“Redneck” houseboat? Good idea or not?


This was posted on the Texas RV Camping group at Facebook. We’ve heard of barges for rent where you can drive on your RV for a houseboat kinda experience. But, really, is this setup safe?

But this looks a little too tight to us. You have to wonder what would happen if a big wind came up and the waves starting tossing this “houseboat” around.

What do you think? Is this a good idea or not? Your comments are welcome.


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Scott Gitlin

What could possibly go wrong?

Jim Graham

I like the idea. I would need more details but I like the idea.

Jesse Crouse

Can’t fix STUPID; only what STUPID does.

Jesse Crouse

How many ways can I say NO,NO and again NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two Buck Chuck

Beer was involved during the design phase.

Sink Jaxon

Redneck Yacht Club!!


If you look close, you can see the cables anchoring it down, though the barge is too small for my liking. Also the very basic trailer should handle the waves ok, opposed to a rig with slide outs. Slide outs subjected to wave motion in the open position would not be good.


As they said in Jaws “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”…. Think I would pass for now….:-)


Simple answer? NO!! That said, a larger barge with good ballast underneath might work but, you mentioned high winds so… still NO!! NOT FOR ME ANYWAY.

Glen Keen

Betting he has the stabilization pads bolted into the wood deck. I wood 😛 Depending on how its anchored, I would guess it probably weather-vanes into the wind. Seeing the tender boat, I doubt it is ever taken into open water, but tied off to an offshore anchor point in a protected bay. Anything short of a major storm and Bubba is living the dream in his National Splash.

They only problem I see is there is no name on the back? That’s bad luck.


Well I for one say GENIUS!
Of course, I would go for a larger barge as the base.

Tommy Molnar

It doesn’t look like it’s “lashed down”. That would be MY concern. The water looks placid enough – right now. What does the name on the side of the trailer say?


Don’t drink too many longnecks!

Michael Roach

Hold my beer !

George Spettigue

“The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits!” Albert Einstein

George Spettigue

As a longtime boater and ocean sailor (50 years), I can tell you that this particular set up has a barge area that is way too small for the windage of the unit placed atop it simply from a stability point of view alone, not to mention from a safety perspective – not enough personal room outside the rig nor ability to control the unit’s path across the water! A disaster waiting to happen!


This is done all the time in the oilfield for frac pumps, air cans and other equipment. Put it on a barge, lash it down and float it out into the gulf.

Floating your RV out in the water beats sitting in the cab of a truck on the water!

Donald N Wright

Rest assured, someone took a bet that they could or could not do this. It reminds me of those top heavy cruise ships


Boat too small for intended purpose. But, you cannot fix stupid. The laws of physics will take over, Gravity wins every time.
But, it is an excellent idea, poorly engineered.


It’s a good idea, until you wake up one morning, forget where you are and PLOOCH, in for a swim! The same goes for nighttime, “PLOOCH”

And then you hear: “Honey, can you get me a towel”!