Thursday, December 8, 2022


Reader Poll: In high school were you popular?


Okay, this question is not about RVing. It’s about you, and your past (for most of us a distant past).

Were you popular in high school? Maybe you were the student body president, or a star on the football team or the homecoming queen? Did the opposite sex fall all over you? Or were you shy and maybe hung out with a few close friends — spending your high school years in the background?

Let’s see what our readers were like way back in those good ol’ days (or maybe bad ol’ days). . .

The poll may take a few moments to load. So stand by.




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Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

I went to an “all boys” high school in Chicago. Not sure how I would qualify “popular” in that situation.

That was in the early 60’s though, and now girls go to the school as well.

4 years ago

55 or 60 in the entire 4-year high school. I think 12 in my senior class. We were all friends – if ,there would have been no one to be ‘popular’ with!

Steve - Alaska
4 years ago

I think I was extremely popular among both my friends! The rest of my classmates didn’t even know my name, but that was okay, I didn’t know theirs either!

4 years ago

I came from a small town in Southern California at least 100 miles from any city of more than 50,000. I attended the same school from K through 12 and each class had an average of about 50 to 70 kids….so I knew not only every kid in my class, I knew every kid in the class above and below me. When we have a reunion every five years, it’s not only our class, but the entire school. I was just an average kid, not terribly smart, not overly athletically gifted and of decent looks/build. Never held a class office, nor ever nominated. I had many very close friends and a few girlfriends that I still stay in touch with after 50+ years of graduating. I married the little sister of one of my best friends (she was two classes below me) and this November we will celebrate our 53rd year together.

4 years ago

Gotta agree on not missing much. The survey didn’t go far enough down for “students bullied me, teachers despised me.” I was smart before brains were cool, MENSA, 1590SAT, entered polytech college two years early. 6’2″ pacifist, aka “punching bag” for the jocks. Had friends and girls, but equally from the outcast caste.

Yep, don’t miss high school at all.

4 years ago

Why is this poll in an RV newsletter?

4 years ago
Reply to  Lelia

If you don’t like it, ignore it and move on!

4 years ago
Reply to  Lelia

Lighten up, Lelia! It’s just fun! I like these kinds of questions.

4 years ago

Being from a military family, I didn’t have a lot of time to be popular. I went to three different high schools.

4 years ago

I attended a rather large suburban high school. I have not seen or spoken to any classmates since the day I graduated. That was 50 years ago. Don’t believe I’ve missed a thing.

Patti Panuccio
4 years ago

I grew up in a little town in Fla outside Tampa that was and still, is Showtown USA. If you didn’t work in the carnival or circus your friends left in the late spring and returned in the fall. Those of us that didn’t, found it hard to get together in the summer. There wasn’t much to do in the rural areas except play in the river and fish. No complaints though what a way to grow up. When school was out so was I from sun up to sun down.

4 years ago

I just happen to be at my 45th high school reunion, an excercise in mental agility. Seated next to me at our social meet up, a classmate said, “I’ve known you sense we were in first grade and this is the first time we’ve ever said more then hello.“ The lady is correct in that we all I suspect never said much to some class mates, other then hello.