Monday, August 15, 2022


Really? Amazon warehouses in the sky?


By Chuck Woodbury
amazon blimp warehousesI am continually amazed at Sometimes I wonder how long other retailers will survive when Amazon is improving the customer experience and the speed at which it can deliver packages. The company has already made its first delivery by drone. Surely, the pace of such deliveries will quicken.

Today, I’m not sure whether to laugh or marvel at Amazon’s newest idea, reported by the Seattle Times. It seems the company has applied for a patent that would establish giant warehouses in the sky supported by blimps. Here is what the Times said:

“It [the warehouse] would float above a city at 45,000 feet of height, and hold not only thousands of items, but a fleet of drones. Gravity would make the drones more energy efficient, as they wouldn’t have to power up until they’re close to the ground. The drones could make their way back to the mothership in a shuttle, accompanied by packages and workers not afraid of heights. It can move to hover over other cities based on demand.”

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John Jamieson
5 years ago

I just love this Buck Rogers idea of a warehouse in the sky! I hope I live long enough to see it…

John Ahrens
5 years ago

The thing with Amazon, is that they are not afraid to experiment. Lots of ideas that never see the light of day. But in the process they find some gems, which has led them to be the largest retailer in the world.

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