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Have you ever moved from a campsite because of an undesirable neighbor?

Most of us have had the misfortune to be camped next door to someone we wished were across the park from us and not on our doorstep. Sad to say, but in many RV parks, RVs are packed so tightly you can hear your neighbor snore at night.

There are times when it’s too much. The problem could be a bunch of beer-chugging good-ol’ boys who want to party all night, or a family with a half-dozen loud, badly behaved children, or a camper who loves to play his Conway Twitty tunes so loud your belly fat vibrates on the low notes. Of course, there’s the guy who smokes cigars and watches Rambo movies on his big screen, outdoor TV (with Dolby sound) six feet away from your bedroom window.

So, our question of the day: Have you ever just packed up your RV and moved to a different site, or even a different park, because you simply could not tolerate staying another night in the campground equivalent of hell?

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Jann Forrest
1 year ago

I always checked to see when they were leaving and fortunately it was always before me so nope did not move.

Sink Jaxon
1 year ago

Three day weekend at a lake in NE Colorado. The second day, two campsites down from us, 3 pickups pulled in and started setting up tents…there were around 8 people, all young, and I swear! they pulled a ping-pong table out of the back of one of the trucks and set it up! Then out comes the beer and the red solo cups, and they started playing beer pong! Now this was about one in the afternoon. The small TT in between us and them, some older folks, just went in their trailer and stayed there and didn’t come out! We watched as they became drunker and drunker, yelling and carrying on all afternoon. The good thing was all of them passed out in their tents by 8 just before sunset, then gone the next morning by 10 am. It was funny to watch actually, and never saw them cook a single meal! The other good thing was the campsites were huge so there was a lot of space between us all. There’s been other experiences that didn’t end up so well and have actually moved on. We all have choices.

John johnston
1 year ago

Pulled in friday afternoon next to the lake for hopefully a quiet weekend. Later a family from out of state pulled in. Quiet first night. Next am they set up their suntent inches from my camper, turned on their outdoor speakers set way too loud to country music and proceded to spend the day racing their ski boat up and down the lake never turning off the music while gone. Asked camp host to have them remove tent that was just inches away from dinette window and turn down music. She did not want to confront them. They were there for a family reunion and she didn’t want to get involved. When the kids started running thru the campsite that afternoon to visit neighbors had enough and went home even though we had paid for the weekend. Had to remove their tent to pull out without damage which pissed them off, but they got my site which is what they wanted.

1 year ago

We did not move out after listening to a loud bunch of heathens drinking and shouting with loud music all night long in a state park BUT there were several unsuccessful visits from the rangers. Early the next morning came and most were still drunk and passed out/ sleeping all around their campsite, some urinating out in open view of other campers, other getting very friendly with each other…I decided that we needed a camp fire for breakfast prep. Splitting wood and “breaking up” 2X6 pine scraps by clapping them together loudly brought most of the drunk or sleeping people out holding their splitting heads from the night before with comments about how drunk they were from the antics of the night before. The kicker was that one of the group was speaking loudly to be heard by anyone near by their site that the music had killed the battery in the truck and he needed help to get the truck jumped.There were no volunteers but the rangers arrived again with the police to clean out the youth

1 year ago

No sooner than I pulled into the site assigned the neighbors dog started barking and wouldn’t stop. I went back to the office and requested another site. I don’t travel with pets and after driving all day, the last thing I needed was listening to a dog barking non-stop.

Danny Wells
1 year ago
Reply to  Don

I’m with you 100%

1 year ago
Reply to  Don

I hate them too. Been at campsites where owners left dog in RV and gone all day. Dog barked all day. Wish enforcement had the b@lls to kick them out. Why do I have to listen to this ALL day? Others with large dogs that when bark can be heard from one end to the other end of the campground. Last summer was at a state park where several RV owners met and the two dogs were at it for hours. Control your untrained dog or board the animal!

Jill Barnes Nelson
1 year ago

We were supposed to have a site next to a camper that had a barking dog and some sort of wood project he was working on, also making lots of noise. Went back to the office and asked for another site. The woman looked at me with a knowing smile and said sure. We had a great time at the new site.

Scott Taylor
1 year ago

Once as we were setting up – literally just backed in and getting level – the fellow in the site near us began complaining – we actually just packed up and went to a different campground.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

No, but we usually stay in State Parks and know most of the Rangers.

Grant Graves
1 year ago

I answered no but I missed the option of “not yet”.

Richard Warnke
1 year ago

One time only.
The neighbor did not know how to use his sewer and its hose; left the valve from the Flexible’s black tank to the leaky hose open all the time.
In friendly fashion, I offered to assist him in learning how to dump the black tank. He declined the offer in unfriendly fashion.
We were to be at this campground for four months; the neighbor, even longer.
After a couple of weeks, we asked the manager if we could move. Manager eagerly accepted and asked us to write a complaint about the neighbor whom the manager hoped to be able to evict from the park.
1 year ago

Once on South Padre Island at the Isla Blanca County Park where the leash laws are strictly enforced, our little dog jumped out the door when we opened it. We retrieved him in seconds. However, the old busy body behind us, Nosey O’Donnell, called the office. They came to reinforce the rules. After, we put a sign on the back of our rv that said, “WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE”. She left shortly after. That time, we didn’t have to move, the problem did.

Einar Hansen
1 year ago

We have run into unruly & noisy neighbors a few times. We one time had a neighbor who would not keep their BIG DOG tied up, I asked them to do it a few times and it didn’t work. And My wife wanted us to move, Then after their dog attacked one of ours that were tied up, I had enough! So I walked over and handed him a $100 bill. He asked me what that was for? I said this is what the fine to me would be for killing his dog after I called and talked to the town about it. He handed the bill back to me and tied his dog up! The rest of our stay was very very peaceful for some reason after that! 🤔

Last edited 1 year ago by Einar Hansen
1 year ago

Never moved but was very cautious around the neighbor at a park in west Yellowstone in 2017. As I was hooking up my surge protector, he made a comment about my surge protector that I took as he was going to steal it. So I only used it to check to make sure the power was ok from the pedestal before putting it back into storage. Then coming home from out sight seeing he and his wife was in our front door sitting at our picnic table eating. I tell you the man was squirrely to say the least and I didn’t appreciate his behavior and considered it antisocial.

Einar Hansen
1 year ago
Reply to  Bill

We lock our surge protector, and yes we have had one stolen.

1 year ago

Once had a group of three adults and 21 kids park beside us. They spent more time in my site than I did. The rangers told them they couldn’t have that many people in their site so they rented the other site next to me. Stuck in the middle. It was time to leave

1 year ago

nope, but we had one removed from a state park.

James LaGasse
1 year ago

We never moved because of undesirable neighbors but we did get some undesirables moved out of the campgrounds because of arguing, screaming, foul language and a brawl. They literally were beating the crap out of each other and then 3 of them jumped on one person. We had called the rangers office 3 times and I was about to call the sheriffs office when the rangers decided to throw them out.

1 year ago

RESPECT – RESPECT – Respect !! Will we, all, soon be, either showing firearms on our person or dead from same?

1 year ago

Yosemite Valley in the 70s. Crowding was horrifying. My dad asked the ranger for more options and he let us move to a campground near the timberline. A bear came and ate most of our two-week supply of food even though it was in a locked box and lashed shut with strong rope. Still preferable to staying in the valley!

1 year ago

In the hundreds of camping trips we’ve taken I’ve moved at least 5 times. Every time was when we were boondocking and not at an RV park. For some reason, even though there was miles of open space around us, someone would come and park right next to us. Then they would either party all night, run their construction generator, or let their kids and dogs run wild and through my little area and just generally be bad neighbors. One time on the shores of Lake Powell a motor home parked 5 feet off the back of my trailer bumper. They then started a huge bon-fire about 10 feet from my trailer door and left it to go walk on the beach. It was filling my trailer with smoke. So as I was packing up I thought “Hey, I was here first & have been here for 3 days already, why should I move?” I put the fire out and when they came back two hours later I used my teacher voice and told that they were too close, I was here first and they had to move. Surprisingly, they did so without a fight

Roy Davis
1 year ago

I had to say yes but mine was a little different. I had the campground owner come around and offer us a different site in the “quieter” section of the campground. It was more secluded and further from the entrance. Toward the front there was a group of partiers traveling together that was loud,, drunk, and ignoring the quiet hours and we had young kids at the time.

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