Thursday, February 2, 2023


Is it harder for you today to obtain an RV park space without an advance reservation than 5 years ago?

Do you find it harder to find an available site in a campground or RV park today compared to five years ago without making a reservation far in advance? We know there are many more RVers on the road today without nearly enough new campgrounds or RV parks to easily accommodate them all.

But we know from our mail that some readers are not noticing any crowding or issues finding a place to stay. But we also have received many, many emails from others who say it’s becoming a real pain in the you-know-what to find a place to stay without making a reservation months or even a year ahead.

We asked this same question two years ago. We think it will be interesting to compare how readers respond today compared to then. That was right before the pandemic, and the sales of RVs had yet to soar, setting new records.

We welcome your comments. Remember it can take a few moments for the poll to load, so stand by.


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David Binkley
1 year ago

The whole country, especially state and federal parks, has become a garbage dump. Not to mention the highways. Look around. Trash freaking everywhere. Disgusting. Our country reminds me of a great rock band on a farewell tour and the new generation knows nothing about them and could not care less.

BJ Lewis
1 year ago

Now have to reserve a spot in Oregon state parks 6 months in advance, and even then it’s slim pickings. When I get to the park, sign always says ‘FULL’.

1 year ago

I mostly boondock in the National Forests. WOW – tons of people up there making a mess last summer. Also, in our Feb trip to an RV park that is normally very lightly populated, there was probably 30% more rigs than usual.

It feels like a thing, but I don’t know what it will be like in the “new normal”

Bill N Stacey
1 year ago

Consider The Increase In Population… Times Are Changing!!! Anyone Can Qualify For A Loan… What Was Once A “Niche” Market Is Now A Market For The “Masses”…

Rodney D Rhodes
1 year ago

Always plan at least 5-6 months in advance depending on states reservations system. Never have a problem with reserving particular site. Rarely stay at private campgrounds but if we do it’s last minute and take what they have available.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

It’s always been difficult to get a space in a WA State Park, because Canadians come down to our exceptional parks. During the lockdown, it’s been a bit easier, but the number of new RV’s with local plates has gone up considerably.

Roy Davis
1 year ago

I said a little more difficult but I generally don’t have trouble. That’s probably because I am a strict planner who books well ahead plus we don’t go to many places that have a high demand. The only place I had to call more than one campground so far was Branson, MO and I got one at our second choice.

Bob Schilling
1 year ago

I answered no more difficult because we have always planned and made reservations in advance. That always works.

1 year ago

Depends on location and time of year. Not had issue in Spring and latter Fall, but only a few where available sites.

1 year ago

Am retired military. Haven’t stayed on a civilian RV park in at least a decade. Military Famcamp sites are on virtually every base in our areas of interest, are always available and at a mere fraction of the cost (usually in the low 20s per night) of civilian sites.

Dick & Sandy from near Buffalo, NY now in Florida
1 year ago

For us, usually finding an RV site is not the problem. The problem is finding the RIGHT RV site. We prefer sites that face north. We have a fixed satellite system on our coach and not all RV sites in the RV parks and Resorts we attend have the openings in the trees to provide adequate satellite receiving. We prefer sites that are close to activity buildings, swimming pools and such. As a result we reserve a year in advance. Are we spoiled, probably. However we are both in our late 70’s with what seems growing health issues so we provide ourselves with those luxuries as best we can. Stay safe, Stay well, Safe travels

Alaska Traveler
1 year ago

Been on the road since 2007 and always had trouble around west Texas due to oil field workers. But every place else we’ve been able to find an overnight spot whether a campground or a truck stop. We always reserve far ahead for our California Christmas month because of the season. We didn’t travel much in 2020 because of Covid. We spent the summer in a small campground in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We made reservations a month or two before. We’ll do that again this year. We’ve decided to over night at a truck stop on the way since there are no campgrounds near our halfway point.
We are fortunate to have relatives with full hook ups and a military campground with lots of open spaces on our route that we normally travel.

The Lazy Q
1 year ago

Only for the days I want to camp, mostly not a problem for the days that I can’t take a trip.

Mike M.
1 year ago
Reply to  The Lazy Q


1 year ago

I’ve already made most of my reservations for the upcoming season. I did not want to take any chance waiting til the last minute.

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