Monday, December 5, 2022


Views from quarantine: What’s out your window? Send us a photo!


Since we’re all stuck inside together (well, not actually “together”), we might as well enjoy each other’s views! Where are you reading this? What is the view out your front door, window, campsite or porch?

Send a photo with a description and location (if you wish) to emily (at) . Or, you can submit it here. If you can get a shot with the newsletter in there, you get bonus points! Wink. For example, below is my (Emily’s) view. I live near Seattle in an apartment looking out onto 200 acres of protected wetlands. This is where I am typing this, and where I am “quarantined.”

We’ll feature some of the best photos in our upcoming newsletters.

Thanks! Stay healthy!


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2 years ago

I’m unsure how to attach a picture to the form, but I’ll tell you a little about what is going on in Lethbridge Alberta Canada Saturday April 11, 2020.
What I see when I look out the window this morning as i enjoy the latest newsletters and news from around the world via pressreader, is a fair amount of blowing snow adding to the four inches mother nature handed us overnight.

By contrast Wednesday April 8, we had convertibles and Harley’s on the street and dozens of people I’ve never seen before walking with their families – getting out and about in +18 degree warmth.

That temp roughly translates into about 68 F. A heat wave at this time of the year for southern Alberta -not bad.

Today – not all that cold at -2C.

Now doesn’t that warm the heart?

Happy Easter to you all. Staying busy in the garage restoring vintage toys. Alvin & Geri.

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