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RV in for service stolen from Camping World. Customers left hanging

A Florida couple isn’t very happy with the Camping World outlet in Holiday, Florida. Ken and Beverly Hunt had left their Winnebago Class C motorhome at the Camping World store for serving. The unit was stolen from the lot at some point this summer. When they called to check on the progress on their rig, they were told by a Camping World employee that their RV was “lost.” According to authorities, the RV had actually been stolen in June.

“They failed to let us know, ‘hey, your camper is missing off the lot,’” Beverly Hunt said. “And now, a month later, and you’re telling us to file a police report.” Authorities say they found 24-year-old Matthew Evans driving the stolen Winnebago on Aug. 1. When Florida Highway Patrol troopers tried pulling him over, they say he refused to stop. Troopers deployed stop sticks and, eventually, the camper was disabled and he surrendered peacefully.

The RV had been trashed. So far, the Hunts say Camping World has given them the cold shoulder — from both the Holiday location and Camping World corporate headquarters.

Camping World has issued a statement. “Camping World is currently engaging in active discussions with Mr. Hunt and the respective insurance companies to address this situation…. Camping World will also continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement in their investigation.”

Beverly Hunt says she is dumbfounded. “The last comment we got was, ‘you are trying to take advantage of the situation. Contact your insurance company,’” she said.

The Hunts now have neither an RV nor any indication that Camping World will make things right. But they still have monthly payments on their trashed RV.


How would you rate Camping World’s service and repair department?


Mike Gast
Mike Gast
Mike Gast was the vice president of Communications for Kampgrounds of America Inc. for 20 years before retiring in 2021. He also enjoyed a long newspaper career, working as a writer and editor at newspapers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, and Montana. He and his wife, Lori Lyon, now own and operate the Imi Ola Group marketing company, focusing on the outdoor industry.



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Curtis D Botner (@guest_140680)
2 years ago

Unfortunate no doubt, but before lighting the fire to CW I think we should read/hear both sides of the story rather than one second hand account.

California Travel Videos (@guest_140612)
2 years ago

Hearing the myriad of horrific CW stories reminds me of how a former boss handled these types of customer service problems. He would walk over to the front of the sales lot on the sidewalk and give prospective buyers an earful of what to expect after making a purchase! Needless to say, the customer service manager was quickly called in to ensure that he was “happy” 😉

Susan daines (@guest_140138)
2 years ago

Would love too. The outside of rv needed work, insurance company Sent us to CW.
We wanted another company, not CW.
CW still hasn’t fixed all of if, CW lost our faith 21/2 years ago when they told us new side was ordered then turned around to tried to fix it themselves. Unbelievable, loss of faith,
Lack of s corespondent, questionable actions, moved rv to another state without our knowledge, lack of empathy, could go on,!


Dave S. (@guest_139550)
2 years ago

My camper was also stolen while at Camping World in Colorado Springs, CO for a warranty part. They called and asked if I picked up my camper, I said no, they said “you should call the police and your insurance company”.
Long story short our camper was found nearly 6 weeks later trashed and with frozen pipes in the mountains west of Colorado Springs. The police called us, I called camping world and asked them to pick it up and fix. They said NO, I could call and schedule an appointment for repairs. I picked up my camper hauled it to CW, they did repair it, and then handed me bill for. I thew a fit they cut the bill in half, I paid and left. My insurance company did pay for some of my stolen items, no repairs.

Michael (@guest_139542)
2 years ago

They sold my travel trailer without telling me and the bank loan had not even paid off

Bob p (@guest_208070)
1 year ago
Reply to  Michael

How did they sell it without the title?

Noreen Snively (@guest_139463)
2 years ago

We left our 5th wheel in for service at an Ohio Camping World…to get it winterized. When we went to use it, someone had left us a “present” in the toy hauler back toilet !!!

JDeit (@guest_139460)
2 years ago

These guys are a joke. Horrible, horrible service. In all areas. Avoid at all cost!

Teddy Crider (@guest_139459)
2 years ago

The problem is no one checks all the internet forums and groups till their black tank overflows

Cheryl K (@guest_139455)
2 years ago

My grandchildren had their travel trailer in for warranty work at Camping World in Minnesota first part of this year and the tt was stolen from their lot and was found with everything taken out of it in a Walmart parking lot and Camping World refused to take any claim whatsoever to what was done and now I read this. What a shame a company taking advantage of customers in that manner. Shame on them.

Ben (@guest_139447)
2 years ago

We all should stick together. stop dealing with camping world besides you can get the same stuff on line cheaper.

Brian (@guest_139555)
2 years ago
Reply to  Ben

If we could just get everyone on board

Sheridan (@guest_141124)
2 years ago
Reply to  Brian

Agreed !!

Michael Mason (@guest_139446)
2 years ago

I do not have any good things to say either. I had my Mallard in for service and was told that things they could not fix at that time would be noted as being brought up within warranty. They then fired their service manager and lost my file. Now I am on the hook for warranty items. Never again.

Paul (@guest_139445)
2 years ago

Limonis, from the TV show “The Profit” , owns Camping World! If this is how he operates his own business how could ANYONE trust him to tell them how to run their business??? I’ve dealt with Camping World before and there service department I’d DEPLORABLE!!!!!!!! Absolute worst service ever!!!!

LLambert (@guest_139442)
2 years ago

I took my class c to camping world about two years ago.
Simple repair I thought? I was told it would be ready in one week however, after not hearing from them after the week I was told a part was on backorder and would be ready within the week
Another week went by no call from them.
Jumping to a month later I called back and I was told it was ready.
My wife and I went to camping world to be told they were finishing up as we spoke.
After two hours of waiting it was finally ready.
The manager presented me the bill.
What I was told was going to be $300.00
Escalated to $950.00.
Needless to say I lost my mind and I’m being nice.
Told the manager to meet me in his office.
Told me his bill was robbery and I had no intention of paying his invoice as it stated.
I told him what he told me what I was told was going to be the original cost.
He responded and said my original quote was just an estimate.!
I told him to call the cops because I was taking my RV and I did.
Stay away from campers world!!

John Gravano (@guest_139441)
2 years ago

Camping World needs to suck it up. Because of their negligence that couple should get a brand new coach plus a cash settlement. End of story.

Marty T Smith (@guest_139439)
2 years ago

I barely buy toilet paper there. Taking advantage of a situation that Camping World created. That guy is sooo clever, as if he knew it might happen. Well… He might be on to something here, thus the CW comment in the first place. Hmmm…

Gus Jim (@guest_139434)
2 years ago

And this is why I would never purchase anything from camping world. Their customer service is lacking and they refuse to do the right thing. Knowing how they operate they will try to charge the family for the service. That location should be charged for failing to report it stolen and the service department should be fired for dereliction of duty. If they don’t even know what is on the lot how can they even charge customers for work done. The couple should sue that branch and people should avoid that branch. And they should lose their affiliation or at least fined by camping world.

Anonymous (@guest_183979)
1 year ago
Reply to  Gus Jim

Camping world is a joke! They took off my electric tongue jack before it was delivered when it’s supposed to come with one. They replaced it with a manual one with live wires hanging. When we called them they acted dumb as if they dont know what happened or someone stole them which is a lie!!!! They will not return my call and I’m extremely upset!

Ed Lopez (@guest_139425)
2 years ago

I was planning on upgrading my RV to a newer model, but now I will definitely not buy anything from Camping World.

David Freidell (@guest_139415)
2 years ago

It can’t be said enough…”STOP SHOPPING OR BUYING ANYTHING FROM CAMPING WORLD OR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES!” How many more of us are going to get suckered by this Jerk CEO who never lives up to any of his promises. The Term “Buyer Beware!” was made for Marcus Lemonis. If we all stop shopping at these awful stores, online or buy any of his Warranty or Roadside assistance, he will understand and possibly go Broke. Then maybe someone honest will wake up and buy what remains.

Tom (@guest_139397)
2 years ago

I really don’t know how they have stayed in business this long, they are the worst RV dealer network in the country, pretty much everyone has a horror story about their service after the sale, I don’t know anyone who has bought a second RV from them.

bob c (@guest_139384)
2 years ago

camping world service is the worst. they tried to rip us off and only way we received a response was to file a complaint with BBB. they would not respond to calls or emails.

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