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Reader letter: Shortage of campsites is ‘for real!’


Hi, Chuck,
letters to the editorI’ve noticed a drastic change in the past two years in campsite availability. We have been RVing since 1981 and usually traveled without reservations. Of course, when staying at Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World one expects to make reservations almost a year in advance.

Since I retired in 1998, we have traveled to specific destinations such the “Field of Dreams” in Iowa or Scott’s Bluff and other landmarks used by pioneers in Nebraska. We never had a problem finding a campsite if we called a day or two before we’d arrive.

This past March we took a ‘hurried’ trip to Florida to visit a sister-in-law who had cancer. I had a devil of a time getting a campsite in the Tampa area on short notice. In 2014, I called an Encore Resort in Largo, Florida on a Friday before our Sunday arrival and had no problems getting a site. In fact, about 20 were available the entire week we were there. This April we had to stay at Tampa East Coast-to-Coast Resort as it was the only place of a dozen we called that had available space. I drove through the Encore Resort twice in the evening, and every site was occupied.

Our local dealer, Tim Wegge of Burlington RV is well aware of the problem and said he had brought it up at RVDA [RV Dealers Association] meetings in the past, but his comments were usually ignored.

I did not make a donation to your newsletter for the first year or so I read it. Now I feel it’s very important that I do so. It’s nice having someone who advocates for the individual user of the RVs.

Thanks for the excellent newsletter.

Tom Gutzke


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Roy Beals
5 years ago

Hi Chuck, This is my first time responding to your newsletter. We got our start in tents, moved to a pop-up and on to a 1999 Holiday Rambler. After reading , in your newsletter, about the quality issues , we decided to upgrade through used motor homes.. I want to thank you for making me aware of what to look for. We just purchased our dream coach, a 2007 Damon Tuscany diesel pusher . Thanks to your readers , we knew what to expect in buying used. Thanks again for a great newsletter, and you can add my name to the list of folks you speak for. Keep up your good work, Roy Beals aka flagman.

Geoff Blair
5 years ago

Good morning Chuck – excellent editorial today.
We have been been full time in our class A for nearly ten years, workamping all the time. Many good memories with several horrible ones in the mix. Yes, overcrowding and greed have led to an environment of forgotten valuable regulations and some new entries placing, what should be, enjoyable RV experiences, into that horrible category.

Since last April we are full-time caretakers of a 160 acre private ranch in California and here for the foreseeable future. It’s my wife and I and the owners. For the most part we schedule our days, take off whatever time necessary and thoroughly enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors away from those entities previously mentioned. We would wholeheartedly encourage other workampers to search out similar situations. There are severel websites specific to “caretaker” positions.
Thanks so much for your efforts. We very much appreciate all you do and offer and encourage others to contribute to this valuable forum.
Enjoy your weekend!
Geoff Blair

Leonard Szymkowiak
5 years ago

For the money we pay,100,000 plus for a new unit,we’ve already paid for the quality we don’t get!

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago

And the really sad part, Leonard, is that no matter HOW much you pay (or don’t pay), the result is the same. Poor workmanship and non-existent quality control.

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