Saturday, June 10, 2023


When you told your friends and/or family you were going full-time, how did they react?

When you announced to your friends and/or family that you had made the decision to become a full-time RVer and live in your RV, what was their reaction? Was it something like, “Oh, that’s wonderful! You’ve always wanted to do that. We’re so happy for you!” Or was it more like, “That doesn’t sound logical… How the heck are ya gonna make money??”

After you vote in the poll, will you please leave a comment and tell us the specific reaction of your friends and family? We’d love to hear the story. Thank you!


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1 year ago

A lot of people would say O wow cool. Then go so you are going to RV in the middle of no wheres ville and no thought to this? I would say yes to support for it but a lot of people give mixed reactions to either yeah or you gotta be nuts. So I am nuts but a new room with view is better then seeing the same 4 walls everyday.

Terri Foxx-Wishert
1 year ago

We had vacationed in a smaller RV before we retired, and had said for years that when we retired, we would travel. It was tougher when we told the kids that the Bank of Dad was closed and all loans now due and payable – some shocked faces.
There were people making bets about how long we could do this; still at it.
Discovered with the early vacationing that I didn’t like laundromats, so we made certain that the new RV had a washer and dryer. Made a huge difference in our time usage. Also a spot for a desktop PC. Off loaded a lot of things we started with, small appliances, multiple tool boxes, etc. lightened by several hundred pounds over time. A kindle vs books helps a lot.

1 year ago

No support whatsoever when I told my parents my travel dream when I retired. After being told how irresponsible, ridiculous and selfish I was, they resorted to the old standby guilt trip…..”it will kill your father”….this statement had worked before keeping me near years longer than I had planned. This time, I hit the road anyway, having a blast and the good news is after 16 years gone everyone is still alive. Who taught me the love of travel anyway? They did, love of nature, love of hiking love of museums, etc. I see them more now than I did when I worked nearby.

Phil J
1 year ago

We think that they were just glad that we weren’t calling to move in with them.

Paul S Goldberg
1 year ago

Our children were then in their mid 40’s were delighted. We had been extended part time for a few years and we were using our cross-country travel to spend time with them near their homes on both coasts, and I think secretly they were glad there would be less “stuff” for them to deal with when the inevitable happens. It doesn’t seem likely that either will follow us on to the road although the younger one might find a way to bring along their horses as part of the adventure.

Last edited 1 year ago by Paul S Goldberg
1 year ago

We haven yet as we haven’t taken that leap of faith yet. But I am assuming our children will be ok with it. One is already talking about motor home and gone when their youngest is gone. But we will have an apartment at our oldest son’s place has he has rental property giving us a home address.

Phil Atterbery
1 year ago

Our five grown children stated, “ya, right”. We told them on numerous occasions to call first. We may not be where you think we are. Now, everybody’s good.

Terri Foxx-Wishert
1 year ago
Reply to  Phil Atterbery

Have gotten those calls of ‘where are you guys?’ My favorite was when we were wading in the Atlantic ocean on the Florida coast. We’re from Washington State. The kids then said ‘Oh, I guess you’re not available to babysit tonight.’

1 year ago
Reply to  Phil Atterbery

I really love the thought of grandparents are out tonight and no we cannot be available for that last minute date nite babysitting gig. Another reason I plan to be no where when it comes to the first 2 years. I remember our daughter at that age. She was a handfull.

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