Prep meals at home for RV use


by Russ and Tiña DeMaris

Heading out for an RV trip and don’t want to spend too much time slaving over a hot stove on the road? A few “work a bit before you go, less while you’re gone” tips are in order.

Nearly any soup, stew or side dish can be worked up ahead at home, frozen, then kept on ice in the RV until you’re ready to use it. Thaw it in the refrigerator or a microwave and finish it up on the stove. If you’re a home canner, make extra stew or soup, can it and have it ready in the RV pantry.

You can get a jump on dry stuff, too. Don’t settle for “store bread.” You can put together the dry ingredients for homemade bread, stuff ’em in a plastic storage bag, then add the wet ingredients when it’s time to bake. Not just bread, but waffle, pancakes, biscuits, muffins and cookies, too!

Got a pasta meal or more on the menu? You can mostly cook pasta at home, bag it and keep it in the RV refrigerator. No boiling water — just nuke the pasta and serve. No power for the microwave? Heat it in hot water on the stove in less time than to cook from the raw state.

Grill time? Stick your meats in your favorite marinade at home, keep in a zip lock freezer bag in the RV fridge. Alternative: Bag in marinade, freeze and then thaw.

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