Wednesday, November 30, 2022


New product detects objects in driver’s blind spot


Just in time for spring, Rear View Safety has unveiled its new microwave blind spot sensor system designed for RVs and other large vehicles.

The RVS-122 Microwave Blind Spot Sensor System, which places sensors behind the side paneling of the vehicle, requires no drilling to install. When activated, the driver is given visual and audio alerts when an object enters the blind spots slightly behind and to the side of the vehicle. The RVS-122 can detect objects up to 60 feet away and works on vehicles up to 49 feet long.

“The RVS-122 is a great blind spot solution for RVs,” says Rear View Safety Director of Marketing James Grossbaum. “It has a very simple installation, covers a wide range, and was specifically made for large vehicles like RVs.” The sensors improve overall safety and increase driver confidence, the company says.


  • Microwave Sensor Technology – mounts behind vehicle paneling
  • Mounts easily without drilling
  • Perfect for blind spots on RVs
  • Provides visual and aural alerts from vehicles in blind spots
  • Includes GPS Module

For more information visit the Rear View Safety website.

Information obtained from press release.

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4 years ago

Microwave … enough said … next option, pls

4 years ago
Reply to  Terry

Lol… I hate to break it to you, but Wi-Fi is also microwave band 2.4GHz, so don’t panic at the word unless these sensors put out KW of energy… Although not a total block due to frequency hopping, many people find security systems shorten the range of their Wi-Fi network…

4 years ago

I’d love to hear from someone actually using this system (not a press release) to hear what it actually does and how well. There are basically four proximity sensors currently available on the market: PIR movement, IR bounce (optical sonar), sonar, and microwave. None work well THROUGH a *metal* walled trailer, and IR doesn’t like bright sun even then. Microwave can work through a fiberglass wall, but would alert on everything moving relative to the trailer (beeping for every road sign). If they’ve got it working through metal, doppler filtering to both not false and still alert intended targets, I’ll be impressed.

I use 5 sonars on my trailer, but they physically penetrate the walls. Microwave is part of my trailer’s alarm system, but only works inside/near windows.

4 years ago

We have the blind spot monitor in our Lexus and it really comes in handy on the freeway. However, with our 44′ Phaeton, the convex mirrors provide this same capability. I’m not sure adding this monitor to our coach would be any more beneficial other than the audio alert. That would be very helpful to allow me to keep my eyes on the road. I might just go ahead and get this system.

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