Thursday, September 23, 2021
Thursday, September 23, 2021

You just missed the chance to buy this rare Italian RV restoration

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
If you were looking for a unique RV restoration project, you just missed it. A French automotive auction house, Benzin, just closed an auction on an Italian-made 1980 Paguro camper built by Laverda. Guess we’d call this classic a Class C, the chassis manufactured by Citroën. This wild Italian RV must have been hot in its day.

Restoration project

With less than 4,000 miles on the clock, perhaps this motorhome motored from the owner’s villa to the beach and back. Outside, appearances suggest the exterior had been cared for, but we did say, “restoration project,” right?

Forward, on the flight deck you’ll need a bit of help with the upholstery. Ditto that for the door panels, but the dash is looking good. Instrumentation? Check! Electrical system? Check! Ah, how about that power plant? Just what sort of power plant is sold in an Italian RV? One that develops a whopping 31 horsepower, based on a two-cylinder 602-cubic-centimeter engine! The engine is said to start and run, but could use a tuneup. The four-speed manual transmission considers fourth gear to be overdrive and, we’re warned, once in that gear, you won’t go picking up any speed. But, hey, it’s economical!

RV accommodations

What about those all important Italian RV accommodations? Well, the galley comes equipped with a two-burner gas-fired stove. There’s an under-counter refrigerator in undeclared condition to hold perishables. A small stainless sink will be ready to accept the dishes.

Wood cabinetry, much of which was still not mounted to the walls, was also included in the sale. Apparently the bed was part of a “fold down at night” affair. And the cushions, which appear to be in surprisingly good condition, are present and accounted for.

A huge amount of work is laid out for the restorer when it comes to the interior walls. It appears somebody started out on the process of rebuilding, but may have run out of gas along the way.

How much am I bid?

So what are we offered, my friends, for this rare, Italian beauty? After the work is done, imagine driving your way through La Dolce Vita! Somebody must have seen a sweet dream: The selling price was $18,141.


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BILLY Bob Thronton
4 months ago

Not sure if this thing is stateside, but if it is, GOOD LUCK, finding parts!

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