE manageable than the common flu if we stop doing the WRONG things.


First off, let me say this is NOT meant as a political post. I’d like to report on what is going on “from the ground” here in NY.

Testing: I personally know about 20 people who have the majority of C19 symtoms. We have almost all asked our GP doctors to be tested AND BEEN REFUSED. You might ask why that is? One GP was honest enough to admit it — they are struggling financially themselves, and if they DON’T send patients for a test, they get paid more from insurance and copays. If they DO send you for a test, it’s handled under the relief bill and “free” to the patient.

I know several ER and oncology doctors, who have confirmed all the “conspiracy theorist” stuff being removed from YouTube and Facebook et al is DEAD ON TRUE. Doctors here are paid $37K to write Covid-19 on death certificates REGARDLESS OF ACTUAL CAUSE OF DEATH. They have been given special legal immunity from ever being sued “if” that diagnosis is later found to be false. Some more honest doctors have admitted they are flagrantly putting C19 on all their cancer and trauma deaths because their medical practices are going under with the current shutdown of any non-C19 treatments (treating things like hypertension, heart disease, most forms of cancer are under mandatory shutdown to reserve space for far less deadly C19 treatment). Since “optional” medicine is shut down, hospitals are desperate to take the illicit federal money just to stay afloat, and it’s exploding the numbers of supposed C19 deaths.

There are homemade signs on bridges reading “Cuomo killed my mom” and “Cuomo has blood ons his hands.” This is because said “leader” literally forced nursing homes to accept C19-positive folks into their communities, and thousands of unnecessary elderly and caregivers have contracted C19 as a *direct* result. Remember, we ARE tracing infection contacts here, and know these nursing homes were clean before intentional seeding with the virus.


There are signs on shuttered businesses begging help for starving families about to become homeless as well. Pro-shutdown people call them “selfish” for wanting to be allowed to feed and shelter their families, but at what point IS it ethical to definitely seriously harm 50% of the healthy for the sake of maybe harming a couple percent? That’s bad math AND bad ethics IMHO.


In my opinion, testing gives folks a false sense of security. They get tested, get negative results back, then think all is good to go and they are safe. However, one hour later they go to the supermarket, gas station, or have a beer with the neighbor who doesn’t know they have Corona! What good was the test?
Another example, my son’s girlfriend, they are parents of 8-month-old twins works in the Covid-19 ICU of a Buffalo, NY hospital. Two weeks ago she got tested to see if she “had” the virus and the antibodies. No on both counts. Fast forward to this past Tuesday, both my son and his girl have the virus along with one of the twins, smaller girl.

All three already better, youth, but testing proved nothing in their case. Just like wearing gloves, they’re only so good until you answer your cell phone with them on.


Testing is a risk management issue.

If many of the infected are contagious and asymptomatic, they will spread the virus. If the virus spreads too quickly, the health care system will be overwhelmed. For someone whose health is otherwise compromised, their suffering and perhaps death will be despairing – and probably could have been avoided.

If the risk equation is the product of probability and consequence, then the outcome is still unacceptable even when the probability approaches zero and the consequence approaches infinity.

Don’t take a risk that you cannot afford.


Not tested, won’t be tested. What’s the point. I’m not compromised and there is no cure. We fulltime and plan on continuing.


I have not been tested yet but will be tested Monday. This is not because I think I have the virus but will be having cataract surgery later this week, seems like a good precaution.


What to do? what to do? That answer is as varied as the people who must answer it. As for us, we hope to head out in the RV to areas of least concern in June. Both 68, we are relatively healthy, somewhat over weight but not obese, and I have hypertension that is well controlled. We plan to continue practicing the social isolation activities and PPE that have blessed us so far, hoping that the country can continue to wake up safely from this day forward. We plan to monitor ourselves a bit more closely via temperature, blood pressure, pulse and oxygen content. We hope our early detection efforts will afford us the time necessary to return home should testing prove positive.

Patrick Granahan

Fact is there are very few testing locations in our area.
I did some research and discovered an interesting fact.
The county I live in (Haywood County, North Carolina) has had
only 5 (five) cases officially reported of the Wuhan (Corona) virus.
I decided testing would be a waste of time
I have to wonder why the governor would shut down the entire state
and destroy the economy. If he had done some research and applied
Simple logic he would have done a County by County virus count and
Selected only infected areas for shutdown.
We need intelligent leaders not buffoons who over react based on headlines.


Please correct me if incorrect, but one could be negative one day and be tested the next day with positive, asymptomatic results. Appears to me that testing when symptomatic would more appropriate than random testing.