New RV buyers upset with “horrible bed.” Why did they buy it?


By Chuck Woodbury

I found this question on social media. I want to pull my hair out when I read something like this. Here is the question posed by a newbie RVer: “We just bought our first travel trailer and spent our first night… the bed is horrible. It’s a queen and I have to replace it before we go back out. Suggestions?”

Many people suggested ways to modify the bed, including adding two or three inches of foam on the top. Others suggested she get a new mattress.

But what drives me batty when I read this is “Why didn’t the new RVer try out the bed before buying the trailer?” I’ll take a wild guess and suggest that the trailer was a cheap one, the kind Camping World sells day in and day out. And one thing about cheap trailers is they have cheap beds. They have cheap “EVERTHING.”

I learned firsthand about this 10 years ago. The state of Idaho invited me on a press trip. Each of the participants was given a 28-foot entry level Jayco Class C motorhome.

The first night I learned what a cheap RV bed is like. In this case, it was like sleeping on box springs without a mattress on top. It was terrible. I mean TERRIBLE. The fact that people buy these entry-level RVs is testimony to the fact that a lot of people take a quick look at an RV’s interior and think it looks pretty and then fall for a salesman’s pitch that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. And then they spend the next 20 years paying it off, even though the rig will fall apart after ten years and be a large piece of lawn art after that.

Oh, you should have heard the water pump on that Jayco! It sounded like 10 garbage disposals all turned on at once. It was so loud it would wake the dead. Not really, but you get the idea.

So this woman who bought the trailer without trying out the bed was just not smart. I am very sad to report that this happens every day, all day long…

Here’s the deal: When you buy an RV, you need to check out everything, and then hire someone to check out the things that are hidden away that only a pro knows where to look.

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Marcia GB in MA

We had a horrible mattress in our 30 foot Class C so we replaced it with a $200 8 inch latex foam mattress we bought on Amazon that was very comfortable.


Perhaps instead of slamming someone who may not have a budget for a high end RV, you could give some useful advice on their bed problem!