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What we learned about you last week (July 14-20)

Whew! We’re glad 67 percent of you aren’t throwing up (on the top of a mountain, that is!). On Saturday we asked if you were affected by altitude sickness and while most of you aren’t, 23 percent of you answered that you are, and 9 percent aren’t sure. BJ L. commented, “When we moved from California to Colorado in the ’90s, living at 8000′, I would get altitude sickness for at least a week. Like the severe flu with a migraine. Every time we returned from a vacation, I would get altitude sickness again, for the 10 years we lived in CO. Today when we RV, I try to select the lowest RV park elevation.” Yikes! Make sure you read the comments for advice on what other RVers do to not get sick. 

While we do appreciate being spoiled (who doesn’t?), we’re somewhat relieved that 70 percent of you feel that one bathroom in an RV is plenty (moderation is key, right?). We asked if you were to buy an RV tomorrow, would you want a second bathroom? Well, 15 percent of you answered yes (we do understand), and another 15 percent said, “Eh. Maybe.” Now, how about a Jacuzzi tub? We’ll take one (or two!) of those, please!

For the towable owners out there, we asked if you bought a vehicle specifically to tow your RV. Yep, 68 percent of you did. There were 32 percent of you who said no, but Bob G. says he bought a vehicle to tow behind his RV – maybe we should’ve asked that too!

Nobody cares if there are flames or race car stripes painted on their RVs, huh? Wink. On Wednesday we asked how important the exterior paint job/graphics were to you when purchasing an RV, and more than half (54 percent) said it was not at all important. It’s all about what’s on the inside (isn’t that the way the saying goes?). However, 33 percent of you said it’s somewhat important, and 13 percent answered that looks are very important. 

Last but not least, on Thursday we were curious to know when the last time you inspected your roof for leaks was. Woo! You’ve pleasantly surprised us! More than a quarter of you (28 percent) answered that you’d examined it within the last month, and 21 percent say sometime within the past six months (OK, we’ll take that answer). We started pushing it when another 21 percent said it’s probably been close to a year and 16 percent say it’s been a year. For the 14 percent of you who say you’ve never inspected it, get up there now! That’s an order….please! 

As always, thanks for taking our polls! We love learning about you and hope you enjoy learning about each other too. If you have a question you’d like to ask our community (RV related or not) send it to emily (at) We may ask it!


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