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Have you already made at least one campground reservation for next summer?

Are you planning ahead as far as next summer by already making at least one campground or RV park reservation? We’re hearing stories about huge numbers of new RVers coming on the scene, with warnings that they may pack campgrounds in the year ahead.

Are you concerned enough about securing a place to stay with your RV that you are planning into next year’s busy season? Curious minds want to know. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Did you see the results of last Sunday’s poll
, where we asked: “Would you pay an additional $10 a night for an extra-wide RV site?” The results were very interesting.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodburyhttps://rvtravel.com
I'm the founder and publisher of RVtravel.com. I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Tom Digate (@guest_100379)
3 years ago

Yesterday I made 15 reservations to go from Florida to Spokane, WA. Your articles about crowded campgrounds scared me into taking action. Otherwise, I had been planning on making these after the 1st of the year. All of the campgrounds except one had availability for me. Some I called weren’t taking reservations until after the 1st of the year so I found an alternate.

Ed K (@guest_99540)
3 years ago

Parks I go to have a 6 Month reservation window or don’t take reservations before April 1st or the Monday after if on a weekend. I will be making my first reservation in February 2021.

Eric (@guest_99269)
3 years ago

We made reservations for 4th of July week 2021 at our favorite RV park, Normandy Farms.

Beal T. (@guest_99101)
3 years ago

We are full timers and have reservations as far out as July of 2021. We reserved some places that we new might fill up. Still have to fill in a few but most are made. We have Jan -March in a park in AZ. Then some along the Gulf Coast, Myrtle Beach SC, Tybee Island GA,and Ft Monroe VA. We are currently finalizing where we want to stop and will be making those reservations soon. 

Wayne R. (@guest_98714)
3 years ago

Yes, we already have 4 reservations for Lancaster, Pa in April, Nashville in May, Cape May, NJ in June and Myrtle Beach in October …plus a few shorter trips through the summer still undetermined.

Lynnett sine (@guest_98672)
3 years ago

I 100% boon dock x20 yrs . I like pools and patios but no way would I enjoy knowing how much I was paying for it.. It takes me very little time to find friends and put tog a community no matter where I park…cribbage anyone??

B-AZ (@guest_98501)
3 years ago

We are either lucky or maybe just traveling to the ‘wrong’ places. We had no problems making three multiday last minute reservations this year in different areas of the country for our extended travels. We haven’t seen or experienced the gloom and doom that this web site is touting for over crowded parks with no chance of a reservation without a year’s notice.

Doug (@guest_98443)
3 years ago

Made reservations at Fishing Bridge RV campground in Yellowstone. The renovations for this year weren’t finished so I took advantage of chance to book for next year.

Hank (@guest_98375)
3 years ago

Yes, but only for rallies we are attending, but nothing else! We don’t do that, reserve early. Didn’t this year and made out okay! No problem!

KellyR (@guest_98350)
3 years ago

In all our years we have only made one reservation and that was because of a wedding we had to attend. Otherwise, we just go.

Marie (@guest_98338)
3 years ago

I chose the last option because we have a seasonal for next year so no traveling! Also bought a new TT….go big or go home, right?!

Marilyn Granger (@guest_98335)
3 years ago

Can only make reservations 6 months out in California….so comes December. Yep

Paul S Goldberg (@guest_98329)
3 years ago

The only place we plan to spend extended time is on our coop site at Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, NOT in the summer if we can help it. We are wanderers and have been able to find spots when/where needed right up through last May as we crossed the country one more time. Since then we were on a family farm.
We avoid high season and vacation weekend travel, usually finding a quiet boondock or other dry camp place for the weekend – Harvest Hosts is not wonderful on holiday weekends since they are usually very busy (once stayed in a NY Apple Orchard in the Fall way too congested). If all else fails there is always WalMart or equivalent big box.

Jeff Craig (@guest_98315)
3 years ago

If you aren’t making reservations nine months in advance, at exactly 0700 on the day that they open, you can forget getting a space in most WA State parks on a holiday weekend – and on regular weekends at the most popular parks.

Livan_Life (@guest_98313)
3 years ago

Not sure that we will. After 30 years of RVing we have our beloved RV up for sale and may not replace it. Our last trip out was frustrating because of not being able to find a site for the night. Miss the days when we could find a RV park and just pull in and never worried about reservations. Like many others, we are wanderers and never know where we’ll end at the end of the day.

Diane Mc (@guest_98307)
3 years ago

Depends on the definition of summer. If it’s June/July/August, then no. We do a 2 week trip up to the Redwoods, but can’t make reservation until Jan 1st, otherwise we would. We like a specific site. We make a trip to the Indy500 (from CA), in May/June. Reservation for RV park (prior to moving to track) was moved from this year, when race was canceled for fans, to next year. Thanks for the reminder. Need to make reservations for trip out. Also need to make a couple more reservations for trip to Florida in Jan/Feb/March. Snippet about Texas getting full made me nervous…lol. Need 2 more parks to complete the journey out. Grateful we are towards the end of our RV travels and got to do the roaming around/no reservations until recently. Well, except for Florida in winter. If campgrounds are full now, can’t wait to see what happens when the Canadian/US border opens up in winter time!

Kaeleen Buckingham (@guest_98302)
3 years ago

In Colorado you can only reserve 6 months in advance. I’ll be on it at 6 months!

Ron L. (@guest_98301)
3 years ago

Funny you should mention this…. we were just discussing yesterday about making our 2021 summer reservations and probably will do so in the next week or so.

Traveler (@guest_98294)
3 years ago

Quit turning Campground reservations into the new toilet paper!
Especially with Reserve America’s punitive cancellation policy, people go crazy making reservations, then plans change and the site is left unused, but wanted.

Kevin (@guest_98293)
3 years ago

We cancel our reservation this summer due to COVID so they allow us to reschedule for next year without any penalty fee.

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